Saturday , August 15 2020
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Nearly 420 million Facebook users' phone numbers leaked online: Report

Fox News Headlines 24/7 anchor Brett Larson on reports 419 million Facebook users’ phone numbers were leaked online and the FTC fine against Google.

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  1. I am not one of those people who have Facebook Instagram and Snapchat is better then Facebook.

  2. This only affects fakebook users and only losers have fakebook accounts…

  3. This   is  no  accident.   Wake  up  people.

  4. Wow. How much were ya'll paid to listen to and Host that Junk. What a forked tongue lizard. Nothing to see here. 400,000,000 nothings to see here… Good news everyone. It's all good, just a password issue… so we set one.

  5. How can you cancel your membership with Facebook? I've tried, but they won't let me.

  6. Hahah you linked your phone number

  7. If you view Faux News you are a useless idiot

  8. Lol. Are you still using this fugging surveillance app? You’re nuts.

  9. Zuckerberg needs to go to prison. Not just for this but also for his illegal actions toward any group he's prejudiced of.

  10. Attorney GENERALS….NOT attorneys GENERAL – stupid people LOVE to copy other stupid people's mistakes of ENGLISH

  11. facebook is for sluts, whores, cheating bitches

  12. Why I never include a Photo of myself or personal details!

  13. FB is not safe. Delete your account. Do not look back and take precautions.

  14. Something needs to be done with Facebook and Google

  15. The FTC fines are meant as an insult to the victims. Basically, they're slapping the victims in the face and making it clear to them they don't matter whatsoever.

  16. So awful, Nothing is "free". "If you've been in the game 30 minutes, and You don't know who the patsy is, it's You". "Price is what You pay, Value is what You get". – Uncle Warren

  17. 420 million?!? Isn't that about the total population of the United States or at least very near it?!? That would include all children. Remember when we used to have telephone books a few inches thick that had you name, phone number and address? Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  18. Facebook IS the BAD news! Lefty schmucks!

  19. If You Are Still On FakeBook you are a USELESS IDIOT

  20. 🤣 I laugh at the idiots that still use that crap.

  21. Never give your number to techs and social media for "security" reasons. Its all lies when its for security when you can email to reset your account. They sell your phone number to sell you products.

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