Thursday , July 29 2021
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – July 21, 2021

Concerns continue to grow over spread of Delta variant of Covid-19, Speaker Pelosi rejected Reps. Jordan and Banks from the Jan. 6th select committee, Smoke from wildfires travels across the country. 

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  2. Wow! If THIS propaganda doesn’t get you to take the EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE then they will get you a different way, just watch!!

  3. If Republicans wont help to fix what they did, they need to disappear, PASS everything together, FORGET ALLOWING THEM TO PUSH FOR ANY DELAYS. REMOVE THE FILIBUSTER AND DO THE PEOPLES WORK.

  4. Vietnam's police comment everywhere by many languages make noisy and make war in everywhere

  5. Who is going to listen to Maconald

  6. People's house comments and placing a back in Nancy's back is what started the RIOT. Why the hate talk???

  7. the REPUBLICANS whent to destroy that pleace…not pelosi…trump is repondable.

  8. You cowardly piece of skum you cannot lock nancy feet

  9. the country is in serious trouble. Americans don't care.

  10. The republicans are trying to corrupt this it.

  11. Don't participate hopefully they will be calling you and trump to terstify. What are you all so afraid of? Liz is on board and she might just be the one to cut your heads off.

  12. My God why would the Democrats want to investigate what happened on Jan 6th, if their were involved! wouldn't that be incriminating for the Democrats? McCarthy is pooping in his pants because he knows he is part of the coup!

  13. the truth hurt's good over evil

  14. I have NEVER heard that the vaccine is dangerous from any news organizations!
    Conservative and or otherwise.
    Romney quit agitating lies!

  15. 👍👍👍🤩👏👏👏

    Poor people got left to get prosecuted and on their own After sending them. 😥 "SAD"

  17. MLB guess they think Black women Asian women Latino women etc..Dnt play sports
    Why are all the Sports reporters white????? 🤔

  18. Exercise of the authoritarian left Revelation lol

  19. Seems to me they are trying to flip the script now that the Delta variant seems to be wrecking havoc on their side of the aisle. Seems they are thinking about how much more they may loose in 2022. Especially now the voters can see on the map how them being unvaccinated; they may become canon fodder to the Covid.

  20. Kids I feel sorry for ! To young to get the shot or parent will not let them ! But if you are just a stupid enough to believe that idot tRump and his D Wipe fans, then I have no sympathy for those that get COVID !

  21. McCarthy, you may reject her choices but there's NOTHING you can do about it. The reason we have over 600,000 deaths in the United States, is because Republicans were in charge.

  22. Why is no one talking about those who have preexisting Conditions and severe drug allergies? No one is talking about them.

  23. We have The speaker of the house to make sure justice prevail: since the GOP don’t see that the insurrectionist did any harm: some of us feels that this was an act of treason and these people and their leaders should be punished to the full extent of the law- pretend these were foreigners that did this: what would your officers have done differently? What would your punishment be for participants in this war on the capitol? I can’t stand Mitch!


  25. Republicans have a problem handling rejection.

  26. Before they start all of this I think everybody needs to sit down and watch that video that the New York Times put together how the Insurrection actually happened that day. Because now it's on YouTube right now and everybody needs to watch it because it's very interesting and it lays out how that day County Insurrection happened on January 6th there's no video that they got from the capital. There's new video that got from the police cams. I think somebody's in big trouble and they just won't admit to it. Because the New York Times laid it out all nice and neat for everybody to watch. And even the shooting of ashli Babbitt and how she heed the warnings through that door and she went through that door anyways and got shot in the left shoulder and died at her wounds at the hospital she didn't get shot in the head like somebody keeps on saying. So today or tomorrow or even this evening when you're sitting down and eating dinner watch that video you'll see what everybody's talking about.

  27. Honestly, if they don’t want to get the vaccine, let them play politics with God.

  28. McCarthy is a 3rd grader.

  29. You are right about that nit case Peliski! She set that riot up her self she’s just trying to cover her behind! Fire her don’t listen to that thing!!!! She’s destroyed America cuz of her jealously for President Trump! Shame on it for even speaking!

  30. DEM will win the argument because of the truth

  31. Excuse not to expose who really conspired the attack on the white house. Let some real credible, non political, credible investigators find the truth and politicians can work on the people's business.

  32. Ha ha ha lame duch has power and truth not foul mouth and a lier

  33. ThE. World is over populated..the covid is an option…ask. Fauci 19
    1/3 world wide reduction of population
    Would be good for
    Mother. EARTH……

  34. Yes the difference between a republican &a democrat is a republican will change his point of view with New facts
    Democrats will die or turn in their own mother's to stay true to the cause..I am an
    Independent… always change my mind to the tune of the. Facts…

  35. Here and idea instead of Congress people on both side do it jury style
    And use like police,private eyes,
    To do this investigation

  36. Ok Democrat let flood McCarthy Facebook page and Twitter on what
    He guilty of.


  38. Go ahead government shut us down again it's just going to make everybody wake up and turn against you run you down get rid of you

  39. McCarthy you claim the Democrats are destroy the institution. Last count it’s been you guys that caused the insurrection. It was your side that stalled on helping people for weeks and months in the heat of the pandemic and last but not least it’s all you cowards who are playing victim to trump and his little hands.

    WE ALL HAVE TV BRO, we watch all of you run and hide. IT HAPPENED. The fact you are trying to change what did happen like this proves you all should be removed from congress for the muteness traders you really are

  40. You're hearing a tonal shift about vaccines by Republicans for two reasons, it's safer for them to say it now and because it's affecting them more directly. Just imagine how many lives could have been saved if this was their message from the beginning.

  41. Democrats cheering for Cheney is hilarious.

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