Wednesday , July 28 2021
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Navarro: China is ripping us off and Trump won't stand for it

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on the massive market selloff, the U.S.-China trade dispute and how the Treasury Department designated China as a currency manipulator.

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  1. Fox News anchors are always below standard

  2. Rein in Wall Stand and make them pay

  3. boycott china for 30 years

  4. China owns the United States

  5. You don't think US also manipulate its currency ? What do you call "all these USD created out of the thin air" ? We print a lot of papers, and because USD is the reserved currency, people of the world have no choice but to use it to trade.

  6. While us Americans live on scraps😡😡😡

  7. I don't blame Lou. Can anyone not grow impatient and fed up with guy like navaro?

  8. This navaro guys knows nothing about economics that's why he is trump's favorite. He said n repeated countless times, without shame, the trade war against China is so easy to win. We will win, win very big. So funny.

  9. Wow, you American is actually watching this?

  10. How exactly is China selling us stuff for half the cost we can make it for "ripping us off"? "Jobs" you say. OK. Do you morons understand that for most modern goods, labor is at most 15% of the cost of good sold. For cars it is more like 10%. For mass produced widgets…less that 10%. What that means is if the goods cost say 25% less to buy from an overseas source, then WE COME OUT AHEAD EVEN WHEN EMPLOYMENT IS CONSIDERED! Let me try to explain this to you idiots. Lets say we buy $10 billion dollars in a certain type of good from US mfgs. Of that $10B, roughly $1.5B went to paying wages of labor. That is about 25,000 jobs. Now lets say we buy the same goods…but from a source in China…but it only costs us $7.5B. And none of that goes towards American jobs. 25,000 jobs gone. End of the world. But we have $2.5B more…. Do you see that America came out ahead. Way ahead. We have the same goods. And we are ahead $2.5B. We are ahead $1.0B even after taking into account the loss of $1.5B in jobs. That saved money goes towards other consumption and demand in the economy. There is a point at which we come out way ahead when overseas mfg if cheap enough. By the moronic logic of Trump and the FOX watching Trumptards, if China gave us all the goods we wanted for FREE…they would be totally ripping us off. Sign me up to get ripped off like that.

  11. China's population is over 4 times that of the US and Xi is president for life. Good luck with the trade war, Don.

  12. This is irrational China bashing; America can't deny benefits from cheap goods from China, subsidized by Chinese citizens.


  14. Nobody Sells Russian Soybeans like Trump.

  15. I wonder who manipulated currency to cause Japan's Great Recession in 1990.

  16. Navarro is probably the only economist in the world that thinks Trump's trade war is not insane. That's why Trump cherry picked him for the job. Navarro is regarded as a kook among most economists.

  17. These Two do not know what the heck they are talking about

  18. If china Army…really enter.. into HongKong…!! All HK 250,000 Rich & Famous going to migration run away to USA with all the $$$ transfer to U.S.A…..OMG….very Likely.., Very Likly…@

  19. Lou dobbs …RETIRE , we actually want to take in this info, not hear you cut him off every time he speaks

  20. Communist China thinks it fair that you and I play poker with a five card hand while they hold ten. Communism is anti-moral.

  21. Lol, the U.S. federal reserve has to print more money to manipulate the U.S. dollar therefore reduce the purchasing power of the dollar.

  22. funny, those who used printed paper money to buy cheap products from all over the world called they are ripped.

  23. China is the biggest criminal country in the world. Stop China now or it will be too late

  24. I'm only about 5 minutes into this supposed interview, and the Dobbs guy so far has 90% filled with his own babble; why does he have a guest on his show, can somebody answer that question? I can't listen anymore, I'm very interested in listening to Navarro but continuing down this path is just too upsetting; I want to reach out and turn his microphone off and wipe the stupid self-loving grin off his face. Very unprofessional to say the least, and Navarro should never grant him another interview imho.

  25. OBNOXIOUS, is the only word that comes to my mind to describe the interviewer (Dobbs); not once does he let his guest complete an answer, and the guest is the smarter one of the two obviously, and the one we'd all like to listen to instead of this blow-heart ego maniac Dobbs. I used to occasionally listen to him on Fox, but his constant smirk and endless interruptions has made it impossible. No more, as in never, will I let my self suffer through another one of his irritating interviews. What a moron

  26. If China steals by Fox's definition, doesn't that make the world consumers China's partners in crime by buying their products? USA should lead the world by stop buying ALL products immediately. USA should walk the talk or act right to their beliefs. The world will follow.

  27. Lou only thinks about his own opinions…why have a guest?

  28. if you import something from China and tariffs are applied at the US border, you the US consumer are responsible for paying that tariff, not the Chinese manufacturer. I don't know what's more terrifying: that the Trump admin attempts these obvious lies, or that the Trump supporters believe them. It's like we're living in a Twilight Zone where 40% of the adult population has lost all powers of critical thought.

  29. LOL!! For you to know somebody is lying to you, you must know more then the guy who is lying to you. Unfortunately 80% of the US population have no idea of anything outside of its borders, and they will be like Trumpanzees and listen to a anything anyone say about others. 🤦‍♂️

  30. Lou is an idiot, the man mindset has been the same since 1850. 🤦‍♂️

  31. China keep ripping Peter Navarro off, and Donny and Ivanka building factories in China. Who is this guy bullshitting.

  32. I couldn’t help remember, that China has built many empty cities… China may be able to just stimulate its own economy by giving free houses & a better way of life to its people for trade labor?… which could change the landscape and paradigm of ‘economy’ and after all they have tons of already built (ghost cities) and probably they have billions still under poverty.

  33. 3 word to sum up America – 1) hypocrite 2) bully 3) liar = Satan

  34. In conclusion, US is just the biggest hypocrite nation on planet earth as every nation knows. It is also the greediest nation of all in a way which bullies it's way to achieve its goals even declaring war on nations not bowing to its evil desire

  35. In the beginning many years when US traded with China, I believed US benefited a lot but US never talked about it. Only till US realized China became stronger, the fear struck US and then the U turn

  36. Common sense tells me that if US chooses not to do deal with China, US won't be ripped off. Why did US want to trade with China in the first place if US knows that it will be ripped off ultimately?

  37. I just wonder how could one such as US be ripped off if one such as US chooses not to be ripped off? In the first place, asked yourself US why u choose to be ripped off first?

  38. How could anyone think China is paying tariffs? That's not how they work. They might see a decline in demand since it raises their prices which will only cause them to devalue their currency. The western world is already attempting to do by lowering rates quickly. The main beneficiaries thus far have been Vietnam and Cambodia, etc where parts and being flown and in put together there to bypass the tariffs.

  39. lol at USA calling anyone a currency manipulator. They are the biggest currency manipulator

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