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NCAA to allow student athletes to profit from name, likeness l ABC News

The NCAA Board of Governors decided in a unanimous vote to break with the long-held tradition of forbidding student-athletes from earning income.

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  1. NCAA students athletes should not he paid to be a student-athlete looking at what they get for going to school they get Nike or Under Armour or Adidas uniforms backpacks and all of the above and now in return they want to be paid look at the Special Olympics we do it because we loved again we stay in really bad hotel rooms we don't get painted dime the play we gets nice uniforms we don't have Adidas we don't have Under Armour we don't have Nike we don't have Puma the NCAA and the athletes that play should be thankful they are where they are that they get what they get because I would love to be in their shoes go on the school and getting education

  2. Don't let it become a cherry-picking reward system. all athletes have stipend put aside but only eligible if the athlete graduates. why am I for this? because many people don't realize how many college athletes leave with life injuries and no help from the school. plus, being a student-athlete is hard maybe this will give the incentive to finish….

  3. Lol. Yeah…that gymnast lady can look forward to making $0 in the world after college by making $0 in college. No one gives a flying fuck about gymnastics or are willing to pay to watch it.

  4. Watch the tuitions rise again

  5. What a bunch of shit heads. They should have been paying these guys all along and not just for their likeness. They make major major money off of these students and many of them don't make it to the NFL, NBA, ect. All they end up with is injuries, brain trauma and a degree in aboriginal underwater basket weaving. They say "pay for play" like it is some evil thing…you mean paying your fucking athletes for the massive profits they make the colleges and universities?

  6. That's good now bring back NCAA football please

  7. Take away schools tax benefits and no more amateur status for the athletes, please🇺🇸🙏

  8. Watch athletic scholarships go away, not decide forced btw

  9. These kids getting paid are gunna be act'in a foo!

  10. Will Michigan reinstate the Fab 5?

  11. To all the HATERS
    But they're still only gonna throw some crumbs

  12. The school's are not paying the athletes like they should be . An even rate should be established for the schools to pay .
    That's never going to happen . A few players on a team getting paychecks could ruin team morale.

  13. This is wrong. College is about education first right. Hey there goes the guy that figured the next cold fusion problem, but stopped because he was a good baseball player. Thank god not many top medical schools have good athletes or there goes the cure for cancer.

  14. Use MY name and likeness you get paid I don't = SLAVERY

  15. Chump change for these individuals. Companies will get the big bucks 🤑

  16. This is definitely a good call….but let's not expect this to end positively.

  17. I like this idea but the only thing Is how much can they profit? How will this change the future of college ball when deciding where to go play? I think if will turn like the nfl plays not going to schools to play endless offered more percent of their pay for their play and merch n stuff. Crazy idea but I’m for it I’d just like to see how they go from here cause I’m sure a coach will bribe a player or somewhere along the line people will use this to get players

  18. Finally 🙌🏾
    Independent Hip Hop & Models Website.

  19. More money for the IRS. Liberals love their money going to government.

  20. Sad for all the students that got kicked out of these schools

  21. swear to god it said "niggaa" in the thumbnail

  22. They have scholarships, private tutors, and probably alot more benefits in school already…..

  23. This is wonderful news!

  24. Time for tuition to increase.

  25. But here's the thing only the big names will make money

  26. So now people want to go to school for free and get payed to play sports there. Must be nice to abuse the system and make all real people suffer.

  27. So let me get this straight, first you tell students they have to go to college before they can be drafted by the NFL or basketball or whatever. Now you're doing an about-face saying let's pay them to play football, basketball, Etc.
    You people are about as stupid as it gets. Why not just let them skip college and go right to the majors again? Bunch of BS

  28. Boo. I think this is bs. Now it will be like the pros. All they will care about is money. No heart what so ever.

  29. Ill give you $40 for the white ones and $50 for the blacks!

  30. no the huge challenge is trying to figure out and having to go to three other sources to find out if news is actually true because you're nothing but a fake news Network of communist socialist garbage you're a trash networking you're disgusting to all Americans

  31. There goes passion and loyalty.

  32. This was long overdue and should’ve been decided years ago.

  33. It's not about the love of the sport anymore. It's about how much money I can make . Sports suck.

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