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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Growing concern over new coronavirus strain in U.K., President-elect Biden receives Covid vaccine, and dozens of West Point cadets accused of cheating on a math exam.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
1:59 New Highly Contagious Covid Strain Raises Fears
3:44 President-Elect Joe Biden Receives Covid Vaccine
4:04 First Moderna Vaccine Dosed Administrated In U.S.
4:52 CDC Panel Recommends Who Should Get Vaccine Next
5:23 Moderna Vaccine Doesn’t Require Deep Freeze
5:45 Dr. Anthony Fauci To Receive Vaccine Tomorrow
6:15 New $600 Stimulus Checks Could Roll Out Within Days
8:20 U.S. Tops 18 Million Cases Amid Christmas Surge Fears
10:05 Major Winter Storm Takes Aim For Christmas
10:59 West Point Accused Dozens Of Cadets Of Cheating
12:17 Barr: No Special Counsels On Hunter Biden, Election
12:41 New Charges In Pan AM 103 Terrorist Bombing
14:00 Families Of Pan AM 103 Victims React To New Charges
16:11 Chicago Officers In Botched Raid Put On Desk Duty
16:50 Answering Your Questions About New Strain & Vaccines
18:33 Holiday Gift Cards: How Save Money & Avoid Scams

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. F-you AND your new COVID strain.

  2. The new variant strain of virus was detected in South Africa over a week ago but your Lame-stream media didn’t bother to cover it.

  3. Make new traditions and learn resilience. It is tragic but adversity creates strength . Help others and be kind!

  4. The bloody believe practically mine because ruth structurally hurry opposite a bent celery. parched, vivacious energy


  6. So the message your sending is people that have worked hard paid there taxes contributed to Society and possibly served there country are behind those that are currently a drain on Society. Shame on you.

  7. This is not what scares me. What scares me is the fort those creating it.

  8. How can a virus be 50% more transmissible when it was already over 80% transmissible. It just shows news media and “experts” are alarmists because 5-10% just doesn’t sound dire enough.

  9. 3verythingsalieneverc0nsentneverc0mply.

  10. The virus doesn't respect borders? Sound a lot like illegal immigration.

  11. I am sorry but why are we giving 500 million to Israel, 700 million to Sudan, and another 506 million to Latin America? Seriously, I am all about helping people but come on that is absolutely ridiculous. I better get a free meal if I travel there since so much of USA tax dollars are being sent there. At least make that much aid a loan so Americans get there money back. Also, ten years in prison for watching a pirated video is ridiculous. I agree people should do the right thing but that is a bit much.

  12. day by day the voter descrepencies are picking up momentum .the evidence
    is overwhelming.the u.s.a. and the world cannot accept this .trump must
    continue to fight and to restore confidence in foreign investors like
    myself and many others

  13. day by day the voter descrepencies are picking up momentum .the evidence
    is overwhelming.the u.s.a. and the world cannot accept this .trump must
    continue to fight and to restore confidence in foreign investors like
    myself and many others

  14. Keep trying to scare people into submission fear is control simple this guy is not right something is definitely wrong with him

  15. Cadets are probably listening to Trump and Barr the terrible role models for all.

  16. Please people, stay home for Christmas. Let us put safety first.

  17. The CSMFSOB's want to give HALF of what Trump gave but the Dems wanted three times the amount from congress 3 trillion and give only $600 for one year but they give themselves a $40,000 a year for life raise. WHY < WHY < WHY< WHY????? They didn't do a G. Damn thing for the Past FOUR years and the first thing they do when they take control is give themselves a raise ! You have got to be insane not to be insanely Pissed off !

  18. 6000 a month waitressing?? No wonder they refuse to go get a job at mcdonalds or walmart…Plenty of jobs like doordash too!

  19. They don’t say anything about those who have had the virus needing or not needing the vaccine.

  20. Bar is seeing what happened many, many years ago, but he is not seeing all the rigging in this election right above his lips, what a goofe he didn't do anything for the people in America..what a disgraceful Attorney General..

  21. 120 Countries Lock Their Down Airports From UK Flights and The United States Lets Them In???!! WTH!

  22. Went do you report the news?????

  23. Why is the 'Once in 800 years' segment missing from the clips lineup?

  24. Wonder how long the cheating been going on … putting spy’s into our military….

  25. America is such a cruel country. Why won't they let Dr Fauci retire?
    He's about to turn 80 for heaven's sake!

  26. Profits. The death of humans. Not war. Not weather. Not disease. Profits.

  27. Of course it has mutated.
    The fear train was starting to lose steam.

  28. Indeed dear Lester-of-Holt, as you yourself are … celestially 'watching'
    Some of us upon thy nice self are appreciatively doing the same thing !!!

    Dear publisher-broadcaster-investigator-educator-informer-band-of-authors, dear MSNBC
    Much fireplace warmth, love, hugs, eggnog & brandy unto thee in this season of festivity.

  29. Thank you Barr you are doing the right thing may God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. If the motto states no tolerance for liars, cheaters and thieves and you get caught lying, cheating or stealing and you're still a cadet then the definition of no tolerance must be on a case-by-privilege case.

  31. Another news channel said it was "70"% or more ,so who's telling the TRUTH?????

  32. Wowwww waitress earns $6k a month?! What kind of restaurant is tht?🤣

  33. I wonder how many who have died didn't wear masks and how many who didn't wear masks killed their parents?

  34. take the vaccination, nothing to worry about….Biden Trump…covid is nothing to worry about, no more serious than the flu. My god.

  35. At 7:03, that woman that made $6000 a month waitressing should have no problem caring for her children now if she were properly taking care of her income before she lost her job. $6000 a month is a wealthy income! No pity for those Who flounder their money when they have it. I hope the tax people don’t watch this because I’m sure she is not going to claim 6000 a month. She just outed herself. Ha!

  36. I was not expecting to hear anything about Pan Am 103 aside from in historical documentaries… Actually, hearing anything new related to Pan Am in this day and age, is pretty astonishing. Rest in Peace 103 passengers.

  37. Would you expect any less from Lester? Keep that propigated fear mongering going and he make 6 figures a year to do it. Go to News Max.

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