NBC News Projects Biden Wins Maryland, Massachusetts, And Delaware, Trump Wins Oklahoma | NBC News

NBC News projects that Joe Biden will win Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware and Washington, D.C., and Trump will win Oklahoma in the 2020 presidential race.
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NBC News Projects Biden Wins Maryland, Massachusetts, And Delaware, Trump Wins Oklahoma | NBC News


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  1. Trump got thrashed particularly hard in Maryland. The state used to be only modestly blue. Even Bush put up a respectable margin despite losing the state. Not only did Biden win the state by over 30 points, he flipped 2 counties, Talbot (eastern shore), and Frederick (D.C. exurbs) that hadn't voted blue in several decades. He also almost won Wicomico County, which has always been deep red.

  2. (Same OLD Fake-News from NBC) REAL – BREAKING NEWS: Doctors Speak Out against the ScamDemic LIE https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/media/ > DO This NOW > Please sign petition to hold Fauci and the so-called health experts accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity / Mass Murder (Don't forget to confirm your signature in your email) https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/crimes-against-humanity-mass-murder

  3. Blindness and Deafness in America.

  4. Guys it’s fine if you have different political opinions, just be respectful to each other’s. We learned this in kindergarten

  5. All justly exercised votes must be counted. However, it cannot be admitted that the vote, which was conducted in a negative way, will be counted. Therefore, it is not fair to count dirty ballots after the Democratic governor's only Biden's vote comes out and counting begins. Also, I think Trump's consistent objection is reasonable because postal voting, which was not strictly supervised by officials, is obviously problematic.

  6. The stock market and economic doesn't rise in the same same way Obama leading
    While millitary doubt and healthcare facility free for all campaign is strike down ,
    No one care

  7. When I stayed in India in the seventies. As a foreigner I could participate in the elections but had to vote for congress what I didn't do, I don't believe in the honesty of democrats after what I have seen the past 4 years

  8. Let's be patient as the votes are counted – otherwise we play into Trump's It is time to let election officials do their job of counting every vote. some people stand in line for hours to vote we need our voice to be heard , trump trying to cheat, evil is in the world, Ephesians 6; 12-13 spiritual wickedness in high places. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God For pulling down JOE BIDEN WILL WIN & BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT { I am praying for HIM ]]

  9. my 90 yr old MIL who is in memory care can out nit wit Biden with both her marbles tied behind her back.

  10. I wish biden helps Philippines and USA both is suffering from the virus

  11. 0:46 I don't owe anybody anything now because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  12. Biden belongs in a nursing home and has no business becoming president. He is also in alliance with the aggressive transformation of the United States into a one world government participant. Trump is NOT in alliance to this agenda. Trump is the only choice regardless if you hate him or love him.

  13. This add brought to you by previgen .and vagisil for that full on fulopeal fungal fuzy feeling .hope you and Joe get well soon.


  15. This is not about Trump or Biden,it’s Lord’s Jesus or satan

  16. Jo Jorgensen 2020!! Yay yay! 🤣

  17. How could you’s project Biden to win , you have to be stupid and want a President that can’t even keep a sentence together and wants socialism

  18. If Biden wins you all can say goodbye to your jobs just like Obama did.

  19. How can they predict someone the winner when 0% reports in

  20. Trump won the year 2020 😊👏👍

  21. YouTube search: "Jesus the holy grail and the mushroom"

  22. I see you are slow posting again, like in 2016.
    At this rate Maddow will be too tired to cry at 2am.

  23. The 4 Biased Trump Haters!

  24. Donald Trump made economy great, but did not made secure the local people safety in terms of changing the PDA law everything except holding hand for straight couples. and after coronavirus divorces increased, seperations increased in America due to long distance relationship if one of the partners are living outside US. martiers' wives & children feeling sad due to recalling the sweet days all together. children of divorced people feel sad in public due to recalling also their sweet days with parents and now others are having SEXUAL behavior in front of them, which is hurting them. and much more cases.
    who ever to win, to solve this SEXUAL PDA matter, otherwise the nation will go into great depression as I explained above, which will result in suicide & etc.

  25. Democrats lies about the numbers and manipulates election 🙁 shame on you

  26. We already know Trump is going to win

  27. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘

  28. President Trump is killing it! won Florida by a landslide!he won Indiana 11 electoral votes! he’s going to win North Carolina Texas thank God for Trump!!!🇺🇸America stays free!prosperous! and protected!

  29. Biden 💙💙💙 2020

  30. When will the full result available?

  31. Smart guys yessssss we are blue
    This is amazing 🤩

  32. Vietnamese voted for Trump

  33. Results: 99% for Trump
    News: "Just too close to call"

  34. А за Путина есть голоса?🇷🇺

  35. Trump 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  36. Lots Communist in America including network shamed..traitor in America is mainstream media

  37. Cnn nice how you skip on the Trump numbers