Friday , November 27 2020
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NBA fans booted from game after showing support for Hong Kong

A ‘Kennedy’ panel debates China’s influence on free speech in the U.S. and the NBA-Hong Kong controversy.

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  1. On the third viewing of this YouTube video I was able to tear my eyes from Katie Pavlich and concentrate on the topic ,the NBA is just hedging their bets in case of the catastrophe of the Democratic Socialist party gaining power ,because socialism is the first step to communism ,and when you have Democrats Presidential candidates and university professors peddling communism ,and brainwashed idiots protesting Trump rallies waving Communist flags ,it's just safer for the NBA to be on side early.

  2. NBA had their balls cut off by china

  3. Tax them 80% like in that country!

  4. I’m not angry. I’m ashamed. What cowards😒

  5. But…. you are Fox ….news

  6. Hey guys. Free Hing King from what? Ftee HK from violence? Talk about free HK from tereorits throwing molotiov cocktails?) Free HK from trotorous cowatfds behind masks? Free HK from damages to public property? Free HK from people being stopped by cowaardly rioters preventing ordinary folks fro going to work? Sure free HK f4om all thise things. Do you people know what you are talking about. By all means free HK from all the lies America spew about HK and China.

  7. NBA export China immediately …
    Fight China … you don't need an NBA to be a slave to Chinese money.
    Americans will boycott the NBA.

  8. Why does anyone watch "professional" sports? IT IS NOT A SPORT, PEOPLE! They are a business. A sport is a competition of equal people. The business BUYS talent and could not care less about the public. It is all about money. In football they pay a bonus if you injure an opposition player enough to have him removed.
    I refuse to pay $40 parking, $50+ per ticket to sit in the nose bleed seats, and then $5+ for a drink and $10+ for a sandwich. With a family of four that can amount to a weeks salary.
    There is no reason to pay someone millions to play with a ball, any ball. It is all about money and power.

  9. WHERE IS MARK CUBAN??????????

  10. I recommend boycotting the NBA and products made in China, but if you must attend an NBA game, don't forget to wear your "Free Hong Kong" T-shirt. Shirts with side-by-side images of Xi Jin Ping and Winnie the Pooh are also acceptable.

  11. We don't need these ungrateful athletes. Let China harvest their organs.

  12. Free Hong Kong from the American sponsored terrorists!!

  13. i havent watch their garbage products for awhile. ever since it became a gangsta waanabe league

  14. China is bullying America, HAHAHAHA, how is that possible

  15. To be honest, no one in the NBA even care about what’s going on in China ang Hong Kong

  16. Did a news reporter just say ‘wokest’

  17. NBA clearly chooses profit over principle. Hypocrites!

  18. Free Speech doesn't mean you are free to stir up garbage on subject he(Daryl Garbage) obviously does not care about. Deleting the tweet and going into hiding is evidence that Morey is not as smart or as courageous as he appears. What do you mean Chinese people can't see the tweet? People can't repeat tweet on Chinese social media?


  20. I don’t want to hear that crap when I’m at the game. Gtfo!

  21. China is the Slave Master in Asia. Freedom for Tibet! Free for Uyghurs! Freedom for Hong Kong! Freedom for Taiwan. If this was black people being suppressed instead of Asian people, the NBA would be supporting their cause!!!

  22. At least America is already woke up….

  23. Ok then let's stop watching the NBA games, let's see how they like that?

  24. I quit watching and going to both the NFL and NBA games for getting political.

  25. NBA Offends China"

    Chris Chappell' s Youtube < China Uncensored > gives the most precise analyze on US – China – HK issues.

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