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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 20th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years, 4 months in prison for lying to Congress, Democrats on the attack in Nevada as Bloomberg makes debate debut, and first coronavirus deaths among evacuees from cruise ship.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:16 Roger Stone Sentenced To 3 Years, 4 Months In Prison
3:32 Trump: Stone Has ‘Very Good Chance Of Exoneration’
4:50 Trump Names Political Ally Acting Intelligence Chief
5:17 Report: Russia Working To Get Trump Re-Elected
5:44 Bloomberg Comes Under Attack In Heated NBC News Debate
7:40 Sanders Sets Stage For Potential Convention Chaos
8:07 Democrats In Fight To The Finish In Nevada Caucuses
8:29 Plane Without Landing Gear Skids Runway In Flames
9:25 Winter Storm Threatens To Cause Travel Nightmares
10:36 First Coronavirus Deaths From Cruise Under Quarantine
11:26 Inside Biocontainment Unit Treating American Patients
11:42 Hundreds Of Americans Out Of Coronavirus Quarantine
12:17 Nine Killed In Far-Right Extremist Mass Shooting
13:53 Laser Strike On Police Plane, Arrest Caught On Camera
15:20 Hair Club For Men Founder Sy Sperling Dies At 78
16:05 Victoria’s Secret Sold In Deal Valued Over $1 Billion

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 20th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. MSNBC are liers. They should not be allowed to tell us anything.

  2. And why isnt james comey in jail.? Theres a big double standard going on in america.

  3. Yeah by slowing Sander's momentum you mean, steal the primary and election from him and the American people again!Look at all the original exit polls and vote counts of Texas, Massachusetts and all the north eastern states like Maine before they changed the exit polls number to "conform" to the vote counts! It's insane! 8-9% difference which 2% globally is understood to mean election fraud but where in the news are you talking about that NBC or CNN?? You are complacent and the 4th estate is slowly dying and wilting away because they no longer report the news! They report what the donor class says is ok and even with the corona virus showing us how right Bernie is on what our country needs to be a modern world leader, all our leaders are worried about their money and how they wont be able to swindle Americans anymore if Bernie wins!! VOTE BERNIE 2020!! Don't be swindled and taken for granted anymore! WE ARE AMERICA! ,

  4. Why don’t you say, I lie!?

  5. I feel like I just got infected through the phone after watching this video

  6. Watching the dems is like going to the funny farm, what a bunch of wackos.

  7. Please no Bernie hes another Obama again.. I was able to open back up my pet supply thanks to Mr. Trump tax help and got me back up after Obama shut me down. Now I can afford and my all family is working again and happy. My nephew was always on the street in trouble now hes working and bought a car I never seen him so happy. Love you Presidente Trump

  8. What is wrong with the American justice system I ask and what gets candidates elected namely Mr.Trump is it Russians or is it votes

  9. City:Hastings
    School: Longfellow Elementary

  10. Trump is spending way too much though and effort trying to defend this random joe Stone.

  11. That really sucks that one kid has cancer

  12. CORRUPT Donny BONESPURS. The trump SWAMP

  13. I can't watch this bias NBC. You don't have to be a genius to discern the bias. What ever happened to just reporting the news facts instead of editing and commenting opinions. I get it, the propaganda media thinks that Trump is Satan. But, again no facts to support such lunacy, just scripted editing and opinion by an elitist media and it's minions.

  14. Bloomberg was not a  humiliated loser as portrayed in the Media. He laid back deliberately and E. Warren took the bait. She showed herself as a shrill feminist, focusing on NDAs, a subject of little interest to almost all Americans.  Also, commenting on Bloomberg's lack of height ( 5' 7" and irrelevant) was a losing tactic when she has a lack of honesty,  a relevant characteristic.


  16. Get females out of politics.
    The more get in,the shittier things get.

  17. Rodger Stone just happy to be able to wear his outfits


  19. Medicare for all it is not helping Americans, like sanders and Elizabeth Warren

  20. It only took 21 seconds for you to misrepresent the facts. Barr didn't "intervene" in the case, he doesn't have that power. Only the Judge decides sentencing. Prosecutors pulled a publicity stunt where they recommended an unusually harsh sentence, after telling the DoJ they were recommending less, then retired and pretended it was an "outrage". The facts you report represent a bubble reality, as if we aren't able to compare your reporting to other sources, to spot how you manipulate narratives through omission, obfuscation, and outright lying. Stone's case was a malicious prosecution, everyone with a brain in your audience knows it, and they know you're facilitating illegality and abuse by our government against citizens. None of the last 4 years of crimes by the Intelligence community could have been pulled off without media cohorts like your network.

  21. Bloomberg and Trump are close friends lol..it's a 🐎 and pony show. .it's theatre for the braindead masses.

  22. ARNOLD HOPLAND::: Y-O-U Are SSooo RIGHT=== I said That DAYS Ago….

  23. It will be the end of the democratic party if the clear winner entering the convention is denied the win.

  24. The problem isn't lingerie companies, the problem is overweight and obesity amongst America women. Women face being overweight and obese, more so than men, and are losing faith in their ability to lose weight. Some are even trying to make being overweight culturally acceptable, with some saying that, "fat is beautiful", and that a woman shouldn't be ashamed of being overweighted. I live in Detroit, which has one of the largest populations of overweight women in America, and when I see an overweighted woman, and consider some of the life-threatening medical disorders she might incur, I find nothing beautiful about it. My middle sister has been obese for more than 20 years, and had a heart attack 10 years ago, at the age of 34, and is now diabetic; My baby sister weighs over 300 lb, and has to use electrical buggys when she goes shopping; and my cousin died from obesity in her thirties. These are three reasons why I opposed being overweight, and/or, obese. MEN INCLUDED.

  25. why encourage exercise when you can just make clothes for fat people

  26. When did billionaire become an insult?

  27. Rick Grinnell offers opportunities to his enemies on a grand scale. This is unclear to most now because his reputation consists only of being one of the parties who relish getting under our #OrangeFascist President's big oak desk in the Oval Office in order to do their daily work. Rick is always in line with #MoscowMitch , #BottomBoyLindsay , #BrearBarr , and others waiting at the President's door to be used.

  28. Other people lie too… you too

  29. Trumps falsies nearly fell out there.

  30. Lester your eyes it’s got the coronavirus.

  31. Bloomberg: Vote for me so I can make America the playground for rich Morlocks the same way I ruined NYC.

    Sandberg: I’m anti-everything, including my own party, and whatever you think I stand for.

    Warren: I’m a woman.

    Biden: I have a gym membership and every third word out of my mouth is ‘Obama.’

    Take out the above clowns and you have an honest race for President.

  32. Inez Qtaish say" GOD don't do wrong, GOD don't make mistakes, GOD love Inez Qtaish, GOD blesses people who speaks TRUTH, inez Qtaish can not stand liers, nothing good comes to liers all failures , Na

  33. Inez Qtaish love God no matter what

  34. of course, Russia want Sanders to be a president–it will ruin USA, they rid of their socialism, because it did not work as intended

  35. I'm still voting Bloomberg, and not for you you horse faced woman..

  36. Trump needs to stop.. God why are Americans so stupid to vote for him.. STOP already!

  37. 🌟2️⃣🎟0️⃣🎫TRUMP🎫2️⃣🎟0️⃣🌟

  38. the Dems are looking really rough, struggling. Bernie is the strongest.

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