Saturday , July 31 2021
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Navigating The Trauma Of Mass Shooting Survivors | NBC News Now

Mass shooting survivors deal with the aftermath of trying to heal from the traumatic experiences they have faced. NBC News’ Dasha Burns reports.
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Navigating The Trauma Of Mass Shooting Survivors | NBC News Now


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  1. It is time that we have a memorial built to remember all the victims of domestic terrorism and mass shootings, least we move all of our fallen too quickly to memory. The impact of such a memorial might move us as a country to reasonable action.

  2. It's shocking, and it's easy to be angry about this, and be devastated by the seeming senselessness of the up-tic in frequency of these mass shootings. We attempt to bargain with gun owners, and the NRA, and 2nd Amendment activists each time, to allow us to address the violence through gun reform. And it's with utter disbelief that we realize they don't see the horrendous carnage as a preventable issue. We cannot simply live with the acceptance of the inevitability of the continuing destruction by gun violence, of the safety and peacefulness in our society.

    Each bold-type word above is related to one of the '5-Stages of Grieving,' outlined by the human studies of Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Roth. It references how we progress psychologically through grief, and attempt to come to terms with loss, and death in our lifetimes.

    It's not cookbook, as each stage may be prolonged or brief, and stages may be once again painfully revisted, if coping isn't successfully completed.

    Some stay 'stuck' in a stage for many, many years, and they may require outside help to continue with the healing process. Others may progress quickly to come to a final acceptance, only to be overwhelmed once again, when an 'anniversary grief' of the event presents itself unexpectedly. It's not uncommon, or symptomatic of 'failure' to grieve. It just IS.

    Proximity to the devastation of a loss has no bearing on the degree or severity of suffering which grief can bring with it to those who are left behind. But the quality, sincerity, and availability of human support while coping with that grief, can ease the transition between stages immeasurably. Even when in the most pain, we're most helpful to each other, and most useful to another's recovery, by just being there, and silently, empathetically listening to one another.

    Talking helps. Crying, and expressing emotion helps bring a sense of recoveryb as well. As does simply breathing in and out, while focusing on just that, can help ease suffering. Physical activity, like walking or jogging, can help ease the increased stress caused by emotional pain, and promotes improved appetite and rest, both of which are crucial to successful recovery.

    Mostly healing of all, is: "Tincture of Time", or continuing on with our own lives, living well, existing contentedly in the comfort of the presense of others, and being alive, and just living through the loss.

    And with it, comes a knowing and learning that, though it may darken, and the hard rain may flow in each life, the warmth of sunshine will follow once again, to ease the chill, and light the way. And we will go on, to live our own life's destiny.


  3. Keep supporting the lie. Bravo.

  4. Fact is, most Americans are uneducated, or morons. How do you trust a gun, any gun, to someone who is not capable of basic arithmetic, geography, or even social/human behavior (that schools teach – at least supposedly) ?
    Education is culture. Without those two you shouldn't freely distribute such a serious tool, a gun is, to society .Otherwise don't shed crocodile tears for those lost.
    Point to think about:
    Every gun owner talks about the 2nd amendment & "their right" to have a gun. Rights are earned, not served on a platter. What have * they * done to earn that right? What was their individual contribution to gun ownership?
    Firearms are not fashion accessories, status symbols, impotence compensation mediums, toys, or even commercial goods (like other goods).They are something that if handled improperly, or maliciously, can deal serious damage, because that is why they are built.And since there are stupid, malicious and careless individuals in any society (including the U. S.) guns should be regulated. Period.
    P. S. I am pro gun.

  5. Sandy Hook is a hoax…..change my mind

  6. Video is normalizing trauma related to terrorism and glorifying the feelings It’s terrorism promotion and behavior only seen in the US It’s using terrorism and completely preventable crimes as a healing religion and an attention seeking tool There is NO will to stop or eliminate terror or primitive violence and the US proves AGAIN that extremist violence and terrorism is a valued and worshipped part of US life and mass shootings and other male mass killings of innocent civilians is simply another addiction and bonding tool The killings will increased because it US identify and mindset

  7. A BLACK REGISTERED DEMOCRAT WHO SUPPORTS AOC SHOT 6 POLICE OFFICERS IN PHILADELPHIA TODAY…..FUNNY NBC "NEWS" NOT REPORTING ON THAT ONE………….in other NBC "News" Brian Williams saw dead bodies floating by his hotel again……maybe that's his way of saying room service was slow???

  8. MORE people are shot by COPS every year than by mass shooters or 'terrorists'. Statistics


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