Wednesday , May 12 2021
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NBA faces heat for agreeing to partake in South China International Trade Expo

Milwaukee Bucks and Fiserv Forum President Peter Feigin discusses the NBA’s decision to participate in the South China International Trade Expo.

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  1. Its not the NBA, it the Chinese Basketball Association.

  2. ChYna OWNS labron 🤮 and joeharris 🤬
    NCSWIC 🇺🇸

  3. Rediculous amount of money for a playing a game. Nba like other sports teams should take the majority of it's earnings and put it back into the communities they represent. The president of the US only makes 400,000 a year. In this case how do you spell narcissism? NBA.

  4. Meesta LEEBrown! Herro Geeant Neeglo

  5. Even more reason to boycott basketball!!!

  6. I will NEVER watch another game.

  7. Adam Silver should run for President. American voters always fall for a handsome face.

  8. Just like any other corporation. As long as they make money they are happy to look the other way. Yet they boycott American cities for passing legitimate voting laws to prevent fraud of 2020.

  9. Patriots……
    The National Basketball Association, MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for President Harris and her puppet Joe Biden. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, campaigned for Biden and other Democrats, fund raised for BLM and other far left activist organizations.

    Financial Boycott whenever possible the following.

    NBA/WNBA, MLB, Modelo Beer, Pacifico Beer, Sonic, Corona Beer, Wendy's, US Bank, Coca-Cola products, State Farm Insurance, The General Insurance, Nerdwallet, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Microsoft, Home Depot, Vivint, Verizon, New York Times, Washington Post, USA today, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, TNT, TBS, TLC, PBS, OWN, Oxygen, Discovery Channel, Discovery Plus, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter.

    Pass this on.

  10. I'm done with the NBA. Sorry Raptors.

  11. “The U.S., where innocent people lose their lives to social inequality and racism every day, where 580,000 people died of novel coronavirus, is itself a human rights wasteland.”

  12. Good bye NBA your gonna go under


  14. Too bad he didn’t answer the question. I think the hot place will freeze over and you can skate on the ice before I go to an NBA game.

  15. They can send all the NBA teams to China

  16. Why hasn't LeBron been charged with a hate crime, and why hasn't the NBA fined and suspended him yet?

  17. Translation: Money is more important that civil decencies of and towards others.

  18. n that's y their ratings have dropped n y I'll never watch a NBA game for the rest of my life .. n u can blame lechina james for that

  19. People. STOP endorsing the NBA.

  20. This is one of the reason. I cancel my NBA subscription.

  21. The NBA sold out to China years ago…they kneel to disrespect our flag & anthem, treat criminals as heroes, instigate violence against police & hate America…traitors.

  22. What kind of puff piece interview was that? Pathetic.

  23. To hell with basketball i used to be an advid fan but i stopped watching it because of garbage like this

  24. Cancelled all four leagues channels. Just going to support kids sports now.

  25. They will never learn. It's based on FEAR!
    What does CHINA have on the NBA?
    Beside ownership

  26. Those court jockeys need the $$$$ dontcha know!

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