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Nasdaq closes for Christmas at its record high

The markets have been on fire in 2019, according to FOX Business’ Gerri Wilis. The Dow is up 22 percent, S&P is up 28.5 percent, the Nasdaq is up 34.8 percent as the markets close for Christmas.

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  1. Merry Christmas! All winners. Thank You Heavenly Father. If I ever get tired of winning, winning, winning; then I deserve to lose, and gladly take the L right on the chinny chin chin!!!

  2. Its the economy Democrats!

  3. 🇺🇲McConnell needs to change the rules that the House has two weeks to send the articles over or it's nullified.

  4. Our country is doing great because of Trump,and these stupid greedy selfish Democrats want Trump gone because their afraid he going to expose them for the criminals they are,and i hope he does for what their doing to him and his family and to all of us and our country.

  5. Markets? LOL


    with our without TRUMP

  6. Meanwhile 44% of the fully employed are the working poor, making less than $18,000 per year… So almost half of the workers are living near the federal poverty line, but I guess Wall Street is doing great again…

  7. Grrr money, I don't think anyone wants that, especially Democrats and Joe Biden. Impeach! /s

  8. Worst. Recession. Ever. 😂😂

  9. Trump got Impeached now looks like he's going to get another one…..


  11. And the morons on the left will thank Obama for this

  12. did Obama take credit for this yet?

  13. No xmas for americans this year santa couldn't get over the big beautiful wall

  14. Trump down a Critics Throat 😛

  15. Liars of the FOX news morons that they are!

  16. Thank You 45th President Donald J. Trump!
    Americans were told by Obama and Biden to "Get used to it" and "it is the new normal" and "it would take a magic wand to get manufacturing back."
    Well, the MAGIC WAND IS BACK = President Donald J. Trump ! The greatest President in the History of the World !

  17. Merry Christmas Dems 😂 🤣 😂 TRUMP 2020

  18. All this great prosperity is due to 8years of preparatory tough economic policies by the Obama/ Krugman. All Trump did was working so hard to get himself impeached. This is the news we get over here in Asia through informative CNN and Newsweek. Why are you reporting it differently in Fox? Can somebody tell us why?

  19. But, but, but Orange man bad.

  20. Consumer Confidence Drives the Market! And Trump is Key to the continuation of this trend!
    Don't take 2020 for granted, Get Out and Vote My Freinds!

  21. The Market?! It's Winning! Trump 2020!

  22. Ford and GM about to lay off 7,000 US workers come January. Enjoy the false good times now. US treasury dumping $300 billion into Repo market to keep the manufactured market afloat a little longer.

  23. It’s Christmas and trump isn’t impeached!!!Trump2020

  24. Big thank you to our Amazing POTUS!!!

  25. Repo and Fed in gutter yet…record stocks.
    Wait for

  26. Trump is a Belial.
    A self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon who doesn't care for regular people but his criminal mega rich contemporaries.
    You can't judge an economy by how well the MEGA RICH are doing.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  27. Why would you talk about glad it was not last year and blast the drop which was still a higher number than Obama's admin's stock numbers. I question the motives of that. Explain yourselves

  28. Do y'all seriously not see that winning in capitalism means accumulation which leads to rich people not considering you a person unless you have a hundy. Idiots.

  29. Yay! Recession is nigh! Yay 🙌

  30. America is a slave to the almighty dollar. Sad.

  31. Clearly, people are positive about impeaching Donald Trump 🤣

  32. Nervous Nancy is flying high on her medication right now.

  33. Thank god OBAMA MADE THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?!

  34. President Trump supporters will be toasting Champagne, the lefts will be practicing their sky screaming exhaustion.

  35. Thank you President Trump🇺🇸

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