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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

FDA advisers recommend Moderna’s Covid vaccine, powerful winter storm blasts Northeast, and inside effort to track origin of Covid-19.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
1:58 FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Emergency Use For Moderna Vaccine
3:57 Some States Warn Pfizer Vaccine Shipments Will Be Reduced Next Week
4:34 New Crisis: Southern California Reports 0% ICU Capacity
5:38 Authorities Warn Americans Not To Travel Over Christmas
6:25 New Crisis: Southern California Reports 0% ICU Capacity
7:34 Lawmakers Race To Lock In Covid Relief Deal To Get Americans Support
9:03 Digging Out After One Of The Most Powerful Snowstorms In Years
10:42 New Bodycam Footage Released In Mistaken Chicago Police Raid
12:12 Family Behind Oxycontin Faces First Public Questions On Opioid Epidemic
14:02 U.S.: Russian Hack Of Government Agencies Poses ‘Grave Risk’
15:19 Russian Flag & Anthem Banned From Next Two Olympics
15:46 Shipping Faces Triple Threat: Weather, Vaccines, & Shopping
17:15 Virus Hunters: Inside Mission To Trace Covid’s Origin

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The most potent line from this whole broadcast: "You got the wrong house"! You can feel the frustration and disbelieve in her voice. Hope she's doing better.

  2. Well, congratulations to National Police – such an embarrassment by the policemen group,,,again!!!! When you awake!!?? and begin to hire guys with Dignity and Professionalism??!!

  3. They knew what was going on, if it was any street drug dealer the government would have already put them behind bars, why the different treatment. Jail Sackler family and people that worked in the company, and fine all the money that they got so that it can go toward people that was affected by it.

  4. Good job 🙁 not!
    That was horrible!!! Over the top. This is not Iraq!!!

  5. Has Bill Gates said 700,000 will die from vaccine???

  6. All this dreadful news and the whole time Trump is still worried about the elections! Despicable and even more that the Republicans are just standing idle doing nothing. This will definitely go down in the history books of this great nation.

  7. The fact that they’re doing NEGOTIATIONS to help us is an embarrassment 😓😑


  9. Sending miguel love!
    That man has literally traveled the world several times since march. He's a beast.

  10. Physer must have investments in dry ice manufacturing companies.
    There is no justification for _95F temperatures

  11. That’s because ups and the postal office dose want to hire anyone

  12. Yo David Brown, why do you have to read those few words from a card? You even had to look at it multiple times before getting all the words out. "We need to ensure this never happens again."

  13. The officers needs to be discipline and the city needs to pay up millions for the stupidity of the officials who gave the green light in the raid. Unacceptable


  15. Question? who own on YouTube the left or the right? they banned my other account!! this is supposed to be freedom of speech.. you guys better be careful youtube will delete your account if you don't pick their team. Wtf lol

  16. Who cares as long as the Wall Street, the pillar of our democracy, keeps going up

  17. If they will decrease rent / mortgage in America to $600 and less, with free food and utilities ..THEN people might survive this calamity with $600 stimulus check per month….. but for that we would need a government that cares ….._ in another lifetime maybe!!??;) In another dream!;)
    Till those beautiful days, it is just bla-bla- bla covered by hypocrisy!!!

  18. That lady cop should have been more understanding and those male cops shouldn't be near her cuffing her all circling around her while she's naked clearly traumatized

  19. Here in Florida since 1966 , the worse day was always being at ground zero during Hurricane Andrew, now its seeing my worn down, daily headaches , not able to sleep girlfriend, RN off to work , hoping she makes it another day . She is all I have .

  20. Terrible job on the oxycontin piece. I have no idea what happened.

  21. Russian hacked… white house is silent…. imagine if china or iran did half what was done by the russians…

  22. Fauci is shameless! He should be apologizing for being wrong about Thanksgiving! Look at the data! I can't believe tucker carlson gives more truth than lester holt this is the twilight zone

  23. 32 Days, 4 Hrs, 56 mins and 39 sec 🕗🕒🕛Till Someone needs to Vacate the W. H.!!! 🍺


  24. The mayor , Superintendent, and cops are a joke!! And if she would have shot at them she'd be dead

  25. Bravo Mr. Anthony Swann! What a nice story to end the day with. 😍

  26. They should just legalize all drugs. It's so dumb that oc is getting sued. If hc were legal, it wouldn't have been a problem.

  27. Second amendment people

    Thats the only way your stopping the government from raiding your home.

    I love how none of the second amendment trolls speak up about this blatant attack on citizens

  28. How could Russia hack us? Easy when you have an asset in the government. —— That INDIVIDUAL is a traitor to our nation and to our democracy.

  29. Trump be held accountable for all the misleadimg information he and his administration has spread about the virus

  30. That one guy loves doing the walking and reporting move lol 😆

  31. Mitch McConnell = enemy of the people!

  32. Kung Flu Winnie the Pooh virus

  33. You know it is bad when the merchants of death stop digging to ask us to cut it out.

  34. Nothing about China 🇨🇳???

  35. COVID-19 Vaccinations: Th e Real Scoop? We have a Problem Houston. 1s we know it's effective but we do not Know Th e Long-term Effects of a New Drug, Nobody knows this. Only time will Tell.

  36. The only thing those scientist will found is the fabricate evident that point to other countries to make china look like a victim to shift the responsibility elsewhere.

  37. Corona virus came from a certain type of cloud high up in an atmospheric layer. There are many things at play that make this process either more or less lethal and high in quantity. For instance, carbon emissions and green house gases should be considered.

  38. Any amount under a trillion dollars is not going to help much. As far as stimulus checks go, how long is $600.00 gonna last? This is just chump change to people in Congress.

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