Neighbors describe scene after 5 found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Washington

Officials found five people dead in a Vancouver, Wash., home after an apparent murder-suicide. Neighbors of the family described hearing screams coming from the house.

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  1. So sad and it's even sadder that they were in the privacy of their own home where they should have been safe and secure, but they weren't!!! May all the VICTIMS rest peacefully and my condolences to the families and the loved ones of the VICTIMS for their losses!!! So sad and unnecessary!!!

  2. women and children who live in a home with a gun have a 86% increased chance of dying by that gun than those that live in a home withour.. in their own home. not a single shred of evidence that a gun in the home saves anyone inside. So next time your 2A neighbor brags on bringing safety into his home and family tell him he is crazy. and prolly a future feature on the news.

  3. I’ve noticed lately that cops don’t want to go into dangerous situations- such as that school shooting in Ulvade. They are paid to do that they know they are doing a job that may require their lives so why aren’t they doing it?

  4. I don't trust anyone/anything but GOD!!!!!!!

  5. Wth is going on daddy keeps killing the family?

  6. Healthcare for profit in the US. Lack of resources to help those in need. People are barely able to afford to eat let alone pay $1800/$2000 a month for health insurance for a family. Best country in the world , huh ?

  7. Great local news coverage DNBC. Any news on the latest border issues? Not allowed to report this? Best to act like theres nothing worth reporting? A pathetic one sided corp news machine, nothing more, nothing less. You do know that youre not fooling anyone, dont you?


  9. America is a land of death anymore.

  10. Another day in America

  11. Watch your family dynamics. Someone with mental health problems gets scapegoated or black sheeped, it can turn dangerous real quick when family members gang up on someone. If you have controlling family members, increase boundaries, not ammunition.

  12. Whats up with all these crazy stories out of Canada in the news rn?

  13. If you think you need a nose ring, you probably need a welfare check and maybe a psych eval. Just sayin.

  14. Woah … lotsa these types of cases here in Clark County, NV (Las Vegas/Henderson) … just got reminded of the Utah Mormon dad who killed 8 of his family and himself a few months ago when the wife was in the middle of filing for divorce. Pood kids 🙁 This is why I'm now more certain I made the right decision NOT to get married and have kids (need to get rid of the stigma for those of us who chose this path of less dysfunction/destruction). I didn't want to subject my kids to a Columbine mass school shooting world & here we are…

  15. Too much violence & evil in the world 😥

  16. It happens more around the Holidays, family violence, suicide 😢

  17. All these murders..praying for the FAMILIES 😢😢😢😢

  18. Wowww people are losing their minds praying for this world! I'm so sorry for this family


    sad term used in crime / psychology. More must be done to DISCOURAGE marriage among the unfit & FUND ALL MENTAL HEALTHCARE 100%. Medications 💊, hospitalization 🏥.

    24/7 gun buyback programs…

    Oh well. Just another day in the United States of America 🇺🇸 – in 2-3 days there will be another incident just like this….

  20. So just another day in gun happy usa.

  21. Very sad. Regardless of whatever the situation here, 5 ppl lost their lives. RIP😢

  22. 3 stories like this in 3 days. Two were stabbings and this was a shooting.

    This kind of thing happens way to much.

  23. What is wrong with people !

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  25. It's time to start asking "what's their vax status" in these incidents.

  26. Wife probably cheated which led to all of this.

  27. i always tell people to be ready to defend the selves even against loved ones because people are whack

  28. Another evil family annihilator. 😢😢
    My heart goes out to the family and friends!

  29. NBC has helped Jobama make America last. Thank an MSNBC employee today!

  30. In a Woke Dystopian paradise, liberal judges let violent criminals get out of jail, illegals get free money, foreign countries get Americas last penny. And Democrats get their EQUITY.

  31. There was a drone or robot that entered the home first, for the welfare check… I read that this morning.