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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 21st, 2021

Southeast hit by Tropical Storm Claudette, growing concern over Covid delta variant and Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling against NCAA.
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00:00 Intro
01:52 Tropical Storm Claudette
04:42 Covid Delta Variant Spreads
07:00 NCAA Victory For College Athletes
11:56 New Child Tax Credits Begin
13:59 Police Morale Plunging

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  1. Why are people who are fully vacinated even worried about the virus? Too many people worry about things that have nothing to do with them.

  2. We have to back the police always…they are here to protect us. They put their lives on the line every day for us….

  3. we need climate change NOW!!!!


  5. Bravo Biden for the Child Tax Credit…baby steps are better than no steps at all.
    The original purpose of government is to make wherever possible the eradication of the exploitation of man by man, girl by girl, women by women, man by man, women by man and man by women, institution by institution, law by law. This is the original purpose of government,—a purpose, reason, and function polluted by a right wing the way language is polluted by lawyers have no intention in raising to a higher status the sovereignty of government as the original sovereignty of the people.

  6. Aren’t folks getting the virus that are vaccinated and spreading it ?

  7. They're more worried about gender-neutral storm names, than protecting and educating the public. They'd rather cause confusion and follow false narratives.

  8. Crazy I’m not buying this no more when it come to this virus..end of story

  9. I feel sad for you and I am ready for any help my friends

  10. Some Canadians slated for a second dose of the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine, in the coming week, will instead be offered Moderna.

  11. A clinically obese woman tells the news that she needs more money for food…. Good bless America

  12. Then why are you still…beating women..
    and laughing about it?

  13. We seek a greater economy ,but invest nothing in the deliverers. Let the money flow,or continue as greedy murderers.

  14. So you’re sitting duck if you’re not vaccinated so he says 🤣 i think its the other way around 🐑😂

  15. I'm sorry but y'all are advertising like this very devious describe deception especially when you say it's in the Wastewater so that tells me it could have been dropped from the sky into the water that would indicate some kind of fun jile and fungus that would cause that problem so you put that pandemic mowed into the people's brains so they go and run and get their kids fascinated with shots that they really don't need because if you really wouldn't have dumped it down in the water cause the issue would not have needed it it's like it's like you're Gathering up all your all your chips all the people that you have already given shots to at and you got to keep track of them because next step is Bill Gates he's going to build those farm lands with the no GMOs or away yeah it'll be oh yeah it's going to be modify all the way so then you want to know what's going to happen when they eat this modify food cuz you already modified them when you gave them the shot because that was modifying their they're basically DNA so I'm onto this s***

  16. Okay I want to understand this the news is talking about the Delta variant of the Coronavirus now you show the United States of what states have the Delta Vera or could be the Delta Fair could you please tell me and let me understand this if this so-called don't the bear came from India it's in a area of where India people arnott at mainly India people we're not in that general population and after all the United States is in India and if you knew the Delta Barrett was really bad I don't think you would have loud them on the plains to come over here Shadow personally my opinion is I thinking something else and you nothing to do with what ya'll said

  17. Happy Birthday Joe! Did you know that Sleepy Joe Biden will be 345 years old in July. 100 years older than the USA. 💤😴🛌

  18. Thanks for amazon prime day price comparison tools. I use dealsfinders app which is great too.

  19. The imminent employer pharmacodynamically wish because sheep spectacularly belong athwart a royal burma. curved, cloistered giant

  20. they didn't say anything about it here, but f New Zealand !

  21. If you're vaccinated then why should anyone be afraid of someone who isn't? That just doesn't make since! Unless the vaccine doesn't work… Even the doctors sound goofy

  22. The students playing need to be paid, I mean this is nuts that the NCAA slavery thing that old white guys have fought to keep in place.

    It is about time!!

    There should be no limits on how much they get paid as well.

    Any limitation should NOT be tolerated by players.

    Enough oppression!!

  23. At least no real mass shootings 12 dead and above or suicide massacres with assault rifles.

  24. You are still making Your Friends into Gazillionaires huh? What about the vaccine angle who STILL got Delta after vaccination? A little #USA town was hit hard. Look it up.

  25. God's bless you and amen amen forever always yes yes

  26. 5:20 In every state already!!! That was fast! Thank God I'm fully vaccinated! That's crazy scary! 😳😢

  27. Gambling is a big thing

  28. Who is man that we should be mindful of, mother nature rules the universe's.

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