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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 23rd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Vaccine supply issues leave officials and residents frustrated, Biden to mayors: “Things are going to get worse,” and health officials say highly contagious Covid variant may be more deadly.Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 23rd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. We would have vaccines if we didn't throw them away , fighting for them ! Ppffft ! Gov. Cuomo not for his people ! 🙄🤥

  2. Nixon was impeached by signing his resignation further formal action was rendered unnecessary.Trump’s term is over he is out of office,Trump is no longer President.This should render this impeachment unnecessary.Once out of office the charges against Nixon ended .Trump is out of office this impeachment should no longer be valid.

  3. Should not have let anyone in in the first place.

  4. Trump can't get a lawyer. That is why there is a wait until febuary 8th. Man he has a lot of legal problems. Trump belongs in jail. Putting currupt capitalisum above the lives of the American people.

  5. Check out isaac kappy videos on YouTube and bitchute, he exposed all of the elite and Hollywood pedophiles that all have connections to epstein, maxwell, biden, the obamas, bill gates, and 100+ more

  6. People need to watch the news for vaccine roll out.

  7. It's not surprising our government botched the launching of this vaccine. Won't be the last time.

  8. Those people inside the airplane that they did not comply throw them away while plane is on the air!

  9. "Will that be part of his coming impeachment trial?" Gosh, I dunno…maybe read the SINGLE article of impeachment to find out?

  10. There needs to be election integrity. Nothing strange about voting machines connected to the internet and accessed over seas, 68% error rates in voting machines, shredding absentee ballots, blocking poll watchers, pulling ballots out from under a table because of a water pipe that may or may not have broken some time between 10 pm and 10 am (depends on the day and who you're talking to), accepting money from Mark Zuckerberg and then breaking voting laws to appease what Mark Zuckerberg said, lack of chain of custody sheets, counties in Georgia that had four counts and obtained for different results, not verifying absentee ballot signatures, 72% of voting precincts in Michigan where the number of absentee ballots cast didn't match the poll books, and people ignoring subpoenas. Arizona has been fighting to do an audit for a month even though they have a subpoena. But none of that matters right? It doesn't matter how many fraudulent ballots are cast or how many laws are broken because orange man bad.

  11. The Trump administration declined Pfizer’s offer to provide the U.S. government with additional coronavirus vaccine doses in the second quarter of 2021

  12. Low IQ democrats are keeping Trump in the news. This will backfire on them.

  13. Bomb that area that started the sickness

  14. I'm over 65 and will not be getting the vaccine. I will be taking normal precautions but the vaccine is not tested very well. Anyone that wants mine can have it.

  15. Shallow and suspicious coverage of Wuhan

  16. snowball fights looks like fun. not gonna lie


  18. So now that biden is President it is fair to say that he is responsible for every death from covid 19 which would make him a murderer his first day in office.

  19. Karma 🇺🇸 USA 🤣😂🤣😂🤣The Most Power Flu Nation on earth 🌍

  20. Sad… just was hoping for my vaccination. Just wanted to get back to work and have a normal liife..

  21. on 1/31/2020 Fauci said that masks improperly used by non medical trained personnel can be a COVID-19 growth media, and that everyone just needs to social distance, and wash their hands…….while he was wearing a mask. Americans have been lied to so much, we don't believe anything anymore.

  22. Congratulations to the lottery winner🥳🎊🥳🎊

  23. If you are able to get the vaccine, do it. We need as many people's bodies learning to fight this virus as possible.

  24. Sorry. Your liberty ends where mine begins. You don’t have a right to pollute my airplane air with disgusting covid germs and infect me. I have a right to breathe reasonably infection free air. Especially since I’m doing my part not to infect your air with my potential disease.

  25. Our Lord Jesus Christ, light of the world. Shine brightly and bring many more to faith in you. Amen 🙏!!!

  26. It's the Trump Family Curse!
    Everyone please stay healthy and safe. Best wishes to all.

  27. The swanky colony unsurprisingly listen because message electronically remember off a wild ornament. superficial, optimal sense

  28. It's the Trump Family Curse!
    Everyone please stay healthy and safe. Best wishes to all.

  29. I want the USA to stop sucking.

  30. Shambling Joe is the archetype of white privilege.

  31. Use vacinated people's blood has vaccin

  32. Nobody actually needs a billion dollars! Imagine having 10 million hundred dollar bills… that’s ridiculous! Also, it must be a little weird for that person to know how each dollar they won came from someone else’s loss. I hope they do something positive with their winnings to give back to their community instead of just buying lots of 💩 they really don’t need.

  33. Its running out cause its no good and they realize its killing people

  34. Amazing how no one cares that Canadians came to the United states got a vaccine and left….just brilliant and selfish

  35. No vaccine no stimulus so says the dictator in charge Joe Biden doesn't that make you feel happy you voted for him, another tentacle of his control over us maybe he thinks he's the Beast of Revelations pretty soon you'll make it to where we have to have the chip! Said how America has become nothing more than a cesspool a provision and stupidity,

  36. Trump has screwed up EVERYTHING all around! What a puppet show and ventriloquist act Satan pulled off using that dummy!.

  37. Biden is doing this to bring in the new world order

  38. My immune system should remember!! my immune system has Alzheimer's!!!

  39. The taboo continent importantly heat because december holly alert modulo a scientific millennium. wide-eyed, dramatic goldfish

  40. Countries should copy what Wuhan did to contain the virus.

  41. Please Americans, "supply and demand" is an economic formula, it is not magic! This whole logic-perspective around economic theory will not help us to get through this cogently. The virus does not have the supply and demand theory promoting its behavior. Once you start to think like this very primitive life form, you will understand how and why there isn't enough vaccine at this precise time. Please, I beg each and everyone to not panic or get even more distressed. We will conquer this as we have done before but that effort requires patience. You are not being oppressed by the "lack of supply". You are being oppressed by the demands of the new normal.

  42. The fall of Dictator Trump marks the impending dismantling of other dictators. Putin, Ji and Kim the next to topple.

  43. Boris Johnson helped my crops last year when he scared away all the birds.

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