Sunday , November 29 2020
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Navarro: Newly blacklisted tech companies 'unrelated' to trade talks

White House assistant for trade and manufacturing Peter Navarro discusses why investors need to relax with regards to the upcoming trade talks with China.

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  1. the navarro news is he doesnt have a clue what the lunatic in the white house might do

  2. Past Presidents were not smart and business savy like. the "honorable" Mr Trump to even consider a move like this…way to go Trump, now please get back to helping the Kurds. We only had a hundred troops there….pull out of Afghanistan if you're really thinking about the troops. We have been losing lives there but not in Syria

  3. pete ,charles is on your side and even he cant believe what a jerk you are

  4. Charles, what the hell man ??? are you now getting paid by the clintons now ????? I cant believe the way you are forming your questions…. are you a sleeper deep state operative ??? you used to ask fair and un-biased questions. un- biased … being the key term here…… kinda disapointed in ya today buddy. BUT, i'M WILLIN TO GIVE YOU SOME CHANCES TO BE UN-BIASED AND FAIR. like you were a month ago.

  5. nba can head back with the chinese delegates. take their ball and shoes with them. and good luck to them. American Taxpayers – who don't even participate – Subsidize these stadiums.

  6. Go get them, Mr. Navarro. I like the way you kick their but.

  7. Hey the black reporter did you hear Mr. Navarro said, we want a “BIG DEAL” with china, okay.

  8. No deal unless China pays 100%of trillions of dollars that China stole from USA and making sure that China never NEVER use any of the technology that they have stole or USA can again place penalties to China, so NO DEAL AT ALL IF THIS IS NOT IMPLEMENT.

  9. Fox is the new CNN .. PATHETIC

  10. President should not deal UNTIL HONGKONG situation is resolved.

  11. Yeah black list them, copycat chi-na lazy better.

  12. I love trump for wanting big deals

  13. Screw China …. They need us alot more than we need them . Stop buying Chinese and start buying American made products!

  14. No one know what Trump Want. He is changing his tone every day. He is probably mentally ill.

  15. Stop selling the chinese FOOD Are you people completly stupid. How much food does the USA have realy not false numbers being reported by government departments. Do you know whats coming morrons the chinese do, why do you think the china is in Africa because of the climate, wake up morrons.

  16. China's achillies heal is FOOD, WAKE UP PEOPLE

  17. Food food food what is the matter with your brain.

  18. Why are the young ones protesting against Hong Kong govt wanting to join China ……The New Colonizers of Africa ????????……S A….

  19. The NBA caved like the bitches they are .

  20. Another 28 blacklisted China tech's.

  21. People should wake up and believe that there will be no deal at least until Nov 2020. I cannot understand why the media keep pumping false vibes.
    Trump will NOT make a deal until he gets what he wants and he's NOT going to get them.
    Xi will NOT agree to Trump's asks and he has a lot of time.
    So guys. No deal.

  22. Good. It was high time. Do not bow down to the Chinese. They have been feeding off of USA while repressing their own people and anyone who opens their mouth against them.

  23. Steely Resolve was my favorite group back in the day. 'Reelin' in the Stains' was my jam. 🎵

  24. How come the media never has enough time? What's the big rush?

  25. For me, it's simple. Success in negotiation relies on knowledge of culture and personality and trump is too arrogant to know much of either. I voted for him and if he can't close the deal, which is so gawd dang simple, he needs to be voted out. This dumb fool here tell us to not worry about short trade. WTF is short? Is 2 effing years short? Or maybe 8 years? Get the hell out you dumb asze. Your arzsewhole is for shytting…not talking!

  26. yah, Charles! long term view…calm down

  27. Radical left has ruined women and attacked straight men with their LGBT agenda. The men have spoken Trump 2020!

  28. We should be as insulated as possible against foreign economic/political infiltration.

  29. time to decouple the rest of the world from the ChiComs

  30. Following book writer to have trade war. Hiring book writer to have fiction. It is self destrution.

  31. The 2-track approach of the US government to China is pretty analogous to that of South Korea to Japan, which sought to get the inside track in the negotiations that South Korea tried to mix up trade conflicts with historical issues, but in vain.

  32. Human Rights IS a big deal! We shouldn't deal with ANY country that violates human rights!

  33. another trump campaign speech

  34. Waste of time making a trade deai with communist china.CCP cannot be trusted ever.

  35. their was seven sins now theirs eight, dirt on biden

  36. when navarro leads with so, that means a lie is coming

  37. it came from ross, did someone wake him up

  38. Puppets of the Rothschild family.

  39. According to america, Traitors and Terrorists Hong Kong, are heroes of Democracy.

  40. The loser is looking for face covering.


  42. "We don't have enough time Peter…" what a terrible format; basically saying we don't have enough time to properly discuss an issue…pathetic show

  43. Trump is not only standing up for the American people, he is also standing up for the Chinese / Hong Kong people. They live under an oppressive rule of the CCP!!!


    Powell says the Fed will start expanding its balance sheet ‘soon’ in response to funding issues"
    This was so obvious and yet people keep telling me the economy and financial markets are healthy and strong. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!
    Start the printing presses. Print until worthless.

  45. These tech companies are ripping off Americans, shut them all out. Thank you President Trump, keep Americans safe from China, they are trying to take us out.

  46. Human rights first, commerce later.

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