Monday , April 19 2021
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – March 2nd, 2021 | NBC News NOW

FBI director says January 6 attack on Capitol was “domestic terrorism,” Merck to partner with Johnson & Johnson to make more vaccine doses and Illinois expands Medicaid to low-income seniors regardless of immigration status.
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – Mar. 2 | NBC News NOW


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  1. Here we go and pay for another impeachment and it is the other people well tell you Democrats got caught blowing our money

  2. Wow I know that fox is a straight up lie and alternative facts but msnbc is a straight up corporate bs. Oh let's put a female to lie to you because….diversity.

  3. I am sure it was black, antifa, lesbian far left insurgents wearing "whiteface" to trick us into believing it was Trump supporters…

  4. John Allen and crew just can't help but brag about how they stole the 2020 election. Really insane the nerve of these people. And Trump STILL didn't insight the capital riot. It's been proven in courts. Media Really need to stop lying to people. I thought we would be finished with the trust issues. "Bend without breaking…." incredible

  5. Its cute Nancy's all for 15 but for over 30 yrs rs and ds don't give a fudge about us


  7. Lock them up the former guy 👦ask them to come and they did .stop the shameless down play people and cop's died con guy 👦 tricked them.

  8. What a liar. Democrats have control of all 3 branches. They dont want admit it there party is the issue.

  9. ok so they are atleast now calling all the attacks last summer and at the capital domestic terrorism? the one on the 6th was just a one off though. the others continued week after week.

  10. When Is Congress , or The Liberal MSM Fake News Admit ….. BIDEN DIDN'T GET ALL THOSE VOTES ! It Doesn't Take A Rocket Scientist To Know There Were Real Legitimate Election Vote Problems ! If We Don't Have Real Election Vote Integrity , WE DON'T HAVE TRUE , FAIR , FREE ELECTIONS ! Wake Up America ! And Yes , Pres. Trump Is OUR President !

  11. Fake news talk. Abou News instead. Of. You're politicians aand there agendas.Democrates and these news agencies who is sponsored by democrates blm and antifa.they are all in the corruption togetther.We need to take back America.This country is founded on we the people not we the government.They have forgotten there roll here in America.believe me they are taking a stand and yes they are corrupt.We need to fire them all and start all
    Over.The big teck is agaist the true patrons that fought for this country.when men had backbones and stood for honor and didnt fall for money power or greed.

  12. Terest can be a democrate.who want destrution on our streets antifa aand black life matters witch are supported by. Democrates.That did months. Of distributions of our cities towns and neighborhoods.we are. Talking about months as nd months .You guys have one day..You caint handle one. Day. What you guys and. Fake news did for. Months.Double. standardds.double standard.Youu all say we dont need a. Wall.But you sure.Put up one around you guys.double standard.Lets talk about the guns. You. Want to band ar15 and mostly as ll guns if it was up to u all.But. theeee s ax me guns you dont wantt. Us Americans to have.When you felt didnt yell out of the. Capital windows. And tell the soilder to put those we as pens down that protects you're sorry buts.double tired of double.standards.we all are.

  13. 30:05 Illinois expands medicaid to ileagal aliens… low income seniors already get medicaid

  14. The chick at the Capital building sure does blink a lot! Her name shoujd be "BLINKY"

  15. PINK called…. she wants her hair style back

  16. They are breaking the law, why should they be granted free medical insurance the State of Illinois is already have the highest taxes in the United States,, it unfair to the taxpayers. Injustice at all levels!

  17. That was trump protester. They had trumps flags and hats. They keep mentioning Trump names. They were in the capitol protesting that trump elections were stolen . They have plenty evidence. Trump should be in jail. He is a trouble maker, and dangerous. Be careful that trump don't give Putin too much information.

  18. We need intelligence? -Go on Social Media. Most of these Treasonous MAGA Slobs do not have passports. Should be easy enough for our 18 National Intelligence Agencies to track and lock up these domestic terrorists. The Alt-Right assassins used the clueless Trump Cultists to force their way into the Capitol. Standard COUP tactics. CIA overthrew in Iran in 1953 with a street MOB. Start arresting people and the "drunk at the bar" idiots will shut their Lie Holes.

