Nashville shooting suspect identified as Audrey Hale

The suspect in Monday’s school shooting in Nashville, which killed seven people including the gunman, has been identified as local resident Audrey Hale. This is a developing story. 

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  1. What was a trans person doing in a private Christian school?

  2. It's a trans woman pretending to be a man. The murders seem to be connected to recent legislation in Tennessee banning child mutilation.

  3. Now can we talk about commonsense gun safety laws?

  4. Why do you idiots promote the shooter’s name?

  5. It’s a gun country and murder with mayhem is the culture

  6. it wasn't a woman it was a man in drag who MURDERED KIDS because people wouldn't indulge in his mental illness ands sexual deviancy. we need to ban any and all pro trans media, we need ban all transitioning surgeries, and we need to take kids away from so called parents who indulge in this psychotic fantasy. KIDS ARE AT RISK!!!

  7. It was not a female it was a tran gender man. Mis gendering is not OK.

  8. She went down in a HALE of bullets!😂

  9. You forgot to say she was transgender.

  10. They know them/they very well.

  11. I wonder why a Christian School was targeted? I wonder why most of the people. We're working at that school, and how old is the shooter? Is The suitor of former student of this School?🤔💭

  12. The shooter was a left-wing tranny targeting a Christian school. This should be considered a hate crime.

  13. Will Aubrey get FBI agent burial?

  14. Satan has a full grip on America it seems.

  15. This was done by one of the lefts chosen ones. Let’s see how long it stays in the news.

  16. I want to know why doesn't anyone include condolences to the shooters family no one ever does in these situations

  17. Another brilliant display of Second Amendment freedoms! I'll bet Justice Clarence Thomas is dancing on top of his desk!

  18. Thoughts and prayers will work this time I'm sure

  19. Only in America……. Y’all worried about the border. The real weapons of mass destruction are born right here in America!!! Facts

  20. Good job guys I really give you props for not saying the race or gender of the person. Usually that's the first thing you say.

  21. Welp now that’s going to make people go after transgender people

  22. “Audrey hale”, couldn’t come up with a more white name huh. Gotta push your narrative.

  23. It a transgender so it’s a hate crime

  24. Audrey E. Hale, the 28-year-old woman who identifies as he/him and uses the name "Aiden," is identified as the now-deceased suspect