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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Chief Justice and Senators sworn in on Capitol Hill for Trump impeachment trial, Massachusetts kidnapping suspect appears before judge in court, and woman dies after leaving ER for urgent care after waiting hours for treatment.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:33 Trump’s Impeachment Trial Begins As Senators Sworn In
4:05 Watchdog: Trump Admin Broke Law By Withholding Ukraine Aid
5:25 Giuliani Associate: Trump, Pence & Barr Knew Of Ukraine Scheme
6:49 Chief Justice John Roberts Presides Over Impeachment Trial
8:39 FBI Arrests Suspected White Supremacists Ahead Of Gun Rally
10:18 Massive Winter Storm Barrelling From Coast To Coast
11:04 Warren To Sanders On Hot Mic: ‘I Think You Called Me A Liar’
12:45 New York Mets Manager Carlos Beltran Out Amid Cheating Scandal
14:19 Kidnapped 11-Year-Old Rescued After Driver Spots Suspect
15:35 Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Apparent Engine Fire
16:04 25-Year-Old Dies After Waiting Hours At Emergency Room
18:00 NBCuniversal Unveils New Peacock Streaming Service

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So hospitals are racist against young black women?? What a pathetic statement from that racist

  2. Question: This “great economy” the trump is so proud of, who benefits? I see higher costs for everything and lesser income. So, where is the great? So many people, not just coal miners and farmers, do not get paid “great”. Is it the elite that get all this “great”? Can anyone give a list of all the great?

  3. They have a none credible puppet!

  4. Warren is a cheap backstabber after Sanders encouraged her to run. Sanders record is clear and consistent. Warren on the other hand is just Hillery lite.

  5. Again, why doesn't any one see this.. The aid was sent before, let me say this again, before the aid was due…. so ??????? Its a bunch of BS and that guy, is a liar.

  6. What's that little girl doing walking alone anyway? Seriously, something wrong with her parents.

  7. For over a hundred years the majority ruling by the US Supreme Court says that the government cannot use a testimony of a criminal because the said criminal do have a direct financial interest to "lie"/give falsehood testimony in exchange for the government to later on do a "favor" for the criminal by reducing the criminal charges, or sentance or to serve probation instead of going to priso or jail or just drop the criminal charges all together.
    Now, I understand why the Democrats prior continuing on ignoring the law by continuing on trying to illegally and unconstitutionally use "hearsay" testimony of witnesses in order to convict President Trump …the Democrats only "direct" witness is the said "secret" witness, a inadmissible criminal witneses as their solely only "direct" witness to the incredibly"week" case-in-chief, that even the word, no case at all, is really what these circuses for the past 3 years in the House is really is all it is, described as, "a BIG waste if tax-payers money by the Democratic House instead of doing their job in making "LAW", not totally disrespect and violate the law of the land while in office!
    The House Speaker, Nancy, performance is absolutely borderlinging with Bipolor.
    That is what's wrong with her!
    I Remain,
    19JAN20; 11:04 H.H.

  8. The NBC NIGHTLY NEWS is falsely tailoring the issue because another network on Utube shows the recorded video at a prior Debate(2016 I Think) of Bernie Sanders stating just that, of what she told Bernie today on stage at the end of this Debate.

  9. What the heck is al roker is wearing…. you missed Halloween not a good look on you al


  11. What about all the Russian Nationals he bring to have children in the United State to Florida,so they have dual citizenship upon birth

  12. And yet Obama did nothing for Ukraine! MRE's and blankets! At least Pres Trump gave them weapons and cash!

  13. I liked Warren before I sew this news ,more I watched news I think Warren is lying n acting badly dramatic! Even he said that years ago ,he thinks differently now or he did mistakenly say something but,people change. And Bernie trying to be nice to her but, she’s acting so mad 😡 I wish she’s acting differently. The more she’s angry makes me think , maybe she’s lying 🤥

  14. True American ER is the worst they should redefine the meaning to L S meaning late service they are horrible you wait for hours before they attend to you and then charge you a hold bunch of money for things you didn't even need such as there crappy gown even a bottle water kmt.

  15. If you love Trump or hate him he has brought the nation out of the nineteen forties type recovery into the twenty  first century. Those born after Pearl Harbor won't understand this.

  16. Cute about the quadruplets!

  17. 1969 – woodstock peace and love…. 1/2 a mill….. my generation!!!

  18. Trump wanted corruption period investigated. Quid Pro Joe just so happens to be part of that but being he's a democRat so it's ok. It's beginning to look like being corrupt is a prerequisite for running as one.

  19. Hey there, Jennifer Palmieri – As I recall, Americans did NOT want Donald Trump. Stop promulgating that lie and go back and look at the election results. The majority of voters did NOT elect Trump.

  20. OMG! O! M! G! This is BIG! No, it's BIGGER than big!! What are we going to do??????!!!!! This can't be happening!
    Tens of millions of people!! 64 million people!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Wait…what? They're under a what? A winter weather alert? In January? Welcome to news reporting in 2020 America. Idiots.

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