  19. Did not see a lot of Black people at the Capitol MAGA Treason Riots. Just Fat Stupid MAGA Slobs. So no BLM. Also Antifa barely exists as an entity, Just a bogeyman Trump used to distract from the MAGA Alt-Right DOMESTIC Terror Groups he enables

  20. Funny how these racist ignorant Senator's want to make the black lives matter movement into bad guy individuals when literally all black lives matters is asking for is equal rights and for people to stop killing black and brown bodies absolutely disgusting
    If you're black
    Brown Asian
    Native American
    Ect you need to be defending and fighting with black lives matter because guess what once these racist are done with black people they're coming for anyone else who's different
    Rather you're asian, LGBTQIA, homeless, ect they will come for you next until nothing but rich white people are left

  21. The swanky undershirt topologically bury because help philly cough to a magenta birch. whispering, black comma

  22. Fake News. You the government are affecting and killing us the people, with your man made viruses…..

  23. They have video of antifa and blm members lol

  24. Well most insurance companies only pay for 1 mammo per year and also for me, no ins and my mammo cost $550

  25. What a fiasco. 1/6 is a day that will "live in infamy."

  26. All Satanist protect one another. This corruption goes around the whole of government. They make it seem as if they are concerned but that is nothing but a DEMONIC SMOKE SCREEN.

  27. omfg stop pushing that bs racial bs theirs less black doctors because less blacks are interested in taking the courses to become one stop trying to say its others people faults and push against the bs us mexicans face way worse bs then blacks do but you don't see us crying much about it

  28. you do not have to be an interlligence agent to see that what happen jan 6 was going to happen all through the other guy campaign and four years the other guy was planting seeds of division every chance he got wow..and made it known he was a sore loser his speech was a determination to bring our democracy down he was so in love with putin and any one it seem that was a dictator he right in our face show us what his intention was to be a dictator wow a blind man could hear the speech and could see in his mind what the other guy wanted to they need to educate themselves better cause we had an ignorant leader in self serving he was never really to concern for all and he was sworn in to do that and fail so please do not tell us that there was no signs that this could of happen they were right in our face keep digging you find russia played a big part and still a big part in our government and still have a hold on the gop we are so learning there are many do not no longer want a democracy wants to see our democracy fail just look at GOP NEVER have they tried to help this country always about wars and getting rich nothing that truly help the people wow they even did not want to help with healthcare but they have healthcare come on lets open eyes no matter what party as long as the person who we elect govern all help this country go forward in a productive way for all regardless we would like to see accountablity to what happen this is nothing that should be sweep under the rug as we talk now the other guy got a free pass to continue wow until the other guy is expose as to how he got in what he has done we will still have uprising..God bless America United We STAND DIVIDED WE FALL


  30. You are making this up now lol

  31. Replace members of the FBI, they're answers are not direct answers to the questions asked. Very reluctant to blame Racists. He says The Militia. The Proud boys aren't that large of a group. Everyone there may not have stormed or entered the Capitol, but they were all there, because of they're racist views, and they were there to do SOMETHING to stop the conformation of the next President. If not violence, what else could they have done to stop it?

  32. Start at the seat of the house. Nacy Pelosi had a huge rage against Trump and did everything she could to bring him down . She is responsible for all of this . She wanted the security to fail to blame Trump. It will all come out and I hope she is taking down for her actions

  33. What a loser won't tell us how sicknick died!!!


  35. Christopher Wray, time to put your bottle down and start on the pills you delusional POS traitor !

  36. Strydenburg is the most important part @

  37. The languid tail acromegaly rhyme because orchestra curiously afford at a imported semicolon. soggy, elastic jeep

  38. With China's help, Joker Biden is an illegal president by stealing votes from Pres. Donald Trump. Also, China funnels billions of dollars onto many ghost companies run by the Joe Biden family. Therefore, Joker Biden secretly helps China in many ways:
    1- He cancelled all the Donald Trump's regulations controlling China's unfair trading
    2- He claims that China's culture is different from the USA's one. Therefore, he believes that China's Xi doesn't commit any crimes of genocides nor violates human rights in China nor freedoms of speech & assembly in Hong Kong.
    3- Stirring up the Russia-Ukraine territory dispute and making the confliction in Syria and in Iran worse, Joe Biden attempts to distract the world attention to his best friend Xi's military threats in the Indo-Pacific waters.

  39. Ask Pelosi about the day of the Capitol, and also the media who are responsible for the attack of the Capitol. The media coordinate all these criminal attack.

  40. Yes it was black lives matter white people and antifa let alone qanon when never have done this period And The Help the backup let it happen. 100%

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