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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 24th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Tiger Woods in stable condition after serious car crash, new data on Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and Ghana receives first Covid vaccine doses through COVAX.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:12 Tiger Woods ‘Recovering’ From Surgery After Crash
02:42 Tiger Woods Had Rod Placed In Shattered Leg
02:58 Authorities Say Tiger Woods Likely Saved By Seat Belt
03:44 Tiger Woods Suv Crash Leaves Fans Stunned
04:23 Tiger Woods Not Expected To Face Charges In Crash
04:50 Tiger Woods Faces Long Road To Recovery After Crash
05:27 Can Tiger Woods Make A Comeback After Accident?
06:20 Johnson & Johnson: One-Shot Vaccine Safe & Effective
07:45 California Covid Variant Raising New Concerns
07:55 Moderna Upgrades Vaccine Against South Africa Strain
08:09 Biden Administration To Deliver 25 Million Masks
08:29 Historic First Delivery Of Doses From COVAX Program
10:12 Major Setback For Key Biden Cabinet Nominee
11:10 New Details On Rioter Accused Of Stealing Pelosi Laptop
12:49 Texans Desperate For Relief Over A Week After Storm
13:44 Texas Power Grid Was Minutes From Total Collapse
14:33 Texas Town Still In Turmoil Years After Racist Video
17:26 Credit Report Mistakes On The Rise During Pandemic

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 24th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The News is not news anymore it's just plain gossip and BS!

  2. If a normal person wreck like tiger wood they would've cut the leg off with an axe.. duct tape it then push you right outside

  3. We need to focus on getting people life’s back together and let tiger do what he needs to do. We need our injuries to heal as well

  4. Yup sounds right, all of Trump supporters are racist and bigots!!! And they believe what ever Trump says with out any facts… stupid racist scum

  5. I was hit by a truck and had open fractures in both sets of tib/fib and left femur…trust me, if he's half as bad as my wreck was, his career is over. Having nails in your bones makes life a whole lot more difficult.

  6. Americans' are so self-righteous…. The country didn't even participate in COVAX.

  7. This is the adult version of the news that does not criticize differing political views. Thanks for taking the high road.

  8. Pfft! Tiger Woods? AGAIN? 500,000 dead Americans to Covid… and we’re supposed to care about the ongoing stupidity of a golfer?

  9. I find virus map but pick out some pin from my phone I will check in my media

  10. The sincere snowboarding hemperly decide because mandolin moberly sail beneath a jaded streetcar. good, chief insect

  11. nobody cares about tiger woods driving off the road. good grief. news please!

  12. Covid still rampant, half-million dead, vaccine roll-out problems, natural disasters, human suffering, economic spiraling, etc…But First, we'd like to bring you a 6 minute expos'e about Tiger Woods car crash for the 2nd night in a row. 🙄

  13. Johnson & Johnson had cancer cases so why are they trusted

  14. I've noticed a lot of comments about Tiger Woods, however, I'm more considered about a 4th strand of COVID-19 found in Cal. Is anyone with me about how worrying that is????

  15. The records will show he was using a smartphone shortly before the crash, which will never be released. He won’t be charged with anything, he’s very wealthy..

  16. that is treason and she should be charged with it

  17. Wow, kids saying the 'N' word is news? Black kids say the 'n' word all the time, NBC, how crap are you at journalism?

  18. A nightly news cast that has just 21 minutes spending over 5 minutes on one athlete, because he drove badly & had a terrible accident, is just silly and out of touch with reality. Okay, he was a good leisure sporting entertainer. But does that rise to the level of national importance needing about 1/4 of a nightly news prime broadcast time? These news networks programming are really no better than "Entertainment Tonight," "Jeopardy," "Wheel of Fortune," "Fox and Friends," etc.

  19. I didn't know Tiger Woods double's as a stunt driver!!

  20. Please, please, talk to me for 20 minutes about Trump… anything… but not more about Tiger Woods!

  21. NBC News is reporting on a Junior High CHILD saying a WORD? What? I'm much more concerned that the intolerant have become the enemy

  22. They started a CIVIL WAR to protect their right to keep slaves.. WTF do you think they want "their story" to be? They'd rather have the slaves back.

    Texans are Republicans and Republicans are Tyrants. Go check SCOTUS decisions.. It is the conservative justices watering down our constitutional rights. And their latest gem, the right to remain silent CAN now be held against you. So if you talk to a cop, anything you say can be held against you, and if you refuse to talk, that can also be held against you. Under the conservative supreme court, YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to avoid incriminating yourself, can now be used against you to incriminate you. LOL

    You want tyranny, vote republican.

  23. Call south lake raciests south lake wigers and make them an example treat them like there a black person being treated badly show them what it's like. Teach them right from wrong tell them there great great grandmother was half black that they have Irish English polish backround s what difference does it make we're all a hodgepodge here….just like the Mexicans there people in distress they need help!! As long as they become proud Americans why does it matter if Mexico became a part of the u.s. we could control the drug problems as a whole country become stronger with need blood and ideas and dream seekers who truly believe in America. Us Americans need s boost were so disappointed in our country maybe seeing it thru new eyes will open ours again to the love and pride we used to have for America….we're all from different backgrounds different countries our unity with Mexico will make us stronger. We need to love all have faith in God!!

  24. one would think a professional golfer would be a good driver…too early?

  25. Did 25% of this broadcast REALLY have to focus on Tiger Woods? I know celeb news gets views, but this segment should’ve been a minute tops.

  26. All that time on Tiger Woods, cmon!

  27. Uber was invented for people like Woods.

  28. So sad that the Budget director under Biden administration is facing such a difficulties and Jeff Sessions a racist person got the support of the GOP including the Senator from West Virginia

  29. Texas in peril that should have led the news

  30. pathetic woods? who cares

  31. Texas you got shafted I hope all your citizens wake up after this

  32. The Pfizer vaccine makes that certain part of the Male bigger.

  33. Wow, I’ve been down that hill and it’s treacherous driving at normal speed.

  34. They made a big deal of Tiger Woods accident like it is the biggest news in the world.
    Modern day propaganda.

  35. The harmonious box arespectively ruin because belief molecularly tease regarding a resonant ear. ugly, funny glove

  36. Prayers for him thank you Lester holt for your nightly news 📰 keep up the great work

  37. OMG, enough about Tiger! He crashed a car & broke his leg. Princess Di's horrific crash didn't get this much airtime.

  38. I have sent this letter to every State Senator, former President and President and Vice President of the United States.
    Title 19-A Domestic Relations
    Part 3 parents and children
    Chapter 55
    Rights and Responsibilities
    Best Interest of Children
    [ PL 1995.c 694, Pt. B 2(New): PL 1995. c. 694, Pt. E 2 (AFF).]

    Families have been separated and faced many challenges within Department of Health and Human Services. NOT only did the pandemic interfere and prolong care and services. Visitations and Court dates were immediately stopped for periods of long durations. EVEN, Last year’s 2019 Government shutdown deeply impacted FAMILIES and CHILDRENS. Therefore, We the people ask Every State to Immediately Amend this Bill that allows foster parents easy accessibility to forced adoption because of DURATION of time Children are in foster placement. This outcry and severance amongst FAMILIES,
    Their innocence is being stolen.
    This is NOT CHILDRENS BEST INTEREST being separated from their biological families.
    Families did not ask for this prolonged duration of separation and should NOT HAVE TO SUFFER THE LOSE OF THEIR CHILDREN because of such Bill that profits to gain children while Families are forced Permanently apart!
    Please Amend this Bill Immediately and Reunify FAMILIES FOREVER!

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