NASA’s Artemis I rocket finally lifts off, heading for the moon

After multiple delays, NASA’s Artemis I rocket has finally lifted off. He is heading towards the moon to begin his 25-day mission. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH NEWS WORLD SEEING TONIGHT ON HULU: #abcnews #worldnewstanight #artemis #nasa

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Looks like CGI animation as always with NASA. The moon SHOULD appear much brighter on this video than it appears from our view on earth due to the inverse square law of light. The more distant an object is, the fainter its apparent brightness becomes as the square of the distance. NASA lies all the time and this is another great example of their trickery that fools people into thinking we live on a spinning space ball. Wake up to the truth

  3. Jesus is coming soon, he's God

  4. "the results we're eye watering" no matter what this will not bring you closer to having amphetamine in space.

  5. Gotta make sure we get all the intersectionality bullshit in there too

  6. Humans want to get on the moon yet they won't get off of social media. On earth, everybody can hear you suck at life!

  7. What do mean "finally" its not a race!! We already won the space race!! Quit insulting the great achievements of NASA for being cautious. We flew a drone on Mars for Christ sake, no one has come close or will for years to come.

  8. Time to screw up another Planet, no money left to improve Earth.

  9. the coolest suvenir a stone and sand from the moon

  10. Hay! Flat earthers the earth is round. How about that.

  11. And I thought planet earth is flat. I guess you always learn something new. 😅😂🤣

  12. Fake – nothing goes to space. You cannot have gas pressure (air) next to a vacuum (space) – a violation of natural law

  13. NASA three generations of lies but why stop now? it's so easy for you right.. trillions beyond trillions of dollars lying to us and our children, my mom so brainwashed she just won't let go of that little memory that she was so proud of of that accomplishment in 69 even when I showed her the interview of those three Masonic lying scumbags after the supposed first moon landing and laser test and the physics of water and countless other programs that scientifically prove that we live under a dome and flat (she's a Christian too go figure) her brain will not accept it she is so brainwashed ….you evil stinking demons will stand in judgment just like I will for your sins but for you NASA it's going to be a whole another level believe that

  14. Flat earthers triggered by the roundness of our planet 🌎

  15. Nasa is for lefty libtards

  16. Yeah the Earth def looks flat

  17. Increase pollution, achieve nothing.

  18. Just a bit shocked at first glance to the title by the word “blast”😅

  19. Largest rocket US ever built. Something for the US to be proud of, right? Not for NASA administrator Bill Nelson. NASA chief since May 2021, he obviously made this decision: Unlike the Saturn 5 and Space Shuttle, nowhere on the rocket does it prominently say "USA", "UNITED STATES", or present a prominent US flag. Nowhere! First thing I noticed! There was an obvious "NASA" worm logo on the rocket and on the capsule.

  20. Only 3 words are needed here! WHAT A JOKE!!!!! We never went to the MOON folks and the rocket ends up in the OCEAN! Do some research about NASA that stands for NOT A SPACE AGENCY!

  21. Wait. We've already been to the moon?

  22. Wait ! Wait !
    You forgot your camera.

  23. So what? why the big fuss, they put men on the moon in late sixties, was a big deal, seperation of spaceship, deposited crew on surface, then reconnected with the spaceship and came back safely to earth. Don't get it 🙄

  24. How can Artemis be the most powerful rocket ever when it takes 6 instead of 3 days (Saturn V) to get to the moon where it then arrives without a moonlander? Is it me or is there some inefficiency in the design?

  25. Ok "science" aka pro tools and photo shop.

  26. How about sending the first flat earther to the moon lol

  27. NASA 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  28. What kind of bullshit is this?

  29. I wonder what all those flat earthers say when they see that round earth 😂

  30. Wait is that flat earth ??with a dome on top !! ? 😂😂😂

  31. Yo have to be retarded to believe that is actually real.

  32. Beautiful ❤ however this is not very environmentally friendly to our own earth.