Thursday , January 28 2021
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National Guard Troops Called To The Capitol To Boost Security | NBC Nightly News

National Guard troops were seen sleeping inside the U.S. Capitol after they were called to defend our democracy and prepare for Inauguration Day.
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National Guard Troops Called To The Capitol To Boost Security | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Wow can we get our guys some pillows?

  2. There are real people need protection from Antifa and BLM street looting and violence. Now Democrats and Biden are so frightened to take the president via fake fraud election! If you have 80m+ votes, what are you afraid of?! Peilosi seems desperately freaking out

  3. Even not being an American i salute them from my heart. Every serviceman do the same around the world so that their fellow national can sleep in peace in warm bed.

  4. Those images of the National Guard are heartbreaking. Yes, they are there to protect the Capitol building and those inside. But to see them resting and sleeping on the floor, it just shouldn't be that way. Have these true American patriots been vaccinated against COVID-19? To protect themselves first from the anti-mask Republican party.

  5. God pls, this USA Amry, slepp on ground, just to defend your democracy, from domestic terrorist,mob ,thugs of Trump.

  6. Trump is the worst President ever to have it come to this. God bless the National Guard.

  7. They look like armed squatters….

  8. 3 National Guard soldiers came to my school to do a presentation and one of the soldiers got a call that they needed to go to Washington DC

  9. 2001 9/11,,,,, 2011 japan tsunami,,,,,,,, 2021 Golden Gate Bridge or mega tsunami, prepare Americans, jesuit order works on master number 1 , pack your things and go to mountains, stay vigilant, GODSPEED

  10. 50% of them loves n adores Trump???

  11. Sad, they should have been there in 2017 when extreme left groups trashed businesses, burned cars, and rioted, remember that? Didnt think so….

  12. So just who are these guys going to defend?………Trump or Biden……did anyone in charge think of that?………because a !of of cops supposedly guarding the Senate building turned and supported Trump!……..


  14. Knowledge can end and prevent wars in its track. And can be done peacefully

  15. A true revolutionist uses knowledge as a weapon and not violence.

  16. this life is temporary and the very nice news is believing in Jesuchrist you have the salvation and eternal life

    pray for your family and the persons read in the holy bible Romans 10 : 9 and 10 only Jesuchrist save read in the holy bible

    St John 14 : 6 , St John 3 : 16 , St John 1 : 12 🌺🌸🌼🌷🌿🍂🍁🙏

  17. What a waste no one showing up there.

  18. Looks like an empty building

  19. I felt I was going to die when BLM was burning down Minneapolis and the politicians said lets defund the police…………………..Now the politicians feel they were gonna die and they say we need 20,000 national guards plus a beefed up police force to protect us………………..

  20. A.This man TRUMP solely cares about his own wealth and welfare. His latest speech is a sham. The ONLY way to hit him is in his pocketbook. Rid ourselves of this monster forever, it is very important to strip him of his future privileges and income.
    B.This man TRUMP incites innocent/ignorant people to violence then says they're bad people. He has blood on his hands, he should be removed from office, prosecuted and jailed.
    C.This man TRUMP is Corrupt, a Liar, an Inciter, Untrusworthy, a Narcicist (a person who only cares about their self), an Egotist (a person that thinks they are better than everyone else). When he calls other people these names he is mirroring his own personality. Can you not see that people?

  21. What a “beautiful sight to behold” Madam speaker Nancy Pelosi!

  22. Waste of time and money thanks Democrats “pussyfoots”, a government that fears its people is a criminal government

  23. They are in great danger of being infected by GOP members not wearing a mask.

  24. They will go down case of covid look how close they are sleeping

  25. The national guard should have overseen the election and made sure only alive America citizens voted.

  26. why no one gave mattresses to give decent beds to these soldiers expected to save the capitol building???? it's cold and hard floors.. please give respect to these brave soldiers who USA EXPECTS TO PROTECT EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN THIS BLDG…..

  27. Aww, I hope they’re being well fed, and taken care of…! Thank you, for your service!!!🙏🏼👍

  28. God bless these men and women!

  29. Seriously! Can't they get something to sleep on and a pillow.
    They are not in Iraq. It Trimble my head.

  30. Believe me…if you were ever in the military…..even a cement floor can be comfortable. Catching those few winks……is never a problem no matter where you are.

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