NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus cases continue surging across southern U.S. as death toll nears 140,000, Ginsberg receiving treatment for cancer recurrence, and 100-year-old veteran Captain Tom Moore knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:27 U.S. Shatters Daily Record With Over 77,000 New Cases
02:16 W.H Task Force Report Identifies 18 In “Red Zone”
02:59 New Closures & Curfews In Florida As Cases Surge
03:18 Texas Breaks Its Single_Day Death Toll Record
03:38 Massive Lines For Covid Tesiting In Arizona
03:59 New York Volunteers Helping Across The Country
04:24 Georgia Governor Sues Atlanta Mayor Over Mask Mandate
06:12 Home Depot Joins List Of Retailers Requiring Masks
06:33 Chicago Proposes ‘Hybrid Learning’ For Schools
07:32 California Orders Most Schools To Remain Closed
07:56 Fauci: ‘Profound’ Impact Of Keeping Kids Out Of School
08:43 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reveals Cancer Has Returned
10:42 Pentagon Effectively Bans Confederate Flag
12:26 Sexual Harassment Claims Against Washington’s NFL Team
15:01 Supreme Court Deals Blow To Felon Voting Rights
17:43 Civil Rights Leader C.T. Vivian Dies At 95
18:15 Wwii Veteran Who Raised $40 Million Knighted By Queen

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  8. 4:08 Shouldn't she have her mask high enough to cover her nose as well?
    8:28 May she find out about The Truth About Cancer.

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  11. I'm so sick and tired of the old
    I can do it but you can't
    type of mindset

  12. 8:00 – They should have aired the complete statement. Dr Fauci went on to say that he does not recommend school openings at this time, unless the original CDC guidelines are strictly adhered to, and in no way should schools be opening in areas where the virus is spiking. Shame on your 'convenient' editing NBC!

  13. Won't be watching coronavirus briefing
    if Dr. Fauci isn't present to speak !!

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  15. Hey please look at history! There is no way to get better if you don't know what is wrong? Just saying that it in not true that the people don't care for each other they do! I do! But you have to live it to know it and any difference in equality is not right! We are together when we listen and react in kindness, understanding, caring and sharing no matter the differences we are one togethere♥️🇺🇸

  16. Cases. The only "battle" that is being lost is people not recognizing the MSM belief-baiting by magnifying "cases" and letting you and I jump to the conclusion of "deaths" … which is not AT ALL what is happening. Death rates are low and dropping the longer this goes on. That's why MSM keeps pumping on "cases, cases, cases." They NEED to keep up the FEAR. Folks these propaganda techniques have been in use for centuries by bullying despots. We should be more discerning now?

  17. Every republican that has held back the help for COVID and kept opening and making this worse need to all be jailed for life. They are plague helpers keeping COVID around MONTHS after it should have been gone, just like everywhere else in the world. Republicans are stupid and costing lives and they should lose theirs in response. I feel so bad for RBG that she cannot leave the supreme court because the russian stooge republicans will put another fascist "judge" in place. We need a democrat in office so we can purge the fascists and get the courts back to the people.

  18. No thumbs down or up, just facts. The virus isn't the problem, people's histrionic reactions is.

  19. Concentrate on not buying into the fear. Like, if you're so concerned about "social gathering s", why are you lining up, in droves, to be tested? You could "get" the virus from going to get tested!
    What I'm saying, is that the mask isn't the answer to the problem. It's the fear, that is ramping up infected

  20. Why is it that he sounds so happy when he's announcing that they're hitting record numbers of people sick

  21. As if America wasn't the laughing stock of the world already, the butt of all jokes, now you have governor's suing mayors over sensible mask requirements? If you're looking for an example of an axis of evil, it's right there.

  22. Hybrid learning is dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb in my best jazmine sullivan voice

  23. Ummm I don't dine maam there's a virus out there duh

  24. When I saw the Queen with the sword, I worried that she might accidentally, slice the old man's throat. I mean, isnt she too old to be given a sword? 🙂

  25. Why people thinks business is more important than people lives

  26. That governor can't build a wall around his place and stay in it.

  27. "Georgians don't need a mandate to do the right thing." Um… Yes. Yes they obviously do.

  28. Now Cor.Virus is out control so Trump should make ,edict a mee Enforcement Law…so Americana should live like in the Movie Demolition man wehre the Lovers do Virtual Love….Singles Gibers is right working until losing mental Health …but,how manv People are unemployed because they are Not fit Physical…still having an alertedmind…i am one of them…30 years Outsider?

  29. I say this year don't vote for anyone if there is no one worthy every president for the past years are crazier and shadier then the one before they say what you want to hear and when voted in they have a different agenda obviously they use every a tragedy like George Floyd and turn it into politics for there benefit and use it to win vote's when they never stood for racism before it's just an opportunity for them to win power as president and I can tell you this they don't care for black or brown and I dread to think what comes after Trump when he leaves the white house you think America is in bad shape it's about to get worse they have Americans thinking that it is important to vote but it's getting to the point where it's dangerous to vote the next liar so America don't settle if there's not good offer on the table don't take it leave it alone until someone good comes along the no matter how long it takes and don't vote according to someone's skin color or someone's wealth because rich people are the stupidest just because there good with money and there carrier choices have been good for them it does not mean it's good for America look for someone who has been on both sides of the war and who isn't someone's culture and wealth and who gives more opportunities to the poor and the single mother's and the orphans and the grieving widows and the grandparents who have bear the burden of raising there grandchildren because there son's or daughters don't care anymore for there own kids .