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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 29th, 2021

Growing debate over booster shot, workplaces change plans for return to office, and FAA recruiting gamers for next generation of air traffic controllers. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:11 Covid Booster Shots
06:03 Back To Work Debate
08:12 Unvaccinated Health Care Workers
10:41 FAA Recruiting Gamers

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  1. $100 lol this is 2021 more like $10,000 and I'll get the 💩

  2. The science or greedy ceo there a difference
    Lies and more lies has been told cause of greed .not my opinion look through history

  3. $100 to get poisoned NO I PASS. $100 will not cover long term effect.

  4. These are stupid nurses. Why don't you interview doctors?

  5. It's simple I'm scared of it that's the problem it's only being a year and a few months about this vaccine okay I know science is science but come on now I know a lot of people that got in it and I I want it I want it so bad just protect my daughter but my daughter's special needs and she has to get it I don't even know if she really has to get it she did have the virus God bless her and it wasn't so bad but I can't take the chance so you want the answer I'm scared and I'm pretty sure everybody else is because I don't want to die so here's my story have a blessed day stay safe

  6. How did these nurses get their degrees? They are so unfamiliar

    with experimental designs, statistical analyses, double-blind tests;

    the mRNA vaccines were 50 years in the making, the virus-vector

    vaccines are tried and tested, they should keep up with the latest

    science publications.

  7. Is it me or your guy too guy Bi eyes look very black

  8. So you saying take off Mass do you hear does anybody hear that you take off Mass whether you have the shot or not the shot okay this is been a year and a few months that we know about this vaccine I don't know nothing about it all I know is that it does something to you okay like I keep saying I cannot deal with it I cannot stand it and then American I don't want to say what I want to say but somebody else to do with this it's not going away anytime soon okay you here still people okay it might have went down but it's still there so guys stay safe guys God bless everybody God bless

  9. And also the people that work God bless them but they don't do their job right and I'm sorry they don't pick up the phone or because of this virus everything changed the whole world change you got sued and killing people it's just iranic I know every year we seem to have a flu shot this shot but this one I don't even know what to say anymore but that money because people are still suffering and I'm talking about mothers that has no husbands and they have five kids dad that take care of their kids too so you can't forget about that I don't know what else to say but I'm in my own little world that I can't even get out of it because of this virus God bless you

  10. @Muslim Folks in Morocco:Believe me you have to leave this country.this is a satanic land.

  11. Ellen:the Jinn in Morocco have a cell phone!!!

  12. I mean come on people even you morons that believe what NBC tells you..the babbling speak and say supposedly running our country thinks he's a truck driver.. this is do you ID people with ID like for voting?… can't fix stupid

  13. Lying sacs of Sh.t payback will be barbaric the mob is coming everyone lying on TV

  14. Why do you have to be relatively young to be an air traffic controller? They just threw in that "under 31 – 56" requirement without explaining it. Seems like the story was missing some information, there. Also, they didn't say what the average salary or training requirements were. If you're going to do a story on massive recruitment efforts in a particular field, then maybe provide a few more details!

  15. "You can have your opinion but these are facts"
    "Are they though?"
    …I'm sorry did the definition of facts suddenly change?

  16. INTEGRITY- ?
    What Satan has planned for our harm
    Integrity will transform to good.
    Adhering to morals gives us peace
    Teaching us to respond, as we should.

    Sometimes we must go against the flow
    Questioning what our shepherd’s may say.
    For they are not God, only human
    And for their integrity, we pray.

    Though faith we can stay undiminished
    Keeping ourselves entire and whole.
    Avoiding human hate and mistrust
    While struggling to preserve our soul.

    With honor we obtain uprightness
    And by love and compliance we gain grace.
    Integrity gives us proper goals
    Improving the standard of our race.

    Those who laugh at the straight and narrow
    Will not hear God's answer to their cry.
    Those who yearn to earn their integrity
    Must not steal, persecute or lie.

    By Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet YouTube
    Google = Love War And More

  17. This is America and we are Americans. Try as hard as they like, Republicans will never replace us.

  18. The "flamenguists" from Uol and the Globo group have been criticizing the Americans here in Brazil, recently, they spoke about why the Americans do not accept the IOC count, assuming that you want to be the best in the world, whatever the cost, even on the basis of force. I believe that these journalists should be more concerned with Brazil, and not with another country, because here "malandragem" reigns in this corner of the world, not to mention that there is no JUSTICE in Brazil, except for those who have money.

  19. Well with the $100 they are getting close now if they offer $100,000 and i'll get the shot.

  20. They just want to make that money back

  21. Take your vaccines to the border

  22. Refusing to hire people older than 31 even if they're fully qualified is clear age discrimination and could be debated in court.

  23. Holy crap, those 4 health care workers explained so well. Facts? Are they? Perfectly said.

  24. Who woke him up? Put him back to bed.

  25. How is paying someone to become vaccinated fair to those who did the right thing earlier this year😠?

  26. So you can get covid with the vaccine? And you still can spread covid with the vaccine and you ? 🤔

  27. Listening to the “arguments” of the people who don’t want a vaccine makes me want to throw up.

  28. Ellen:They will continue with their fantasy,i will make them crazy and they will start to turn around the world asking for money like a beggars

  29. $100?? Uuh…nah I'm all set. $2000 stimulus check n I'll get your shot.

  30. Yellow journalism lies…

  31. Never met a nurse who didn't think they knew more about medicine than they were trained for. If you hear any nurse giving medical advice, report them to the AMA , they are getting people killed!

  32. Hey Lester I just wanted to say that your forehead looks great today.

  33. *To inform the servant:
    She is taking picturs all around the house and the places where i seat to send it to the sorcerers etc.
    I do this in order that they know that i have the information of everything thanks to God Almighty.

  34. Health Care workers that don’t get vaccinated don’t deserve a job or unemployedment. They know better!

  35. Facility Classified Is Operational now located at REDACTED

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