Tuesday , April 20 2021
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NASA Astronaut Accused Of Committing Crime From Space | NBC Nightly News

Anne McClain, known as one of NASA’s “top astronauts,” allegedly accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse while aboard the International Space Station earlier this year.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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NASA Astronaut Accused Of Committing Crime From Space | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Congrats on being the first lesbian to be a space criminal.

  2. My God… Could media take a break on people lives? Damage somebody's career for publicity is a crime.

  3. Did they pick the best people or the best lesbians available to send Left Wing virtue signals?

  4. Whites commit 100% of the crimes in space. How’s that for statistics?

  5. You all don't think the LORD came down here and saw what Nasa is doing? I am just shocked that we ain't all speaking Babel! Wait . . . did anyone understand what I just said? AH ! I think we maybe onto something…

  6. Bet that Tongue is outta this WORLD HUH!😻

  7. She didn't take any money, she just looked in the account … Not sure that is a crime. So fella's we may still have a chance to corrupt the Cosmos first. Won't be any rapes, that's for sure…. can't get it up in Zero G. Have to do that on Mars.

  8. FBI investigating..
    NASA shows up:
    'We' ll take it from here'
    -'But you' re in my jurisction'
    -'Move aside, you small time coppers'

  9. “Quite honestly”. Never trust people that tell you they are being honest.

  10. The real story is that the media is selling the idea to young minds watching that homosexuality is ok with all the smiling family photos. Don't ya get it. It's the conditioning of future generations.

  11. Her "wife". What a disgusting characterization for a perverted "relationship". Why do people allow their public SERVANTS to perform "marriages" between perverts? Remember Sodom and Gomorrah !!!

  12. Wow, that's one smart woman using the Entire NASA machine to commit her crime! Dang! Respect, sis!

  13. This can't be worst than NASA lying about moonlanding. Haha.

  14. See there. Should never have sent a woman to space. Maxipads takes up too much valuable space. Haha

  15. now what going to hang her . please hang her where there is no gravity .you stupid people if i commit crime in space punish me there not in earth if you want hang her on space ."where there is no gravity so no death by hanging"

  16. I'm slowly learning that LGBTQ people steal too🚦🚨🚥

  17. 🤦🏾‍♀️This is not news this is personal information that could’ve been handle internally shame

  18. Only The Invisible God Is Good

  19. TO GO where no Lesbien has gone before

  20. She looks like Carol Danvers.

    Make of that what you will alt right, incels, and anti-SJW's of the internet.

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