Nancy Pelosi slammed for failing to secure Supreme Court justices' safety

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds weighs in on the Supreme Court’s draft opinion leak and the left’s protests on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. Is she plotting their murders?

  2. What's the matter with her ? Can't she stay sober long enough to do her job ? If she can't or won't do her job then why the fu*k is she still in office ? Apparently she's just there to continually rob the American people out of their hard earned tax money. She's been doing this for many years enriching herself, and her family. This is what the Democrats represent and nothing else.

  3. What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons to public office that dishonor their oath of office and lie to Congress? What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons who betray their office by being corrupt,taking money from communist China or others have their office position conflicted or compromised by selling out their Country for personal gain? Any one who profits or gains from his betrayal of public office should have to pay back all personal gain and profits or assets from this treasonous act against their Country. Impeachment should just be the beggining to a process of restitution. These traitors should see jail for their crimes of personal gain against the united States of America.

  4. Given enough votes in congress, could Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett be impeached for lying while under oath during there senate confirmation hearing? Could this give enough motivation for Dem voters to go and vote in 2022 and 2024?

  5. Left manipulating. Instigating. Very very sad. The double standards have to end. Okay for me but not for thee. Democrats have lost.

  6. One thing that's happening is that all these court justices are realizing is were And what republicans and what democrats belong on what side, Which will bring division amongst the justices, where Loyalties lie.
    Basically building a Political chess board, Then the pieces will begin to move. And people's lives will be affected.

  7. She's a liar a thief con artist

  8. @0:05 take you back to the 80's and 90's and we will tell the people that guys think they are girls and are teaching the same practices to your pre schoolers… I wonder what the response would be…

  9. Pelosi doesn't care!!!

  10. I just don't understand how people like this gain and retain power. She does not represent me or my country, the United States!

  11. If we can put a fence to protect the Majority of Congress then let’s step up and stop and if necessary put Military Guards on the streets these Justices live.

  12. Where is my justice the police, Medical center, fire departments, city agencies (in garbage, NJ transit authority, boegas, the Mayor, the Governor and Lt. Governor, all the illegal businesse having to deal with cars, alcohol, laundry mats, pizza shops,, smoke shops bicycles, Uber, Lift driver's, construction companies multicultural ethic groups along with key government agencies leading the way DOT, EPA, Social Services, the State Attorney General Office, Consumer Affairs, the Health Dept., the medical clinics, Better Business Burea, the Justice Department, the White House, the local and larger news agencies, as well as other dirty government agencies all now turned with the mob have become supporters of corruption!

  13. Radical left. Different set of rules.

  14. These Democrats are Devil's putting our government's life's in jeopardy. Next this will be happening to judges all over the country in our regular courtrooms. Abortion up to birth they take body pasts sale them.

  15. The insane thing about this administration,is that they actually are doing in the open like it's all good

  16. Send all Democrats straight to hell!

  17. O I love this guy, exactly what I was thinking 🤔🤬👹🔥way over the line to leak the supreme court justices address

  18. Just like the Capitol. Need to go to her house.

  19. Fox news and the entire right allow this rotting anti human which is voted into office by the horrible people of Northern California. The worst people on earth live in Northern Cali.

  20. Think about how many kids we should have – Are we in China? WAKE UP AMERICA!

  21. Why is Pelosi still walking free? She should be hauled of in handcuffs, and arrested for treason! Not retire and make more money with book deals and personal appearances. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  22. The usa has killed more babies than all world take overs combined that is sickening


  24. Hey nutty Nancy why don't you put your money were your mouth is give up some of your millions of you really care about the homeless and poor practice what you preach put up or shut up nutty nancy

  25. All Pelosi cares about is her designer ice cream.

  26. What law this is dumycrat idiots still breaking the law fjb fnp

  27. Just another disgusting act of the Lawless administration that are trying to break our country down.

  28. She needs to be sent to pri for what she is doing she is the biggest Lier and sorry person on the planet of the earth she needs to go

  29. She failed Jan 6 refused Trumps offer for troops to protect the capital, she is as incompetent as Biden. Why would you think she would help protect supreme court justices.

  30. She’s trying to get one of them killed before the ruling is official. She wants it 4-4, so it gets scuttled.

  31. How appalling, this is the best country in the world, American babies should have their formula milk at their convenience, inflation has nothing to do with the shortage of milk. The Biden admin. and his fake recall of formula is on its way to the south borders for the illigal Mexican mothers and their babies. What cowardness, to not admit the truth on the baby formula. It has nothing to do with MAGA neither! Nor Putin, nor inflation nor any of Bidens lame excuses. The buck stops with Biden, his lying mouth again!.

  32. Patriots are watching…JS. We see the writing on the wall so to speak.

  33. This is all planned…supply chain disrupted under Biden's presidency, abortion at SC again. This is a well planned scheme to say the least! Also food processing plants have air planes hit them and fires all over the country…it's an attack on America!!! All under this administrations watch!!!!!!

  34. Let's all go to Nancy and hubbys olace and see how slow walking that is!!

  35. There Traitors of America need street justice,not elections.

  36. We need the addresses for the other 3 justices released. Let’s see what happens then.

  37. Byron Donalds is correct, "Everything is fair game for the Democrats…." His comments highlight the key difference between Republicans, who are the Law and Order party, and the Democrats, who've become the Mob Rule party. This creates a bigger problem for Dems than they understand. It will take decades for them to recover from this image.

  38. Compliance to the Law of Land is ignored by the Biden Admin.

  39. MAGA…Make America Great Again.
    I’m all in.

  40. Everyone there at the judges house or committing felonies and there’s still people in jail for January 6.
    The law is crystal clear it’s a felony!
    They all should be charged with a felony and the street should be cleared.
    Why aren’t the police doing their job?

  41. Yes it helps 💯👆 dealing with him i got paid very fast, i got my bill paid and earned surplus

  42. Yes it helps 💯👆 dealing with him i got paid very fast, i got my bill paid and earned surplus

  43. How did Florida get so lucky?

  44. So,she's earned herself a reward for sideing with insane baby murders.maybe they'll figure out she's got nothing,it's not happening ,she's out the door,and will lose her I'll gotten gain to the righteous .