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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 4th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Texts reveal Trump administration’s pressure on Ukraine, Prince Harry to sue tabloids for alleged phone hacking, and man fatally shoots son-in-law who flew to Florida to surprise him.
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 4th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. We live in amazing times….

  2. I like my weapons like Democrats like their Voters, Undocumented 😁

  3. meanwhile, a while guy shoves a bottle up a girls ….. when he finds her drunk and passed out, and get probation.

  4. Funny Barr didnt even turn up a hearing.
    That famous woman who cheated her must probably not to smart daughter into an elite school, got 14 days for a crime she committed, and this young man got 10 days because he over slept ?
    Well, you President is the biggest criminal around and he has the launch codes.
    OMG, what a f….ed up country, no idea about what's right and wrong.
    No justice, and your democracy is questionable.
    Banana Republic 🤔🤔🤔🤔😱😱😱

  5. ivanka with our advisory China and other countries made 83 million $ in 2017. her other deals made 135 million $ in 2018. We are not even looking at eric and the jr. as to how much they made off of dad's presidency . melania tried a cosmetic line. wonder what barron made.???

  6. it's slime ball in there now. but, hunter seems to had a no show job, I would like one of those. Sorry, unless connected to the Soprano and alike no no-show job for us.

  7. Chinese separating children from their parents? Good thing that would NEVER happen here…😟

  8. FBI must investigate crooked Joe Biden and his son hypocrite Hunter.

  9. Trump needs a new hair person

  10. The Chinese Detention camps – are the SAME AS THE US' IMMIGRATION DETENTION CAMPS. At least the Chinese let their detainees go home once a week!

  11. My brother has 4 DUIs. On his 4th he only spent a night in jail. 10 days for missing jury duty…#americandream #americannightmare!

  12. Wow,,,,is this the anti truth network…..

  13. Chinese detention camps! Hahaha the United States incarcerate more people per capita than any other Nation on Earth. … the Chinese still can't compete with the United States even at the lowest form of humanity. 😭

  14. What Chuck Todd said was deep and true!

  15. Ha that judge should be sent to jail before he gets to send anyone else there

  16. The man said "she is allowed to go home", and the interpreter added "once a week". Good job NBC
    Edit: lol, Marco Rubio? It's like asking a Chinese kid who's never been to the states if the US is a big bad bully.

  17. Tonight, we will find out why Lester still uses hair gel even tho it went out of fashion back in the -90's! Is he intentionally going for that retro look, or is he plain slow on the uptake? This and more, tonight, on NBC fake news!

  18. The LORD is going to punish this wicked place for their oppressiveness, that's crazy like blk folks don't have enough injustices done to them. CHRIST COMING WITH THE ULTIMATE AND FINAL JUDGMENT FOR A WICKED REBELLIOUS NATION.

  19. The American public, blind sighted by its own ignorance and political bias, is incapable of recognizing the dictatorship that has been established.

  20. I don’t believe Microsoft

  21. We the people of America will never truly know who the most corrupt president is,, or was, because he was is or will be that good 🤔😉

  22. Big Fing deal he asked UkrAine to look into something that stinks. The media didn’t complain when the Dems and the FBI payed a foreigner to come up with a bs dossier.

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