Nashville holds vigil for six victims of horrific school shooting

Community members in Nashville held a vigil for the three adults and three children who were killed at the school shooting. First Lady Jill Biden made a visit to lay flowers at a memorial at The Covenant School.
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  1. It is just incredible yet totally understandable that these tragedies occur when gun culture is so prevalent in America , as is the easy access to weapons. There are around 40000 deaths a year by firearm in the US and ,still, people are horrified when these things happen. In the whole of Europe with a population of 750 million people, deaths by firearm equate to around 6700, awful in itself but the USA is way off the charts (40000 deaths , population 330 million) and yet no genuine gun control. These horrors will continue to happen and all the thoughts and prayers (as they often say when these things happen) , somewhat comforting as they may be to some, will have no real tangible effect.

  2. Protect the unborn from samsara –

  3. in mid sepTember 2001 , in Moscow , Russia , by night , at MosfiLmovskaya Street , a Serbien Kitchen resTaurant , KTB , we were inviTed by Rus , SVR – KGB , generaL ResheTnikov L P , and , after the dinner , we were ASKED to drive back home Bondariev and his wife , and whiLe dad drove our Mitsubishi Pajero ( he bought in 1998 from Stupar Dushan ) Towards theirs FLat at Leninskyi ProspekT , He , Bonariev , said to my dad , about , nine , eLeven , attacks , : "it is an PUNISHMENT from above ( from Haven ) " . 😑

  4. Democrats…. the party of mental illness and pregnant men 🙄

  5. Let's prevent this from now on please! Doors locked, armed guards or cops at doors, metal detectors, class doors locked from outside, teachers taught tactics on survival. It's that simple and cheap compared to how much any of this tragedy has cost. I see traffic cops joy riding or sleeping in their cars waiting to pull people over for going 5 miles over speed limit or no seatbelts well put them at the schools.

  6. Thanks for your help God. How'bout this, Thoughts and Wishing Wells?

  7. I do not accept hypocritical condolence from They that offer me Fantasy gun violence between the commercials

  8. how about you wht people stop killing everyone

  9. Preacher is responsible for deranging Audrey

  10. Police shot an Innocent Psychiatric patient her mind was destroyed by the convent preacher for her being a TRANSGENDER

  11. MFer thought she was gonna make things better for trans people

    Congratulations you played yourself

  12. god loves guns, mass shootings and dead children…

  13. Pronouns: not/breathing

  14. "A beautiful sight to behold." – Nancy Pelosi

  15. Ummmm uvadale wasn't so looked at like these

  16. #CovenantChurch #NashvilleTN #Children #Hope #GodIsBigger

    A preacher was once disturbed by the loss of a baby child in his congregation that belonged to a young couple in his congregation. Seeing the despair of the young couple, the minister questioned God, as to why he allowed the death of their child.

    Weeks later the minister was visiting a farm with sheep, and saw the farmer tending the sheep. The farmer/shepherd led the flock to a creek swollen by recent storms with rapid moving water. The flocks instinct was to not cross the swollen creek. But the farmer/shepherd had to get the flock to the other side where they could graze and eat their fill.

    Then the minister saw the farmer/shepherd pick up a young baby lamb and carry it through the swollen creek to the other side. He place the baby lamb on the opposite shore bank where it cried out to it's mother. The mother sheep's instincts had been not to cross the swollen creek, but when she heard the cries of her baby lamb on the other bank, maternal instincts took over and she braved the rapid moving waters to get to her baby lamb.

    The minister then watch in amazement as the rest of the flock began to follow the mother sheep to the other side where her baby lamb was.

    At once, the minister understood God's answer, the baby child was allowed to be taken so that the young parents in the congregation would follow, and in doing so lead others to the other side of the Eternal shore.

    The loss of children at Covenant Church in Nashville, TN is tragic, but HOPE is not lost. My Father was killed by a drunk driver when I was only 2 weeks old. It's been a great desire since childhood, and still is, to reach the Eternal shore where he already is.

  17. At this point I don’t think me or any parent should be surprised if our kids will be the next victims of a school shooting. I’m almost expecting the phone call.

  18. What an evil hate crime

  19. God save and bless America 🇺🇸