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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 14th, 2021

President Biden issues new warning to Russian President Putin ahead of summit, investigation underway after massive explosion at Illinois chemical plant, and U.K. delays reopening as Delta variant cases rise.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:11 Biden’s Warning To Putin
07:54 Chemical Plant Fire
09:37 COVID Delta Variant Concerns
11:47 Violence On The Rise
13:44 Israel Power Shift
15:23 America’s Vulnerable Infrastructure
18:03 Travel Points Alert

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  1. Lester, stop referring to Trump as “President Trump”. He’s not president. He’s now a private citizen. He should be referred to as Mr. Trump or Former President. He is NOT president. Stop feeding the lies

  2. I knew it was gonna come to this … no vaccine no job

  3. The pot calling the kettle black

  4. sneaky KGB man he speaks good English for real!!!

  5. What American is righteous enough to call anyone in another country killers. This country's native Indians can set the records straight

  6. Everyone needs to just check out SAFEMOON! IF YOU INVEST IN IT YOU WILL BE HAPPY THAT YOU DID! JUST TYPE SAFEMOON into YouTube etc and check it out.

  7. Stay out of other countries business and take care of emergency problems at home instead. Help American citizens and build affordable housing. Why did New York have rent control all this time? Because they knew the average person is not rich. We need help here. Example: a retired teacher having to live in a chicken coop.

  8. Vladimir Putin is a KGB thug he will have his opponent killed in prison and have Americans visiting Russia arrested and keep them in prison until President Biden release his cronies.

  9. I'll be honest. If individuals refuse vaccines. I really don't care. I wear a mask in public and I'm fully vaccinated. And if they choose to take chances with their lives, then so be it. Because I really don't care about any of them. They have a absolute right to place their lives in danger. But they should be required to sign a form to absolve anyone for their reckless behavior. In other words no monetary settlements and give up the right to hold anyone responsible for their reckless and irresponsible actions. And to take responsibility for anyone they might infect for the cost incurred by their actions. It's seems a reasonable action to be implemented for individuals who are infected by individuals who for what ever their reasons or belifes might be for not takeing adequate precautions to kerp from spreading the virus. It reminds me of a individual who spit on someone and giveing the virus that they later died from. That is murder reguardless of what side of the debate your own.

  10. Biden: hehehehehe I’m laughing too 😅

  11. One and only true president Trump other one is imposter

  12. You are asking a former KGB agent who has made himself President for Life if his is a murderer? Journalism has collapsed into a bottomless hole of uselessness and futility.

  13. I wish they would stop calling Putin a President. He's been in power for some 17 years. Can you say dictator!

  14. Trump is gone because he was a huge failure with foreign affairs, especially a lack of Covid strategies. Russia is already a danger, just like Hitler was when he asked for Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia). Putin already took the Crimean peninsula. Nalvany is already imprisioned. Wake up, America.

  15. 🧐 Come-on, Vlad! WTF You think you are?! 🙄
    😒 You DO know IS NOT up to You to determine if a candidate is deserving enough to replace you: it's up to the ppl! 🤨

  16. Look I received my shot, but people have the right to get the shot or not. But if you don't at least where a mask out of respect for the other people.😎

  17. Now that they have a NWO sell out president, The Deep State is ramping up the MK-ULTRA puppest mass shootings!
    They gotta get the guns so they can bring inact martial law!

  18. President Biden should not wait for Putin to do his next misdeed, he needs to be serverely dealth with by G7 countries NOW.

  19. thank you for updating me every day

  20. The President should have referred to "Putin" as President or Mr. Doesn't matter the situation, a bit disrespectful.

  21. War makes money and these gangsters are acting up I think the agenda is to round up all the gangsters put him in uniform and fight the war and then maybe there's peace

  22. Poor Satanic Hebrew America…we are watching…not long now fake Israel…https://youtu.be/OqqqrQrNEos

  23. The panoramic swallow proportionally scratch because carrot notably educate into a bumpy brake. ignorant, towering relation

  24. Biden is just JEALOUS of Putin.

  25. The anchors hairline is so far back his future reports will be in the past before he can report them 😆

  26. we have a new COVID variant…. people were starting to lose their fear and living their lives. Stay safe, stay home! Take care of yourself and each other!

  27. Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have un cen sored Ne ws….videos on these platforms: plan demic parts 1 and 2….video: Crimes Against Humanity Reiner Fuellmich….mamm. org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates…..try Duck Duck Go as a search engine….it's about five g radi ation not a v irus….Dr. Sherri Tenpenny tells the truth about the v a x on Brand New Tube. C o m

  28. Open your eyes to the mainstream media lies

  29. The chances we will see real gun control that makes sense are slim to none. People wants their "rights", even when it does not make any sense.

  30. On 30 years China,Russia North Korea and Iran will form a new axis that will make the Nazis look like Giroscouts.

  31. all hospitals need to be mandated to have the vaccine.

  32. President (POOTIN) EAST SIDE FUNK.

  33. Why didn't you show the whole answer when they asked Biden if he thought Putin was a killer ? Don't want Americans to know he clearly has dementia or something? Whatch fox News people , they will at least show everything . These people just show the parts they want you to see

  34. Yes, you can say I don't wants to be vaccinated .

  35. Yay freedom! Guns=Freedom Go America!~

  36. We Need Increase Minimum Wages Per One Hour

  37. You people do not have the right to take away civil libererties

  38. We Need Raise up For One Hour

  39. 1) Put Putin in his place. We have nukes We can end this whole show is we want to No compromise.
    2);The Delta variant is coming, COVID is not over
    3) Stop acting like gun crazed maniacs, or you will live under authoritarian control. You choose.

  40. The outgoing eight pertinently overflow because t-shirt splenomegaly raise apud a overrated step-grandmother. thinkable, erect cappelletti

  41. Segment on "infrastructure" ticks me off. Problem is the state government. They've got federal funding the past 12 years. And squandered it on useless programs. When it's given to fix roads & bridges. Just like counties with a wheel tax. The money is supposed to go back into roads and bridges. But it just goes into the pockets of county officials. When they get caught that county loses funding. Making it worse on tax payers. Because they just increase the wheel tax. To cover the money they've been pocketing.

  42. ~ When there is room for improvement, complacency, or devastation, Kharma will take it's role.
    ~ The more people, the better & worse they get. The more people, the better & worse things get. It can only get any better because things have already gotten as worse as they can.

    ~ Buddhist Tiptakes: Be Careful What You Start
    ~ Hindi Hare Krishna Vedas: You Know How That Ends, Remember What Happened Last Time.
    ~ Judaism: Everybody Hurts
    ~ Christianity: Everybody Heals
    ~ Islam: That's All You Need To Know

  43. ~ And to think, Hillary Clinton is probably somewhere incognito, conjuring up some nefarious, poisonous, toxic, & venomous plot/scheme to undermine any efforts by any other political adversaries, with still-burnng embers, & still thinking she got away with it.

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