Monday , January 25 2021
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Navarro blasts 'lockdown economy': It's Democratic cruelty

White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro joins “Mornings with Maria” to discuss the state of the economy.

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  1. I'm done with fox news. The only good people you still have on are Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs and Judge Jeanine

  2. Ray Cooper of North Carolina he’s a Democrat that keeps locking down the economy. But he march with blm


  4. Jobs jobs jobs
    Going going gone

  5. This idiot is just astonishing. He has no idea ever what he's talking about. We're far from being recovered at this point. As usual slamming democratic Gov who did their jobs. Unlike the Republicans who refused to protect their State

  6. Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money


  8. CCP need to get out of the US.
    300,000 CCP Students attending our schools for our kids who can't get in. Why don't our teens who were raised here have an opportunity to further their education? AP and Liberals sold out our country for more CCP and
    less and less and less of a future for American H S graduates. They worked their tails off just to qualify to clean toilets for years. CCP… will never apologize for intentionally
    killing 300,000 Americans.. why should they when it was intentionally done??? The only thing they're sorry about is it hasn't wiped out millions!!!!

  9. Shut out that stupid term.."income inequality" what does that even mean? Everyone has the right to earn as much as they want and if you dont like how much you earn then your wealth is up to you. Dont be a hater.

  10. For Democrat party states, their state economy is going down but not the Republic party states! People there are a very confidence because their mayor or governor are handling the covid balance between manage Covid task like testing, self distancing, do hygiene protocols in many businesses places and rebuild their state economy including keep the people do the job or stay with their jobs to make money keep going on. Well done! 😁👏🏼👍

  11. fox biz and fox in general barely upload anything. thank god Maria Bartiromo is still her own person

  12. The Democratic party created covid 19 to try to steal the election

  13. Hey you "WICKED/CORRUPT/EVIL" man a Democrat lockdown is a way to save lives! Are keeping up with the "TRUE NUMBERS, I mean the true numbers??? Look at what you wicked men have done to the greatest country on earth. You ought to be ashamed of yourself to even try and make such a statement. It has nothing to do with "CRUELTY" other states, countries have done it and there results have been great. Does "SATAN" truly pay you enough "HOT FLAMING MONEY" to deceive the great American people with your lies??? you are too old to be part of "JIM JONES" fan club. My "GOD" what is truly wrong with you people??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is the awesome "USA" not some small country on a map.

  14. They are just digging their own grave…

  15. Cruelty is their Forte'This would not be happening i had they simply CONTAINED Chillary soon as possible back in the nineties. She is behind all of this, with Biden her old pal. Both big time crooks. I figured it out, Guiliani did and Corsi, so, everybody else too; and they allowed her to purchase DNC for only thirteen million bucks, and her dream came true, she got her Army. Nobody in their right mind gives psychopaths an army with unlimited funds, HELLO, we deserve her. Shame, we expect Trump to be our Flack Catcher? geeze… we deserve her.

  16. Time for this and all the other Trump brown-nosing fools to shut up. You are a lame-duck administration that has been fired. We did it your way and let the people decide and you lost. I know. I know. You say they cheated. Then prove it. Otherwise, you still lost. Get ready for the rush of socialism that is going to descend on DC all thanks to you Trump enabling clowns and the king clown of them all Trump. Yea. Thanks for that!

  17. Navarro reminds me of Josef Goebbels and Baghdad Bob. So clueless that's it's laughable and you watch because you want to see an explosion.

  18. On the Australian news they were saying that the UK Superior Court the high court in the UK has put out a class a felony arrest warrant on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden on charges of felony and Corruption

  19. The Democrats using lock down so that the people cannot gathered to protest against the left (Democrats )

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