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Neil deGrasse Tyson talks Election Day asteroid

Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson weighs in the upcoming presidential election and the news of an asteroid. #FoxBusiness

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  1. This totally happened! It was greenish in color and it flew right over my neighborhood in Sacramento, near land park, on November 7th, around 7:07pm 2020. I was traveling south and the meteorite was going west. It was really cool to see this so randomly.


  3. sooooo what he is saying is that it has the same chance of hitting earth as you do from dying from covid! LMAO!

  4. Now Tyson suddenly observes for the first time that main stream media convert every irrelevant item into Big S***t. The What is better for science, Trump or Biden question is unfortunately very relevant (thanks to the moderator), although Tyson laughs about it. The democrats will keep on supporting fake and ideological science like this climate scare, so Trump is good for unideological science and this should be the only correct answer.

  5. Anyone notice that .04% chance is WAY bigger than dying from Covid?

  6. " Free scientific expression" ……. On the taxpayers dime.

  7. NEIL … is a phony….he IS and HAS NOTHING substantial regarding ANYTHING to do
    With the reality of existence…on the Physical..Astral…or Spiritual… he is a puppet and a drunk…praying for him to find TRUTH…he seems very conflicted…PEACE to you Neil

  8. Tyson, what a goose!…Biden would give the money to his son to give to China….only space rocket Biden will be on is at Disneyland

  9. Neil disgrace Tyson is not A scientist he is an actor he speaks the lines that are given to him I never like him and I don’t trust Anything he says

  10. Yucky I do not like the lady screaming

  11. fOX why are you shutting off the Ice Cube interview comments?
    HIs message is very important. American Descendants of Slaves was discussed and needs to be even more.
    ADOS 100%

  12. when something bigger comes live your live they dont know everything they can only guess

  13. Science is a Religion … a Papacy of factual decree … a magic word that ends all further discussion . It's Shamans will "prove" Anything their Benefactors pay them to find .
    THEN there's that ditzz from the old MTV who won't go away …

  14. Your science is controlled by the controllers why don't you just be honest sir

  15. CNN='s.
    Communist News Network their side the demon demonic Draco reptilian Satanist.. the hoax with climate change which is really agenda 21/30 the plan to reduce the population by a large percentage look what they doing to California with their d e w s…
    I subscribe now I unsubscribe because they are lying to the people and karma come..GOOD PRIMARY GOD makes that happen!

  16. Maybe a hologram instead ,God protects his people unless 12,000 Mark is hit and maybe we're past it so who knows

  17. It was weird to tie tyson into a political question like that, it was also weird that he did not sayhis opinion and then immediatly try to reinforce his reasoning,
    Both are at fault

  18. Liar Trump started the New Space program. Are you living under a rock

  19. Lmao this lady asked him about which candidate would be better for science looking for the trump answer because he made space force??? LMAO🤣🤣🤣 AND THEN, when she doesnt get the answer she wanted and he says bidens record of allowing scientists to freely Express their ideas was better than trumps she shut him down QUICK! Hahahahahhaha implode more fake fox news.

  20. There even coming from outer space to vote for Trump!!!

  21. Andrew from Dont Run, Walk Productions might actually get his candidate.

  22. Deep State wishful thinking.

  23. Asteroid had my vote months ago.
    The asteroid hitting Earth is more likely than life on Venus.

  24. This guy is really overrated and nobody is worried about an asteroid. They just have to trot some guy out to make you doubt that God is real. They have been doing it for 70 years. (Media) Thats where 90% of people really get their views. Its hard to admit it to yourself, but its true.

  25. Biden protects IPCC and the Lying global warming agenda. Trump just bought back NASA out of the Cobwebs.

  26. Tyson believes a Biden administration would censor less?! 😂😂😂

  27. ½% chance of a hit by Asteroid.
    100% chance of a President Trump re-election ,best you run to the basement Kennedy.

  28. What is ridiculous here is that people are tense . Who are u Laughing at. Disgusting

  29. I hate how you started the segment. Like we don’t remember the asteroid that’s coming before Election Day.

  30. Neil is an idiot. Mythbusters style science. Fake. Also, Kennedy is a deep state shill

  31. It always amazes me the leeway we give these experts whenever they make their guesses. I'm referring to his series on the origins of the universe. They know nothing for certain, none of it is backed with real evidence (outside of a bunch of suppositions) and yet evolution is taught and now assumed to be the only reality. The Biblical version has as much or more actual evidence backing it and yet cannot be mentioned in our schools. I always figure the side that wants to make sure you cannot hear other opinions is the side that is wrong. Hello democrat Party and social media.

  32. "Nobody's touching anybody" -Tyson

  33. If Biden wins, an asteroid is the least of our problems.

  34. Why is kenedy still on the airways?? She is a sarcastic knowitall. She delights in insulting guests with het stupid analysis using comedy to obscure het feeble questions. Fox needs to decide if they are a real news organization or a comedy platform.

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