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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Parties at reopened colleges increase fears of coronavirus outbreaks, Democrats push for answers on U.S. Postal Service delays, and what to expect from this week’s virtual Democratic National Convention.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  2. Trump Should Stop Slamming Kamala Harris
    Because he's very Jealous of her as she's so Much Intelligent , Honest &
    Educated then him.

  3. What about Melania Trump?
    She definitely wasn't born in America.
    Trump kept Slamming Kamala Harris
    speaking out that Kamala is not born in America & not qualified for President. He knows that is not true., But he deliberately Lied to the American People.

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  5. "Foot spurs is german in case know one knew"!!! They were imberest about it, so don't talk about it.

  6. Maistream media lies. For better news, go to:

  7. ❌ NBC Liberal Bias Fake News won’t tell you. 🆘Shame on Democrats the Godless Party that supports evil baby killing abortion. Two caucus meetings at the Democratic National Convention began with delegates reciting the Pledge 🇺🇸 of Allegiance while omitting the phrase “under God.” The Pledge of Allegiance was codified in 1942. It was amended in 1954 to include the phrase “under God” after a public campaign by the Knights of Columbus. Shame on the democrats.

  8. So much going on…I'd like to make it a "BLOCKBUSTER NIGHT"…📺📼📽 LOL 😎

  9. Omg 😱😱😱😱 no were is is safe am terrified that's like haveing a nightmare

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  11. they are all useless anyway, wasting our taxes, the empress of lies, Kamala, accuses the president, what a laugh

  12. I accidentally came across this word, Can someone tell me this will fit for President Mr.Trump.:-"braggadocio"

  13. Why is Kate Snow's mouth diagonal? #cantunsee

  14. Lies lies lies nothing about the violence in new York people been shot and robbed

  15. Finnish companies develop instant COVID-19 breathalyzer

    Source: Xinhua| 2020-06-29 23:21:46|Editor: huaxia

    HELSINKI, June 29 (Xinhua) — Finnish companies have developed a COVID-19 breathalyzer, which can provide a result in two minutes and one test costs only 2 euros (2.25 U.S. dollars), said one of the developers, Forum Virium Helsinki. in a press release issued on Monday.
    The breathalyzer uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the novel coronavirus in air exhaled by patients. Customers will blow into the device, where nanosensors will detect and measure short-lived organic compounds.
    The breathalyzer would be the cheapest and quickest COVID-19 test in the world, claimed innovation company Forum Virium Helsinki, which has developed the technology in cooperation with software firm Deep Sensing Technologies.
    "We are engaged in innovative cooperation with corporations to solve the coronavirus crisis and we will help firms to use the city as a development platform. We are utilizing artificial intelligence and digitalization," said Mika Malin, chief executive officer (CEO) of Forum Virium Helsinki, in the press release.
    The technology was developed as part of a Co-created and Wellbeing project funded by Finland's Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, a joint regional authority for the region.
    According to Forum Virium Helsinki, medical professionals at Helsinki's Laakso health station are set to begin a trial this summer to investigate whether the novel coronavirus can be effectively identified from a patient's exhalation.
    The breathalyzer will be tested using control groups in Finland and Kazakhstan, and later this summer in the Netherlands and the United States, said the press release.
    Once production starts, the first devices are scheduled to be delivered in August, said Forum Virium Helsinki. The same devices will be fit for use in the future to detect other diseases from air patients exhale, according to Deep Sensing Technologies.
    The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare said that as of Monday afternoon, Finland had confirmed 7,209 COVID-19 infections, of which 18 were new. The death toll stood at 328. No death was reported in the past 24 hours. About 6,600 people were estimated to have recovered, accounting for 90 percent of the reported cases. Enditem

      Copyright © 2000-2020 All rights reserved.

  16. The Finland test is in Helsinki for trials I've been reporting on this for a month now Google has taken it off and doesn't even show it you have to know about it to look it up it's all about the money in America not whether or not a hundred seventy-five thousand people are dying and there's more to come we've got to have this testing in place or it's asinine. Even try to send these children back to school what are you impaired or something

    Coronavirus breathalyzer – Wikipedia

  17. French hospital tests new breathalyser machine to detect COVID-19 | Article [AMP] | Reuters

  18. Really engaging in lies,Kamala Harris!! You agreed with Biden's sexual assault victims, Said you believe that he did this to them and that they were brave for sticking up for themselves. And coming forward…. Try to call that one a lie!!

  19. How lit! The shoppe is turnin' 2 a vacation home! THE MOVIES SHALL BE FREE OF CHARGE ONLY WITH PAYMENT'S FOLLOWING BOOKING.

  20. looks like the post office & election is way more important than the financially suffering Americans , all parties are talk … talk … talk but no action , I'm not sure if I will vote for anybody this year , I hope many won't .

  21. i thing is a teriboll for p p and uncully unther the word xspealy my contey just riwnow i don't how can i do

  22. Is Joe Biden going to talk?, or is he in his basement as usual. My names Joe Biden and I am running for Us Senate. I am endorsed by Barack America. Which one is my wife? Where am I? That was a joke, Haha. You know, the thing. Yeah I want this looney toon for President. No thanks

  23. Ahh yes fuel the fear, strengthen the divide.

  24. Did they really think that college students would go back to campus and stay in their dorm rooms or apts and not party??

  25. Keep that cruise ship in their country please… don’t come to USA 🇺🇸

  26. teLIEvision is PROGRAMMING you with fictions!!

  27. Wipe that stupid side of America out

  28. When Jesus comes back none of this will matter! Family see God, turn with me from wicked ways and seek the face of God. Please Lord God forgive me of all my sins.

  29. Trump WILL win ! you are morons

  30. all the college parties will end up closing the schools!

  31. I use to love Blockbuster.

  32. (Media is Hacking Reality) Please watch the just released documentary Shadownet, it has been taken down by you_tube. It explains all of this in detail. Pretty shady stuff from the deep state.

  33. I just watched the nightly news with Lester Holt on this Monday August 17th 2020 and I saw something at the very end that tugged at my heart ! It was a feature about a boy who was looking to be adopted he has been in foster care for 6 years then you showed a clip of this young man about 3 years ago with his little brother who had already been adopted. Why on earth can they keep these brothers together ?

  34. Why haven't the Democrats raked the forests?

  35. someone who knows they have corona virus and goes to school that should be some kind of crime. what if someone died from getting the virus because of that person's actions? until there are repercussions that can give jail time stupid and selfish people will continue to be careless and uncaring.

  36. 😎🥳⛴🛳⛴🛳⚓⚓⚓😷♥♥♥♥♥♥♥2020

  37. Nothing in the guy who was pulled from his truck and beaten in portland?

  38. People are ridiculous! Mad about not having football season??! What about people dying, our economy tanked, families going hungry ?Some Americans SMH!!!

  39. OMG is this station pushing doom and gloom and narrative biased toward Democrats How many teachers were interviewed before this narrative friendly was found. We will never know. Death and destruction. No mention of the guilty plea from former FBI lawyer on Russiagate. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus Is Lord" and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

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