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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus cases surge in multiple states, CDC releases guidelines for reducing COVID-19 risk in daily life, and President Trump plans to issue an executive order on police reform.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:32 14 States Report Alarming Surge In Covid-19 Cases
05:17 CDC Releases New Guidelines For Return To Daily Life
06:00 No CDC Or Task Force Briefings On Camera In Weeks
07:07 W.H.O.: 36 Percent Jump In Daily U.S Cases From June 6-9
07:33 Trump: Chokeholds Should ‘Generally’ Be ‘Ended’
08:19 Trump’s New Messages To Protesters And Police
09:22 Trump Says Abraham Lincoln’s Legacy ‘Questionable’
10:20 Trump Responds To Top General’s Photo-Op Apology
10:58 Trump To speak At West Point Graduation Tomorrow
12:23 Wall Street Rebounds After Biggest Plunge In Months
12:51 Seattle In Standoff With Protesters Occupying Blocks
14:50 ‘Breonna’s Law’ Bans ‘No-Knock’ Warrants In Louisville
17:11 Pride Month Returns To Its Protest Roots

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  4. what factors! FAKE NEWS still fear mongering come on! WATCH how it will be over on NOVEMBER 4TH after election!

  5. #R= release #E every #D demorat in office.. fake polls as usual like the ones you used with Hilly Gal and look how that turned out! #Chess Master #TRUMP 2Q2Q #GETTING UNDER YOUR SKIN IS HIS TRAIT WE LOVE!

  6. Covid19 comes from Preparest a place from Hollywood ‘of’ the yellow submarine portal to the star.

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    Poop smokers from pollution and gamma radiation cell towers. The 3 soil stranglehold telling the universe yes, yes, yes.

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  7. I am not even American but l an see this is a Trump hating channel. Shame on you by not supporting your president. Obama got away with everything.

  8. Uh-oh, it looks like they forgot about “Social Distancing,” in the last story about the UPS driver….and where’s everyone’s MASK? Maybe the coronavirus stays away from them, just like the BLM protests!😏
    Boy, we’re living in a crazy, backwards, upside down world!

  9. I miss the days when the Media gave us the news WITHOUT their spin and narrative!

  10. Notice how the media was highlighting the rise in DEATHS before, and now they are highlighting the rise in CASES! Sneaky narrative….almost as sneaky as this virus staying away from the BLM protestors and waiting for the Trump rallies….

  11. Jesus who is the dead person in the thumbnail. why are all of our decision makers over 80

  12. Thank you mr. Paul I hope your piece of legislation pass. Nice work

  13. This is a Plandemic !!! Only the people behind this virus can answer the questions..Depopulation is on the go!

  14. All the rioters and protesters helped spread the virus. Thanks dumbasses!

  15. That's because Texas checks your temperature at the border before you come in

  16. Will any news agency poll, ananamously, cadets, and soldiers on their opinions on donald's leadership?

  17. Experts have gotten so much wrong!

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  19. If police protesters take on multiple blocks in New York City I recommend everyone to watch a movie called Escape From New York. I"m old enough to have memory of it.

  20. Hahaha dont make me laugh, who believe these media, hahaha. Covid19, hahaha, and you didnt say anything when Antifa went to the street pretending be a Black Live Matter group and destroying many businesses? I am crazy to go shopping and buy what i want.

  21. There was no need for her to be killed at all. Too much fear and ppl acting upon it. Come on. Theyve been making bad entries into ppls homes for a while now. Do they ever get in trouble for doing it wrong. God. They're just allowed to go into a house and screw that up badly. Yah they need to get in trouble. U put them out there with pay. Man. Screw u company in paying them. No work no pay man. Knock it off in paying them for nothing. That's where all r moneys going. To u cops that dont deserve it. God. U don't deserve that if yr not doing yr job. Like yr getting a gift for being bad. Wtf man.

  22. How is a joke hole so innocent. Trump what r u saying man. Innocent. Wow I heard that. Nothing u do is innocent. Discrace. Boy he uses that word a lot. A discrace. Too much a habbit word. I see nothing being said that he cares about anything. Anything. Hes just talking. I see nothing said important. I don't. Pls start saying things that r important. Say all that. No opinions. U ran from the millitary trump. More than twice. I dont think u shld talk crap nothing about the millitary. U r one immature man. I tell yah. Hes done a lot of failures of his position. He got impeached. Cant u tell why. God. I'm not proud of the man. I wish I was. I'm more proud of obama and I'm not on his side either. He cant be honest about where he comes from. So that's that. So. Obama has an awesome attitude. Trumps is gone. I wish hed smile and do things ry. Nope, that's not him. No it's not. Anyways.

  23. Its whatever works for the news..

  24. Love how you barely heard a word about covid19 and the thousands protesting and looting..

  25. Contribution to the protesters…

  26. They need to close the us lock down again in us

  27. Those who attend the GOP Convention, please #quarantine and self #isolate at Mari Lago before you come back to Tennessee! The Wimpy #SurgeonGeneral has aligned with the GOP #Spinsters & #Liars on the State of the USA’s health. Lies they tell. . . We are not going in the right direction. Droplets will be raining down upon #ForeverTrumpers as if they were in a a greenhouse, their combined moisture mixing & circulating through a ventilation system. These #hydrochloriquine / #bleach / #lysol #Foolaid drinking #Animals & #Thugs will be risking all at an inside venue . . . solely to stoke the political fires 🔥 which Make #AmeriKKKa Hate Again.

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