Thursday , January 20 2022
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Nearly 80,000 Uber and Lyft drivers could be affected by NYC cap

The Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to continue the freeze on adding new vehicles to the 80,000 app cars driving for Uber, Lyft, Via and Juno. D.A. Davidson senior vice president Tom White and Barron’s associate tech editor Eric Savitz discusses whether the new ruling will impact Uber or Lyft.

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  1. shitty nyc taxi service increasingly forced on public

  2. Just incentivize binesses 2 help pay 4 infrastructure,
    Like scamazon.

  3. Lyft and Uber are scamm. Lyft charge ryders about $5 a mile. They only pay drivers $.32 a mile. The proportion of fare Lyft take from drivers doesn't correlate with the level of work Lyft does for drivers. Out of a $30 total ryde fare. Driver will end up with $ 10 if lucky.. THIS IS A SCAM.

  4. If the upper MGT would quit milking millions a week in bonuses they would have been making profits for years.
    Pay their drivers more, or the CEO's will be driving them.

  5. I believe the correct word for this is… racketeering.

  6. More job killing regulations. This is definitely a blue state

  7. Regulate our competition out of business. The democrat way. Job killing deblasio supports this. He ran it it.

  8. Hahaha and Lyft stocks still go higher after this announcement, just confirms the markets are not even connected with reality anymore, it's all based on nothing but smoke and mirrors.

  9. Great way to encourage business within the city of New York. Encourage them to use the more expensive option while banning the cheaper option that is just as safe.

  10. Whatever happened to free enterprise?

  11. All of a sudden New York is worried about traffic lmao.. This is solely about just getting a cut out of everyone working, just like typical Taxi Mafia. Nothing else. Their overhead costs come nothing close to what they make gross. Do they pay their drivers more? No they make more and more pay cuts as they use the money their drivers make them to try and be completely autonomous. Directly taking that hard earned money they make them, then basically saying, thank you for helping us slowly try to get rid of all of you. These companies are the JP Morgan of the tech world.

  12. De Blasio is a FILTHY LYING USA-HATING RAT… watch the commie bastard on Hannity last night🇻🇳shows what a radical leftist activist he is, infiltrating American politics🗳🐀

  13. 80,000 drivers?
    Drivers are the hard drivers or USB pen drivers?
    Drivers caught up unable to lyft or hard lyfters? What's Uber doing lyfting?
    Impeach the drivers database and investigate the information.

  14. I hope taxis in nyc get fire bombed

  15. Democrats in California want to get rid of all non-Mexicans in the state. California Democrats' attack on ride share is just another
    reason to leave California for greener pastures.

  16. Liberal Democrat thug tactics…the public pays to support the arrogant, rude cab drivers.

  17. " unnecessary " traffic? you mean people earning a wage by driving others. Not everyones gonna take the subway or bus, if you take out the taxi's people will still need to do transportation and that might mean their own cars. I'm sure everyone who can, already walks or bikes.

  18. Tax cab must bribe a lot to government officials to get this done

  19. Uber and lyft are BS–nothing new–no innovation. We already had taxis. They are skirting local taxi laws. They'll go out of business long before they ever make a penny.

  20. Rent cars to drive instead of using their own? So there will be even MORE cars on the road. Smh!!! Liberal logic!!!

  21. Why is New York so anti-business and pro-regulation?

  22. i just realized i havent turned on my tv for years and its just collecting dust, thanks youtube 🙂

  23. Maybe they should have voted Republican

  24. these are all corporate buybacks! lyft and uber are so corrupt!! Drove for both and both cheated me out of 1000s!!! dropping rides, keeping the money. taking surge money. so many scams!!! they don't care about any driver!

  25. I’m more curious how most of them are driving who gave them a license

  26. Besides the small % of sane people…. do any of of really care about NY anymore….?

  27. Dangerous to ride with absolutely unregulated strangers save money just hitchhike

  28. That's bs. The taxi drivers are losing their shirts to the medallion and NYC isn't getting paid as result; so, they put their thumb on the scale.

  29. Sorry……we have the right to drive. 🙂
    As soon as self driving cars are legal…….
    Tesla will stop selling cars.
    He will take over that market…..
    probably next year 🙂

  30. Uber and Lyft is Cancer here in Los Angeles 🔥

  31. This new measure is BS, Taxi Co. should not be able to effect their competition in this way. That’s my opinion.

  32. When you can’t compete use government regulations to cheat

  33. NYC is beyond repair, and they're dragging the rest of NY state with it.

  34. NYC is very restrictive along with the increasing cost of living and high tax rates it comes as no surprise why people are moving away from New York State to find an improved quality of life elsewhere.

  35. TALC has been run by the Mafia since its beginning. Now that the mob IS the Government, it is even worse.

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