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Nationwide US Customs computer system malfunction causes airport chaos

Customs and Border Protection called it a “temporary outage” that led to long lines and people pushing and shoving each other at airports from coast to coast.




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  1. This is what happens when the tech guys ignore system updates.

  2. God bless you just “Talk show ”, NOT THE MOVIE "BALCK Hawk Down "

  3. Lady "Pelosi" payed  some dollars to students  playing "90s hongkong movie" at the airport … why did you stay at the airport together playing  "Talk show "  for free ???

  4. That's just Windows 10 updating itself. Don't unplug the computer and hang on.

  5. Sounds like people r coming in that ain't supposed to be here is this breakdown a coincidentally convenient

  6. Having a back up plan maybe without computers. How did people get around before computers and planes still flew. What a mess. If you put all your eggs in one basket equals problems

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  8. When are they going to start rebuilding this country and stop worrying about stupidity and nonsense

  9. So the elections aren't the only thing that can be hacked….

  10. Chaos looks like everybody was very well behaved. Click bait.

  11. I like your content! Can’t wait to see more videos from you!

  12. Jeffery Epstein is trying to leave on a plane makes sense.

  13. Dam, I’d be in full bitch mode, who wouldn’t?

  14. Doesn't feel surprised because this nation doesn't even have 5G network

  15. Thank you I thought that tickets were so expansive for a flight

  16. Another distraction away from Epstein.

  17. Why worry let them in….they do by the millions undocumented at rhe southern border…

  18. Trump thinks other countries are shitholes. Tell him look below his nose he'll see the best terrific shithole ever.

  19. Tell the truth! The country got hacked and so did billions of people's Gmail accounts

  20. Did they make sure that they closed all the apps

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