NASA discovers a new Earth-sized planet in a habitable zone

NASA had previously discovered three other planets in the same system, one of which was also in the habitable zone.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. NASA just pulling lines out of Raised by Wolves at this point. Kids, there are 7 earths and 7 heavens. Open shut case johnson

  2. It reminds me of that Futurama episode when Bender said to Leela "Set course to Earth!" and Leela replied "*That's not Earth."* 🌎

    It's as though Futurama sorta predicted the future (title pun intended) as in that episode I believe which is named "A Pharoah To Remember" represents how that planet they flew over by is EXACTLY like this planet that we get to see that's a smaller size of Earth! 🌎

    Just thought I could share as a person that's a nerd of Space Science and feel we're already in the beginning of the future for being able to witness such gift of other planets like this one we haven't landed on and is a possibility it has life on it or at least organisms in its ecosystem. ☺

  3. We humans don’t deserve another planet we already ruined earth

  4. I'm surprised that they haven't been able to actually see the planet Klingon yet…

  5. Just so we can destroy another planet and it's wildlife smh 😂😂😂 we can't even manage life on earth 😂😂😂

  6. Can I get millions to "find" planets also lol

  7. Here comes the Avatar prequel…

  8. Mayans and Aztecs are there

  9. I remember when I was a young kid, I always had thoughts and I wondered if there's another habitable planet out there and up to this day there have been so many and it just goes to show we definitely aren't alone

  10. Imagine we’ve achieved time travel and it’s just Earth from the past or future 😮

  11. I love how we aren't taking care of the one habitable place we have…… and dealing with all the crazy people in power. The human race is not intelligent

  12. What ever your thinking stop it cuz like I'd rather die then be on a diff planet alive with retards destroying it like this one

  13. Yeah but we’ll never get there. And if we do, life would’ve probably gone extinct

  14. I Think Elon Musk needs to confirm this before i believe it

  15. Yooo my cousin lends me that game, it's called solar smash

  16. In 1.5 million years there could be liquid water on the planet. Planet Starbucks, sponsored by Apple, leased by Exxon.

  17. We already destroyed earth now y’all want to destroy the next one wow

  18. Oh nice another planet that us humans can jack up

  19. LIES!!!! This is really the TOI 699.

  20. It's weird, earth is the only planet we can enter without dying. And the only planet we can enter without looking up and seeing space.

  21. Me after seeing then realizing saying hello to it means goodbye to earth: yaaa- no 😔😢

  22. Okay
    But does it have oil

  23. Next thing you know the planet has Na’vi civilization

  24. No human can leave earth y’all dumb asl.They never landed on no damm moon

  25. We looking at the image 100 light years old the planet might be dead now

  26. So many interesting worlds we find out there. I would die if we get footage inside one of them like mars.

  27. Not at all, it's.not habitable at all, they say it's in the zone but it's.clearpy not stable for humans
    Stupid news has no clue

  28. Everyday looking life elsewhere, I hope they won't find a habitable planets with nice and innocent species on it just to go and destroy it,,, We humans can not even take good care of the earth and u re looking for another one elsewhere to destroy

  29. White people like always taking people's lands and know they want to take the aliens 👽 planet.

  30. Your thoughts on the current controlled extraterrestrial reality disclosure process and related US GOV cover-up? When the contagious giggling subsides, how will our civilization adapt to this publicly known reality? What might be some of the potential implications of disclosure of this reality? Do we really want to know the full truth?

  31. This world going to end as we Muslim our beloved prophet told us 1400 years ago