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Nancy Pelosi says House will go forward with Trump impeachment inquiry

The president has said he will release an unredacted transcript of a call with Ukraine’s president, in which he acknowledges asking for an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden.




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  1. Impeach ABC!!!!! They are one of many news outlets that are anti-American!! They push the false narrative that President Trump is hurting America when our country keeps growing stronger. It's sad!!

  2. I am gonna make a website. "Storm the Whitehouse"

  3. The wicked Elites are enjoying this pre-planned skit that's been given to the masses to believe. 😂

  4. "Light a match, ignite a war" Civil War maybe in our future. We are at a crossroads.

  5. Yes dems Pelosi and Schiff. Need i say more?

  6. Fuck Democrats there fucking terrorists

  7. That damn Pelosi is someone who needs to be gotten rid off

  8. In 2011, CBS accused Nancy Pelosi of insider trading.

  9. I thought that the definition of Treason was conspiring with a foreign power to undermine ones own policical system or government, Isn't that what is occuring?

  10. democrats could not keep him out of the office buy they have the power to impeach that is odd

  11. They followed Comey and got slaughtered they follow another fake trail of a Ukraine phone call.What next?.funny country crazy lawmakers in Congress doing nothing productive except boycott and block national progress. Lesson never learned. Because of Sanctions Russia is dumping the dollar,crazy China trade stand off gained nothing everyone was quite but when domestic skirmish appeared on the horizon every Democratic asshole jumped when Mueller began a fake inquiry .now another circus begins

  12. Instead of nation building crazy democrats and one Republican go for another wild goose hunt .losers

  13. The timing couldn't been better. Trump fires Bolton (the deep state war monger guy) then this happens.

  14. Scripture (KJV), which is a more sure word of prophecy, foretells President Trump will be removed (taken out of the way) from POTUS 3 1/2 years from his inauguration (Jan. 20, 2017), which points to c. July 20, 2020, and then shall that Wicked (Obama, the son of perdition) be revealed, and "they" (globalists) shall take away what Trump accomplished, to consume and to destroy it unto the end, for the church (Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant) collectively having come to the full (a mindset) to believe another gospel, which is not another, and deceives many by that gospel they believe and teach, thinking to be something they are not. Know and understand what the true gospel is; to be a doer of it, lest you perish. God is: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and these Three are one.

  15. There is no better proof than Nancy Pelosi that we need term limits for congress.

  16. 3 yrs later amd these ignorant ass gun stopping freedom of speech taking muslim and foreign loving fucking democrats and liberals r still bitching cause trumps the presodent, i can't wait to see what happens when our boy wins again

  17. Pelosi is a retard cocksucker

  18. The demofucks and liberals can't stop their bitching till they get what they want, bunch of jelous fucks, everybody should know that piece of shit biden should not be allowed to run for president trump is simply tired of all the bullshit with these stupid democrats

  19. You must do it Nancy, otherwise you're letting down all the little girls like Greta whataburger who dream and want to believe they can take down a straight white male in charge, without having it handed to them!

  20. She should resign pelosi is corrupt. Democratic are socialist disgraceful people.

  21. Nothing is moving forward. I'm so disappointed. No im🍑ment. No quit poor Joe.

  22. Trump wants to expose the truth about the russian probe and nail everyone of those god damn leftist bitches that were invoved in it. They know it and they are scared, they also know they can not beat him in 2020 election. That is why they are going for impeachment. Fucking cocksuckers! I hate these democrats. Vile scum is what they are!

  23. This is what the Republicans want!! They want to subpoena every democrat on earth to testify against one another because when the trial starts they have the right to call anyone and everyone they want to the stand.the Republicans will be the one's doing the investigations then! this is horrible for the democrats..Hallelujah!!

  24. Remove this drunk lady from WH
    the ration of like n dislikes of this video tells u the truth….
    MAGA 2020!

  25. Fuck impeaching this orange weasel..all thats gonna do is cause his rascist followers to go on one there mass shooting sprees..( not that those motherfuckers need a good reason to do that) .HELL they dont need a reason at all..
    But i think its in the best interests of this country if we let orange doofius and his brainwashed followers finish there disgraceful term…Trump Is a Mango Maniac Trecherous Piece of Maggot Shit and more Anericans realize that now then they did 4 yrs ago…
    Trump is very beatable rite now and Beating him in the 2020 general election..would be much more satisfying then unceremoniously impeaching him…allthough watching our senate tell that cocksucker YOUR FIRED.. Would be a beautiful thing

  26. Soap opera! I guess they have people paying attention to them which is what they want. Can someone fix some real issues and actually take care people

  27. Well trump has been one of the best president in the lat 20 years not the best but one and he isn't being the one who us trying to be above the constitution when you are the whores who are trying to get the gums taken away and look at how byden fuck the demarcated party

  28. Nothing new here. Richard Nixon deliberately interfered with the Paris peace talks, during the Vietnam war, back in the 60's. He promised the then president of South Vietnam,Thieu, "a better deal" if he would boycott the talks. It was treason. NOTHING HAPPENED FOR YEARS. When they caught actual criminals breaking into the Watergate hotel, this "secret" spilled out and was Nixon's undoing. Trump is so TRANSPARENT, seriously, what do they have on him? It's a joke.

  29. this old bitch is crazy ..she's gonna get us all killed……….he did nothin wrong… trump hurry bro figure it out.
    that idiot in north korea is waiting for this to happen so he can go back to what he was doing……….he was affraid of trump.

  30. Biden !!! Not getting my vote. Thanks for helping Trump.

  31. Trump is right .. Ukraine is corrupt country, why give them money???? TRUMP 20/20

  32. Watching American politics unravel into a circus of complete lunacy I have to wonder where this will all lead. The current president has done good but has introduced antics that undermine what the U.S was founded on. I agree that modern times do require some change in thought process and more strict action in some areas (i.e.: illegal immigration) but there are what appear to be deeper divisions and the media Left Vs. Right Vs. Middle is only fueling stupidity and some very dangerous ideologies.

    We have our own challenges in Canada with division between Conservatives and Liberals and the same media circus freak show. I hope at the end of this both countries end up back on track. If the derailment continues then I am fearful for what lies ahead for our children.

    Regardless of who gets voted in in either country, the end goal and vision MUST remain stability, strength, integrity, and tolerance.

  33. I'll never vote for a Democrat again. I've never seen such sore losers in my life. Bottom line, that's what this is all about, period.

  34. Wait until the Public finds out Bill Clinton signed it into law you can work with a Foreign Govt on an Investigation of your own citizens!!! Trump is Legal. Dumbos!

  35. When will Pelosi do some real work?

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