Tuesday , June 22 2021
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 30th, 2021 | NBC News NOW

The date for the funeral of Andrew Brown Jr. has been set as four North Carolina sheriff deputies return to work after his death, vaccine hesitancy in Georgia has caused the state’s vaccination demand to wind down as hesitancy among white evangelicals poses a challenge for state health officials, President Biden call on the U.S. to invest in the Amtrak.
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  2. "The NC police strive for POSITIVE interactions…" Positively B.S

  3. Cops overreact again. Don’t they know that older peoples bodies are more fragile? Or is it they just don’t care?

  4. Pandering with the black doctor MSNBC?

  5. How and why do other white peoples do nothing??

  6. To my white friends police are killing us. How can u all do and say nothing.?

  7. Those people who are keeping quiet will be held accountable. God is real.

  8. Those cops are domestic terrorist

  9. This is no surprise at all until the police see people of color humanity this will never change, that’s some one mother or grandmother, I have to as if the police seen the woman that look like them would she have treated the same way… I’ll answer it for you… Exactly!!! So unfair an most of all dangerous but Jan 6 Well you already know… Stay Safe… Peace Mustafa

  10. Why is it that police have to handcuff people in the back, why can’t they just do it in the front for old people? How much damage or speed an old lady can do with handcuff on to fight or to run away from them? The police force in US are pretty stupid how they just blindly follow arresting to suppress citizen blindfully! This is outrageously barbaric and unintelligent thugs, not police as people protectors. !!!!

  11. Don't watch fake news bye

  12. An investment in the future should yield about $7 for every $1 spent now.

  13. Fired weapons or not, they let it happen.

  14. spoiled selfish brats at Disney. look at Chile and India

  15. Back on the streets what happened to guilty by association. Black people take this case to the Supreme Court demanding the release of the video footage! Africans wake up you are in America unite!
    This is a great country when united" African-American and Africans must unite.

  16. Anyone who says America is free ie either lying or delusional.

  17. Bet she'll pull over next time

  18. trump is a failed business man who is only out for himself. If you love habitual liars feeding you BS trump is your loser..

  19. Guilty because they're all working in concert that's how it would work if my boys nice shot somebody up and two of my guys were sitting there just watching PS I don't have any guys allegedly

  20. Nice Buy Then you should wear rabbits hats and to someone else to bring the rabbits back like in the movie prestige.

  21. Just think this why a bunch of low life guys pulling out ur mother from her vehicle and twining her injured arms… all these physio college or high school drop ex drug dealer now in the police dept should be in the jail

  22. Kick these ppl out from the police dept

  23. Those anti trans people are showing the world that they are male chauvinistic in mentality and psyche 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Straight…

  24. I hatethis reporter, I wish you stop showing her please.

  25. All Tenafly everyone in the world throw leak it does he own ear her own ear help no bring the thing only through leak object day here if you’re smart that I’m thinking it’s just mom say something mean something and then dad besides it open your mouth a big why every time you open my big mouth why oh yeah you’re mile you from a leak in your ear and you know I don’t know what kind of throw it at you think about it let me know

  26. if that was my grandmother it would definitely be more one funeral that week

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