Friday , September 24 2021
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NBC Nightly News Full Broadcast – September 14th, 2021

Tropical Storm Nicholas slams Gulf Coast, New York hospital pauses maternity services after dozens resign over vaccine mandate, and restaurants left scrambling amid truck driver shortage. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:00 Tropical Storm Nicholas
05:48 Child Covid Surge
08:05 Trump Book Bombshell
10:18 California Recall Election
13:33 Inside Afghanistan
16:35 Restaurant Food Shortages

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  1. Free advertising for Apple on NBC News.

  2. NBC, gmorning and to all🔊🌎❤climate changing is causing this😥.

  3. A War with China would have been catastrophic. Thank God that did not come to pass.

  4. Holy crap. So a General can go against the Supreme Commander and talk about Sedition with the Speaker of the House, and they both still work for your Country?? America has Fallen!! Fire the Traitors and Collaboraters. How can his Moral judgement over ride that of the Elected President. He spoke Sedition and America should respond. But with an old man as your head I fear the worst for this Country. Maybe China should hire the General. It sounds like he works for them and the Speaker Pelosi. What a sad sad day for you to be American. 😥

  5. Little cry baby's delete my comment
    That's the norm though
    People who speak up get shushed
    I'm sick of being a nice guy
    Some of us psychos don't hide behind a mask
    I could be ur best Buddy andddd you'd never know
    Us people that barely talk and always look happy are the most dangerous
    Do me the common decency and don't delete this!!
    Words of The Original🎭

  6. @The Nice person who asked the question about western Germany:
    Let me give you some few words about this designation further to my previous explanation.
    Germany was splitted after the 2nd world war to 2 countries :
    *FRG for West side(French RFA)
    *GDR for East side(French RDA)
    However,we don't want to insist a lot on GDR ,otherwise we will make Angela Merkel Unhappy.
    On the other hand if you are among the people who like sports and athletics,one East German Athlete is still famous and holding right now the World Record of 400 M since 1985.
    Finally i encourage young people to have a look to the history of the world war,it help them to understand a lot about the history of their countries , Strategies of the war and Alliances policies taking into account this specific and important information about Hitler and Mussolini that those Guys didn't represent their respective countries but they were belonging to another ideology coming from the East of Europe.

  7. Don’t believe everything you hear on the news. Do your OWN research. Based on facts. Not exaggerations

  8. The scarce cymbal presumably wash because hub interestedly attempt toward a probable exhaust. mere, wide-eyed yam

  9. Hey Lester, how many salacious books get written when a new president comes in??? It's about $$$$$_.

    CANT WAIT TILL 2024 …..

  10. Can't believe CA voters voted for the continued destruction of CA. Sad.

  11. Why is Stephanie so loud each time she is on the air?

  12. Pay us and we won’t quit!!!!

  13. "tRUmp won" is the lie of the century.
    Situation in Afghanistan is a REPUBLICAN NIGHTMARE, DO NOT FORGET!!!
    Dear restaurants that serve corpses,

  14. In my area you can train to become a truckdriver for free. So in my area a lot of people I know went and became truckdrivers in there 50s because they needed a job and everyone else though them too old.

  15. NBC doing a story on here say regarding President Trump but nothing on Biden's health which we all can see.

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