Saturday , August 15 2020
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Nationals' Suzuki wears 'MAGA' hat, gets hug from Trump at White House

The Washington Nationals visited President Trump at the White House on Monday, and Nats fans gathered on the South Lawn to cheer them on. #FoxBusiness

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  1. MAGA ! Finally some pro athletes that arent brain damaged with CTE to the point of being leftist shills !

  2. Poor Kurt is no doubt still feeling the after effects of getting hit in the head during the NLDS. Not able to think clearly.

  3. Nice to see some pro athletes who are not a**holes for a change. Nice job, Nats. Congratulations.

  4. I got the shirt but I need the hat MAGA hat

  5. It's becoming more and more likely that documents and testimonies (back to 2015) that continue to appear in SDNY and congress will eventually leave the GOP, fox, Sinclair, and the trump supporters who are willing to take a bullet for him will all be standing around with egg all over their faces (if they survive being run over by bus)wondering how they got conned by someone whose been a con man his whole life. I feel sorry for those who will have to find a way to recover and rehabilitate themselves. Praise the Lord and GOOD LUCK.

  6. Left wing media is claiming Trump groped Suzuki!!

  7. Trump cares about America and working class people not just the Rich he’s so down to earth

  8. At least he didnt sniff him like creepy Joe lol

  9. lol, Donald Trump gropes Suzuki 😂

  10. Best POTUS ever! Trump 2020… 2024… 2028!

  11. Personally I think Trump is an idiot but I have no problem with what Suzuki did at the White House… It's sports… It transcends politics no matter what people might think… I sincerely hope there isn't a huge backlash against the player… He contributed huge and shouldn't be judged for wearing a red hat at the White House while experiencing the thrill of a victory celebration…. Judging how things go these days, he'll probably get traded tomorrow

  12. If he's got nothing to hide, why is he working so hard to prevent the  release of his tax returns?

  13. this video sucks, WTF fox?

  14. A lot of Trolls commenting here.

  15. LATINOS FOR TRUMP2020..💪👍..MAGA..🙏💜🙏

  16. Liberals are going nuts !!! Crazy left wing Nats fans are now calling baseball a racist sport. Why ??? Cause the Nats love Trump !!!!!!

  17. Notice how Trump hugs him from behind? Creepy

  18. Is that what I gotta do to get a hug from President Trump lol🤔😁

  19. that man is fare from a meme, that's what is wrong with the world, i say more people need hugs, i say hugs across the world and it's nice to see the man can show compassion, that shows me he is the man i know he is, HE IS REAL God please give us 4 more years !!!!!!!!!!!! just say'en !!!!!

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