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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 4th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

President Biden announces new goal for 70 percent of adults to get first Covid vaccine by July 4, the FDA may soon authorize Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for children, and fears of the Taliban’s return as U.S. troops leave Afghanistan.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:07 New Vaccination Goal
05:58 Catastrophic Train Crash
10:23 Inside Afghanistan Following U.S. Withdrawal
12:18 Hiring Shortages
15:38 The Future of Home Drone Delivery
17:30 Mother Gives Birth on Flight to Hawaii
19:01 Inspiring America: A Dedicated Teacher

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  1. So is it possible to get the truth regarding the Covid-19 vaccination? Is it because there isn’t an answer? Yet we keep enforcing the pressure on the need of something unproven. Humanity should not be test rats. People don’t be foolish. I ask those of you that already have the vaccination. WHY? What? are you doing this, what are you thinking?

  2. Drone delivery!
    People are just lazier and lazier!

  3. I guess lining those pockets means more than keeping your business afloat by paying your workers a living wage. I have no tears for these businesses to be honest but I def don't want them to pass that price increase to the consumers. Take one for the team for once. Those govt checks are gonna stop eventually.

  4. 1800 people but only 20 people showed up. Casinos don't have a problem firing their employees at the drop of a dime. No health insurance, low wages, the tips are now apart of the wages. Casinos are finally getting what they deserve. Nothing!

  5. He should just go quietly into the night but he's not doing that. He's a Russian asset.

  6. I feel deeply sorry for those translators and their family. For sure, they will be executed if caught. The least America can do is take them when they pull out. All those American dead will be wasted if American pulls out. At least, give them air support. Sad situation.

  7. I feel for the people in Mexico effected by this subway line collapse.
    This does point to the necessity of Actually Doing something about "Infrastructure maintinance", not just spewing political messages about it .

  8. China joe, the "cockroach"

  9. Delivery by drone ? Lmao imagine your Delivery landing on roof xD

  10. Would be good to have vaccine available outside of normal business hours.
    Hard to take time off from work, while economy is still sketchy.

  11. Liz Cheney you go girl………..thanx for your courage

  12. If you have trouble finding help oh, you could always try paying a living wage!

  13. The same guy that stole the election wants to vaccinate you.

  14. Re: jobs sector.
    It's not brain surgery.
    Let some at the top go without expensive retirement packages and you'll save $.
    The investors will still gain $ and some of the saved money can be used for improvement and mid to lower jobs.
    It's not about letting management go, it's about reducing the overseeing board..
    The price of everything goes up every peak season anyway, stop blaming the pandemic.
    Goods and services sectors see price increases before summer and the holidays every year.

  15. God bless doctor Owobu for helping me to treatment my herpes virus totally and permanently.doctor Owobu on YouTube doctor Owobu on HIV & Herpes.+2348050739750

  16. The teacher, love her fight for the kids. Hero.

  17. Let's just say that EVERYONE in America gets their vaccinations… how many of them are actually following up with their SECOND dose? And what happens when the NEXT virus hits, which it surely will, as all virus mutate? How many MORE untested, dangerous vaccines will Bill Gates and the Boys be forcing on us next?? And will that precipate even MORE government-imposed lockdowns, destroying all of the jobs and businesses already destroyed by the first one??? Answer my question, NBC.

  18. Does anyone actually get the Flu anymore?


  20. So the human immune system is just non existent. People who have contracted covid don't develop any immunity and do not contribute to herd immunity? How does a vaccine create immunity without an immune system? And if you have an immune system, why does everyone need a vaccine? Silly humans… HOLD ON – this mom didn't know she was pregnant and gave birth on a plane? How do you not know you are pregnant?


  22. Re: Liz Cheney.
    The republican party needs it's leadership to call out wrongdoing and demand integrity from all of it's members.
    It's Kevin McCarthy that needs to go, not Liz Cheney.


  24. First off the vaccines are new so you font really know if it is going to affect anyone in the long run..just saying to assume that

  25. Why aren't you covering the border crisis?????

  26. Minute 7:48
    Im From Mexico City and yesterday i was interviewed by morgan in that place
    Somebody know if that fragment will appear at some other time?

  27. Whoever wrote Lester's line at 1728 should get an award 🤣🤣🤣


  29. Cant pay more? Enjoy cleaning and serving guests yourself!!!!

  30. What an amazing teacher!

  31. Hold up how long has these vaccines been out?

    So how can he say with certainty that symptoms of these vaccines don't show after years?

  32. MRNA IS NOT A "VACCINE" 🚫💉🐑💉🚫🐁🐀🐁🐭🐁🐀🐀. Immune system worked for the LAST YEAR!?

  33. Help! I am 14 and my parents won’t let me get vaccinated.

  34. Will the students of the lady in the last segment please go back! Unemployment must be nice. We're scared of covid. B.S. You're LAZY! Get the shot and get a job at a place that would never normally hire a piece of junk like yourself.

  35. Not enough workers huh😒 then how come no one can send me a reply to my applications. I have two part time jobs and am just trying to stay afloat while i find a full time position. Side note: Some ppl are trying to hold out and find a job that can actully sustain them 🙄 they don't want to just live on government programs. Maybe offer a liveable wage

  36. The translators should be helped to leave the country. They helped the US and now we are going to leave them to be killed. Not right.

  37. One of community I knew, they never answer my call for an appointment, also the pharmacy very difficult to make an appointment for vaccine. If government pay them for vacation, better stop it!!!!

  38. I don't like the use of these delivery drones. It's only a short matter of time until someone attaches a bomb to one

  39. Yeah you hear the reporter says they're going to lift more restriction meaning they can use people as guinea pigs they're already doing that all you got to do is volunteer lineup for the Death March October 19th is next virus is coming out next year

  40. Just wait america will be back, if the Taliban wont follow up on their end why should we

  41. Yeah the word vaccinated means test subject covid-19 is untested they're testing it on humans population see if it works they don't even know if it's going to work that's reason why it's so many different types out there it's untested now they want to use our kids as guinea pigs

  42. "To the teacher thank you for caring for the children may "God bless you and the children always and forever….Peace and Love to all!!!!

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