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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 11th, 2021

Gas shortages growing after cyberattack on U.S. pipeline, children ages 12- 15 begin receiving Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, and family of Andrew Brown Jr. views footage of fatal police shooting.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:01 Gas Shortages After Cyberattack
06:10 Race To Vaccinate Teens
08:43 Mideast Violence Escalates
10:30 Andrew Brown Jr.’s Family Views Police Video
12:48 Migrant Girl Abandoned At The Border
16:04 Internet Addiction
18:42 Inspiring America: Mother And Son Art Team

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  1. lol that lady said jo Biden think I rolled laughing

  2. Where is the EVIDENCE?
    Why do you reporters act in such an irresponsible manner?
    Consequences of your action will mean many innocent people will have a premature end to their term on planet earth!!!

  3. Dear USA, forget Russia, China, N.Korea, do something about Israel's atrocities.

  4. I call the pump runners gas holes people are so dumb lol that lady said she'd pay that extra few bucks lol I said you will I won't im not a sheeple

  5. A woman to head cyber security? Anybody ever call a helpdesk and speak to woman who knew anything about computers. This woman probably can't turn her computer on by herself. 5:00

  6. They should pair the herpes vaccine with COVID 19 vaccine for teens.

  7. i only pay attention to the president of each nation

  8. Brown didn't try to leave for no reason.

  9. Also imagine wanting something so bad, for your child, you're willing to walk, literally walk for months from south America, to drop your kid off over a fence and leave. They aren't doing all that to abandon their child. They are trying to give a better life. Nobody seems to understand that.

  10. News is one of the biggest addictions and these news providers play on it

  11. Panic buy? Not sure how do that with gas.

  12. so is gas gonna go back down after all this is over? Or was it all just some game to drive prices back up at the end of the pandemic?

  13. I’m fortunate that I got gas last Friday. Today I noticed the gas station I use had prices .20 cents more than last week

  14. This isn't the first time we had long lines at the pump. In the 70s it was far worse and it was nationwide. I wish I had one those new electric vehicles.

  15. President Biden your presence is needed at the Palestinians land. Please intervine and help them avoid the blood sheds.

  16. Maskhole Senators don’t understand the vaccine fails about 5% of the time, and won’t always stop you from passing the virus to vulnerable people. The vaccine can be far less effective in the elderly and immunocompromised.

  17. Colonial Pipeline hasn't been at capacity since Covid hit.

  18. Now America infrastructures are more important than ever.

  19. Real news = Steven Crowder
    You’re very welcome!

  20. Suppose you told the people in an Asian country that they had to allow millions of non-Asians to immigrate to their country every year and to intermarry with them, so that, within decades, the Asians would be a minority in their own country.

    Suppose that you told them that they were evil racist nazis if they refused to do this.

    Do you think they would buy this? Of course not! What kind of self-hating Asian would agree to this?

    But this is what anti-White White people are doing to their own people.

    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  21. Panic buying for gas is causing the gas shortages.

  22. 12:40 Understandably I Empathize with the Severity of Poverty with Immigrants and yet, Enough is Enough Dropping Off Small Children Leaving Them Isolated. It's Ridiculous At This Point. NYC

  23. Im sorry but we are not the world police about time we stay in our own lane

  24. Coronavirus pandemic is polio and the vaccine is safe and effective for all variants of covid-19. This lower technology vaccine is safer than cell lines
    This is less expensive and easier to produce antigen than cell line technology. The normal vaccine is safer and more effective vaccine.

  25. A 11 months baby abandoned at the border? 😶 No way. PLEASE DO PUNISHMENT THOSE RECKLESS PARENTS 👈👈👈👈🤔🙏

  26. We had long gas lines under Jimmy Carter. More lines under Biden. At least we'll get help with the XL pipeline coming soon. Oops. Isn't that the pipeline that Biden KILLED?

  27. Our power plants are obsolete. It is quaint to use water steam or wind to crank the generator. Edison invented the generator to run using the magnets in the generator. The field magnets move the armature magnets and coils of copper wire. The same amount of power and type of power is possible by adding inverters and transformers to deliver the same voltage alternating current. 2000V 120A easily.

  28. file your taxes before may 17th. i filed my taxes back in march and i'm still waiting on my tax return.

  29. 11:45 this educated neck beard says that they didn’t see anything to justify Brown being shot but they’ve only watched twenty minutes of a 118 minute video. 18mins now and 2mina previously. I’m not taking sides but I would want to see the entire video before drawing a conclusion. Their neck beard is allowing his clients to conclude on emotions only. Disappointing.

  30. A frozen vaccine is not safe because they are cancer cells regardless of origin of the cells.

  31. Vaccination should stop until cell lines are removed from the new vaccines. Cell lines are cancer cells regardless of origin of the cells. A cell line is differentiated and carcinogenic regardless of origin of the cells.

  32. Free Palestine ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  33. Israel is defending themselves! Palestinians have their bombers from where civilians reside, and still Israel gives Palestinians time to get out before they bomb the terrorist that should not be around their own people…Israel as any country should have an obligation to defend themselves! What would US do if this was the situation. Get the story straight..

  34. I'm in Toledo Ohio and several Circle K gas stations are out of fuel. Other stations seem to be fine. They say please don't hoard the gas. My Honda Civic holds maybe 12 gallons. I can't hoard 12 gallons.

  35. Does the republican party understand the word " precaution". NOPE if they did they wouldn't have allowed a completely dysfunctional moron into the Whitehouse. So shut up and let the medical professionals handle the virus.

  36. When are y gonna talk about the genocide in Palestine

  37. These republican senators really sound stupid

  38. It’s important to remember they’re are teens with health problems who are getting vaccinated against covid too and not just for all the fun stuff, but so they don’t die if they get it

  39. U.S. talking abt it but doing nothing like always

  40. Make no sense said children don't get covid19. Be ready for the mark of the beast the vaccine carries the nanotechnology

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