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Navy admiral fights collegiate opioid epidemic | USA TODAY

After losing his son only four days into college, Admiral James Winnefeld launched SAFE Project to combat opioid addiction deaths on college campuses. Higher education pays attention to what parents — and donors — demand. Do your child (and his or her classmates) a favor and pointedly ask: Our child is fine, but we want to know whether you have a collegiate recovery program. If not, why not? If so, how good is it?

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  1. Opiates should be completely legal adults who claim they have pain should have no problem getting all of the medicine they need with proper education first. How is it that you can go down to the 7-Eleven and buy a 12 pack of beer and go out and kill somebody? Do you want to keep opiates out of the hands of where it does not belong give whatever is needed to those who require it without any hassles. Use an executive order to get the cost brought to a minimum because the second half of the problem some of the pills they are buying are expensive once they have been on opiates for a long time without insurance those people are forced to break the law and sell their prescriptions to pay for their own get out on the street and talk to anybody and find out what’s really going on. Your make up it’s too difficult to get what’s going to happen is you’re going to get fentanyl coming over from Mexico. They can create 1 million doses to fit inside of a book. You’re not going to stop that with 100 foot wall. But this is all common sense without even listening to this conversation I guarantee you it’s about the same talking points that go nowhere except bankrupting our country putting people in prison for a disease they have for victimless crime‘s. With all due respect to the Admiral is he an expert ? We should have a panel of 20 chronic pain patients that I’ve been dealing with their illness for 25 years and a panel of 20 pain management doctors and representatives not from the DEA or the FDA but local beat cops get 20 of those from different cities they all come together and come out with the right solution. let them decide the issues. And the interest should be served for those who have chronic pain if they are in agreement make that the national policy. If the majority of that well diversified panel of Americans without an agenda agree on a solution then it’s done be done with the subject and move on! Stop wasting tax money stop violating the rights of others to thrive. If anyone is caught selling opiate pain medications to anyone who is not going through the educational program passed some tests then… you can give them some stiff sentences. Paramount to life in prison. Common sense.

  2. Educate don’t regulate the war on drugs is bankrupting America. Clean up this disgusting corruption in the alphabet agencies America has access to Kratom a tea made from a tree in the coffee family with absolutely no side effects that actually works for pain ( and successfully getting people off of heroin ) without going to rehab for 30 to 90 days bankrupting individual families And what do we have now? Big pharmaceutical leveraging the DEA and the FDA to not only make the incredible plant illegal but they’re persuading Indonesia to burn all their crops Making up a ridiculous lies for a plant that’s been in use for many millenniums . You’re making opiates even more difficult to get causing more of a black market and now you’re taking away the only alternative plant that’s actually safe and not killing anyone. Meanwhile you’re still not educating anybody. Kratom has been out for 10 years in America the first six years you blamed five deaths on it all of them were because somebody mixed other drugs that were illegal. Meanwhile over-the-counter Tylenol kills thousands of people and shuts down 10,000 kidneys a year ( another over-the-counter drug that has to be overused because you make opiates more difficult to get. Then we have Google Purposely censoring all of the positive reports and information on Kratom scrubbing them from the Internet including the extensive report by the FDLE which found it to be completely benign in need of no regulations. Go to DuckDuckGo type in FDLE report ! Do you want to see how Google sensors compare the two search engines. If any of you really cared about saving lives instead of arguing constantly about the same problems that you can’t find a remedy for why don’t you spend 10 seconds until parents not to put a heavy TV set on top of the dresser if they got toddlers that would save thousands of our lives every year. How about remind people to stop texting on the 5 o’clock news. Corruption runs deep in America.

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