Nearly 80 Democrats pen letter to Biden criticizing border policies #shorts

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz on the policy debate around immigration asylum.

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  1. Send it to Susan rice and obama.

  2. What about the China's Tianmen incidents Era & the China students etc in U.S. ? They were all granted asylum.

  3. I think I speak absolute truth. Migrants take up the low-end work and cheap labor wage the average American wirh an apt capacity to work won't settle for. They, too, have the same struggles, but way worse.

  4. That's ultimately why.

  5. Democrats are afraid to lose frame control in their own personal finances and relationships. That's why.

  6. Make sure all there names are published in capital letters

  7. Turn them back at gunpoint.

  8. That post world order, Bretton Woods, started to fall when the Soviet wall fell. We are no longer patrolling the high seas to protect communist China anymore

  9. We the people did not vote for this to happen to this country .talking about thair rights what about this country rights .the drug are killing people in this country and this mess needs to stop Americans and this country safety should be first not last .

  10. I hope we have more to choose from other than Trump/DeSantis/Biden or this country is finished

  11. What about Haitians 🤔 everybody is fos

  12. America has one flag, one language, and one loyalty. We don't need uneducated and unskilled people who don't contribute anything to the US. They're illegal aliens not migrants or refugees. We don't need to import poverty, disease, and crime. Illegal aliens will become public charges supported by US taxpayers. We don't need fast food or farm workers. Robotics can handle those jobs. It's a ploy to give millions of illegal aliens amnesty and citizenship so they will vote for Democrats. Only educated, skilled, and English speaking people should be allowed into the US. English is the International language. It's the language of science, aviation maritime transportation,. diplomacy, NATO, computer science, medicine, and technology. Hyphenated people will create a Balkanized country. When immigrants came to Ellis Island they had paperwork, got a medical exam, and were interviewed to see if they could get a job. Anyone mentally unstable or unable to work was not admitted to the US. America and Americans First. Stop sending our money and weapons to a corrupt country like Ukraine Stop foreign aid to corrupt countries that don't help their people. Finish the Wall, secure the border, end DACA, and deport all illegal aliens. Eastern European countries put their country, people, and culture first. Japan does the same thing. They don't let hordes of invaders overwhelm the system. Illegal aliens from Latin America are working for the Drug Cartels. They control the border not Joe Biden. Biden and Harris have deserted their posts. We need to remove them ASAP. FJB 🇺🇲

  13. I literally just saw a video where Biden was saying he is making sure that African Americans and Whites are quickly becoming the minorities and that we had better work with the illegals because they will soon be the majority! Wish I could remember the site I saw that on but I remember back when Biden met with the Black leaders a leaked tape basically he said the same thing

  14. These leftist creatures are insane.

  15. They're all delusional!

  16. It's about time, the border crisis is affecting everyone, not just conservatives…close
    the dad gum border, immediately!

  17. We the People hold politicians responsible for infliction of duress.

  18. Illegals need to enter our USA

  19. The Dems. should all be calling for his resignation! They all see this bafoons poll numbers! 33%? Joe Biden has been a failure from day 1!

  20. Impeach Brandon for not enforcing the laws on the books. The head of homeland security and Brandon need to be in prison

  21. Laws mean nothing now
    What we the people want means nothing now. Citizenship means nothing now because voting means nothing now.

  22. They need to stop the refugee stuff. It's been abused too long And if anything I think our policies should be made more stricter Especially seeing that they have been abused

  23. Follow the process 10k a person because of the corruption in their country this is a loose loose for the taxpayers

  24. Of course democrats once again not addressing the real the real problems. They are useless! We need to tighten the border, not loosen. Look at the mess they have already created!

  25. Are any of these Dems smarter than the dirt under a rock ???

  26. Joe and his Border Czar Harris 😭👿 is Worthless when it comes to the safety of the United States of America people 🇺🇸 At The Border 😭😭👿👿👿👿👿🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🎯⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️🎯♥️▶️♥️▶️♥️▶️♥️▶️🇺🇲♥️

  27. How about we just follow the law if they don't like the law then they can do like all of the rest of us they can change it put it up for a vote and see what the American people truly wait's funny how nothing goes up to vote anymore everything is just signed in or passed yeah b*****

  28. BS, they are no following the law!! They are just letting them come across without keeping track of these people. It is not up to the American Taxpayers to take care of these people!! Let there own countries take care of the own people in there own country!!!!!

  29. We already know the current line of democrats are disgusting anti-american trolls.

    Talking about it will do nothing but anger the normals.

    Let me know when the right makes its move to correct the problem. Until that time, any text about it will all just be talk.

  30. I dont understand how this group of "leaders" got their jobs

  31. Round up all the illegals and send them back to which they came. If it is to dangerous fir them to go back then send them to Mexico until they can be processed legally. They must come here legally to stay here. Finish building the wall you crazy a$$ dems and quit giving our country away.