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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 22nd, 2021 | NBC News NOW

Funeral held for Daunte Wright fatally shot by police, China behind another hack against U.S. agencies, cybersecurity experts say, young climate activists demand action.
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 22nd, 2021 | NBC News NOW


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  1. I wonder why the racist police never shot Kyle Rittenhouse like that after he murdered 2 people with an assault rifle or Dylan Roof after he murdered 9 elderly people in a church service ????? (Rhetorical question)

  2. We always ask, why no taser, why Not shoot in the let, Why ALWAYS GO STRAIGHT FOR THE CHEST OR UPPER BACK??? BS 😡😡

  3. I’m confused… is it me or is that mom white???

  4. Nbc masked racebaiters stop it

  5. Of course Al Sharpton their to get FaceTime over someone else's tragedy

  6. Kids, don't try using a lethal weapon on another person. Otherwise, police or someone else will shoot you for being a threat.

  7. Keep the families together. Stop letting the streets be the fathers to these young men .

  8. Causing chaos in the streets is all that is going on. The media only helps

  9. A knife fight would imply they both had a knife. This was an attempted murder by one girl and the cop saved a life.

  10. I thought there was an extension on expired tags due to covid – I guess it’s only for white folks

  11. this is painful to watch my condolences to the family, black lives matter.

  12. The officer could have used his taser.

  13. The police will do what they always do. They never tell the truth and they always blame the victim.

  14. The public will never be allowed to watch that video, and even if the public does see it the video tape will be changed so it won't be the true video

  15. What can you say about this unfortunate black man? Three things. #1 he was black,#2 he was stopped by a cop. And #3 he was murdered by a cop.

  16. I would have demanded the death penalty.

  17. Never have a knife in your hand when a cop is right there. Otherwise get ready to bite a bullet!!

  18. Wow all this is awesome and definitely needed , I hate to see people struggle and kids doing without..
    I have brain cancer and I need all the insurance I can get and I am a low income single person……GOD BLESS THE USA…..

  19. There are rotten racists polices in this place

  20. Police saved a life , but no one talking about that…..

  21. Stop the Nonsense i will not say it over and over again,These so call black people must shut up about this black lives matters,black lives does not matter first ,,human rights matters,You will Disgrace Daunte Wright if you refer to him as a black man ,George Floyd was not a black man that is a racist term ,,George Floyd and daunte wright were both people of color brown skin is still brown does not become black because of your racial separation ..Black People has No White in them for it would not still still remain black and people you label black has white blood cells so its a lie to say they are black,,people you call white has red blood cells and there is no red in white so you surely are not right to say you are white,you are called black or white yet what you call someone is not necessarily what they are ,,justice has no race ,,for justice is true..#KevinClarkeMayor

  22. Thou shall not make marriages with other Nations of People, Thou shall keep YAHUAHS Commandments and Live!

  23. Such a sweet little girl who was trying to stab and girl another girl!! What’s wrong with these parents these days thinking it’s ok for their kid to stab another human ,who cares if it’s a kid or grown adult. If she wasn’t being a criminal trying to stab someone she would still be alive today , life lesson obey the law if you don’t wanna be confronted by the police!!

  24. I can understand the Police Officer in that situation shooting the girl with the knife ONCE, but why fire 6 or more shots into a 16 year old, who was armed with a knife, NOT a gun? Was the child SUPERWOMAN? The only reason a MAN with a GUN would shoot a child with a knife 6 or 8 times, is if he delibertely wanted to MURDER HER!!!

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