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Negro Leagues officially recognized as part of Major League Baseball l WNT

The Negro Leagues, from 1920 to 1948, officially have been recognized as a part of the Major League Baseball history. About 3,400 players will now have their records included in MLB history.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This has got to be the best thing I've heard all day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I hope this means certain players are added to the hall of fame

  3. I see those who bring up “skill level” of some of these guys lol , if the skill level was the main focus in first place we wouldn’t be having this discussion now would we 🤔? …

  4. There they go patting black folk on the head again, and black folk wagging their tail in agreement. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Leroy "Satchel" Paige won the World Series with the Indians in 1948 as a rookie at the age of 42! That was their first title in 28 years and their last! How poetic!

  6. Goodbye Barry Bonds. Hello Josh Gibson!

  7. Let’s see how many of these players make it to the HOF in this racist country.

  8. Sad to this day people are happy with crumbs.

  9. 👏👋Trump's 🕊Bout Outtttta Here✌, GEORGIANS❗
    ✔OUT this🎺Trump🎼 ⬇ song😅❗⬇
    "🗣The Devil👹 went down to Georgia🎶
    👹Was lookin'👀 fer a SOUL to steal…Cuz? 👹he was in a bind… &🎹 👹he was WAY🏃behind⌛ & 👹he was willin'– to make a 🎲deal… 🎶When 👹he came across Loeffler & Purdue? They said
    🗣YES to the Golden 🎻Fiddle…"(Oops-🤦Red🎻all I have)
    Recognize🏅🎤CHARLIE 🎵DANIELS🎸🏁❓
    Orig. 🆒💃🕺Comment= YouTube📹THANX🏆ANTONIO L.👋👏

  10. Pathetic … NOT accepted.. Too little . TOO Late Whites always decide to give DESERVED recognition to Black Excellence .. after most of the participants are DEAD.. #foh

  11. It took way too long, but glad it has happened.

  12. This is just more virtue signalling by a sport that wants to avoid attacks by BLM for its (truly) racist past. A number of black players of that era were great players and deserved to be brought up to the majors … but they weren't. That was a shame but that's the way it was. However, not all of them were good enough to be brought up to the majors. So basically they are telling us … just because these players were black … they ALL should be considered major leaguers!? What if Joe Shmo had a batting average of .197 for his entire career in the Negro League? You telling me he deserves to be called a major leaguer because he was black but most likely have never been promoted to the majors!? I don't think that is right. These teams were minor league teams and the records should be tallied as minor league records.

  13. This is happening just NOW??? I mean, yay, but why did it take this long?!?

  14. This BLM crap is getting out of hand

  15. Give me a fucking break…only did this cause of the current bullshit situation in this country and trying to kiss the spineless liberals asses…they were their own league and not part of MLB and it should stay that way

  16. Mannn make me cry…100 years…IT'S TIME! 👏👏👏👏👏💕✌

  17. Look at all you people, cheering for this stupid pandering. What does this do exactly? Not a single thing that is relevant in the slightest, yet alot of Africans here acting like they have been set free. This changes nothing, because at the end of the day, the two leagues never got to compete, and we will never know who would of been the best of the best. It's best to learn about history, move on, and not repeat it. Now everyone competes, and countries get to play each other, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. I don't very much like the history of alot of racial prejudice, BUT IT WAS THERE, AND IT HAPPENED, IT WAS REAL. Nothing we can do about it now, except learn from it.

    This does nothing but to give fake gratitude to people that are not here anymore, or more so to the families that want to be pandered to, since the whole George Floyd thing. America has fallen hard to give to the weak mindset.

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  19. In the Black community they were already "major leaguers"!

  20. WOW! This took so long!

  21. I love the US but on some issues we were a contaminant… We lost talent through bigotry. I have no real understanding… I found Laden forced to sign statement outside DC acknowledging also that I threatened to tell the AZ shooting same year was stoppable. They cover themselves, threatened me – professionally done by thug. I ended on streets of london with cancer. Dual national – only reason I could see was they wanted to keep it American – things eventually have a way of coming out.

  22. But they weren’t in the major leagues I get the discrimination part but they weren’t in the league so they can’t do that

  23. Evidènce Fàcebook Founder paid for electión mànipulation- abc SUCKS ! Censorshîp by youtùbe , twîtter and fàcebook is treason, sedition and vóter súppession. There is NO President-Elect until Jan. 6th. Judges and their families were threatened by Democrats. 🤥

  24. Fucking absurd. This historical revisionism is BULLSHIT.

  25. nobody:

    The guy who wrote the title: “i can finally say it without getting put on blast this time”

  26. I couldn't help it, I shed a tear when I read about this, I was so happy !!! The tragedy of the segregation that prohibited those players from reaching MLB can never be reversed and only a handful of them are still alive and maybe too old to really enjoy this belated, overdue recognition but it will be forever cherished by the descendants of those who are gone. I am glad that many Negro Leaguers from the U.S. came to play in Puerto Rico and were treated like royalty here, something denied to them in their own country. Also, about 40 native Puerto Rican were Negro Leaguers although only a few of them joined MLB after Jackie, Mr Rickey and Commissioner Chandler forced the doors open. Today we have 5 players enshrined in Cooperstown, none of them were Negro Leaguers but those who were served as inspiration to them.
    Blessings from San Juan !!!

  27. Trump's Win:
    Never Refuted. . . Only Ignored

  28. Homerun King debates heat up:
    Josh Gibson ✊🏾
    Barry Bonds 💉
    Hank Aaron 🔨
    Babe Ruth 🍺🌭

  29. I'm so happy these men are finally getting the recognition that they deserve.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  30. The best players have been in Cooperstown since the 70’s. Recognition well deserved! But…If historians can’t even agree on how many homeruns Josh Gibson hit (even in official regular season games) then how we supposed to believe the numbers they estimate for the other 3000 players from that era?

  31. Nice. Now…
    Medicare for all?
    Free housing?
    Defund the police?

  32. What a fucking shame America is man. It’s 2020.

  33. Good job guys it’s only 2020

  34. He sounds awfully comfortable saying "negro" repeatedly. Makes you wonder.

  35. There u go, BLACK LIFE MATTERS.👈👀

  36. Hmmm…somehow this LONG awaited event reminds me of the X-Files episode: Season 6 #19(?)…Regarding some Roswell "GRAYS"; who just came to Earth 'cause they loved and wanted to play baseball. IMO…one of THE best episodes of the whole series. Anyway…
    here's a YouTube: "X-Files 6×19 The Unnatural trailer":
    (I suggest right clicking; then choose open link in new tab)…

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