Sunday , April 18 2021
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 5th, 2021 | NBC News NOW

Minneapolis police chief testifies in Derek Chauvin trial saying use of force on George Floyd “violates” policy, Capitol police warn of exodus after deadly car attack, Stanford crowned NCAA women’s basketball champions.
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 5th, 2021 | NBC News NOW


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  2. The defense Lawyer is acting cool, tough, and " I am the Lion."

  3. All these sheep believe what the evil media tells them. All the hate and racism for one another, is government politicians fault. They got you honoring like a hero the death of a person who in fact had a felony record,was on meth,and fetanal,and not complying with the orders of a law enforcement officer. He got what was coming to him . Stupid sheep putting this man on a pedestal.

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  5. Sounds like the police chief is being bought off

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  9. If this wasnt caught on camera Chauvin would of walked

  10. The video is very interesting. Nigerian father usually do not have problems showing affection to their children regardless of the separation, and always have soft spots for their children’s mothers or ex-wives.

  11. That darn wall needs to be completed! The American people needs to be protected. I opine it is criminal to allow anyone undocumented just to secure votes, which is obviously the intentions of the Left. And, by doing so, the chances of terrorists entering through the borders are 100% possible.

  12. I'm from Canada. Everyday I watch American media and social media. It's like watching an insane asylum.

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  14. Who will keep society civil when not enough people will want to be police officers?

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  16. George Floyd was murdered by Chauvin…

    Life incarceration

    5150 psych hold

    Anger management

    Life no parole!

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