Sunday , October 24 2021
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'Nervousness' surrounds Biden comms team: Mercedes Schalpp

ACU Foundation senior fellow slams the president for not talking to the press on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ #FoxBusines
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  1. The handlers are in charge the media need to be asking them what the policies are not Joe Biden

  2. Where were handlers on the voting ballot to be in charge of our country

  3. If their facts were honest facts they would hold up to any type of "mis information".
    They don't want debate because there is no action they have taken, they can defend start to finish because they are making S up to cover their assas and stay in power.
    (not mine but very true).

  4. Doesn't anyone see we're just steps away from number tattoos, camps & ovens? Doesn't anyone see where we're headed?

  5. As things get progressively worse for this administration, (and as a result for the entire country) I suspect that we will see Biden pulled back completely from any free form interactions with the press. It has already reached the point where his former cheerleaders in the MSM can no longer run cover for him by serving up softball questions, and as those questions become more focused on the negative results of his bad policy decisions, Biden's team knows full well that it will be even harder for him to keep it all together during unscripted, rapid fire exchanges. When he's pressured, embarrassed, and finally frustrated, the full scope of his dementia will manifest itself for all to see, and his handlers live in dire fear of this happening.

  6. Same as Greta’s team hiding behind a little girl. They can get away with more.

  7. Clearly his handlers think they run the country, because if Biden actually ran the country, he would not be cowering to this handlers.

  8. A very RUDE President of USA.

  9. If MRNA "vaxs" work, no mandates necessary. No one acts like they actually work.

  10. It's time to remove this imposter before he destroys the USA, everyone knows Trump won.

  11. My 11 year old cat is smarter than slow joe Biden

  12. Nancy P boy scared Joey is afraid to answer questions

  13. Dems talk freely. Trumpnsupporters can't wear a hat without being attacked and law enforcement is the same way let attacks on Trump supporters go without consequences media backs it up. Thats why my family has restricted expression because we fear for our lives and well being with the freedoms under attack for no reason by domestic hostility

  14. Very happy to see Biden 's Press Supporters get kicked out of the Conference and still be the fake News because they wont cover Joe' s reluctant to answer questions WH even prohibits Press for asking Questions.
    That was i called Karma.😂😂😂😒😒

  15. This is the worst president in America's history

  16. If PRESIDENT Trump did this, the corrupt media would be a whirlwind of crap !

  17. Because Biden is not a leader nor is he a president

  18. Has China completly have overshadowed our media and white house. Disturbing

  19. The White House is TERRIFIED about Biden. SO ARE WE!!!!!

  20. Maybe he has jet lag, he did come all the way from the basement.

  21. BUFFOON BIDEN is nervously shaking, cause he soon will hear the footsteps of the REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP marching into the OVAL OFFICE!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👀

  22. Looks ok without masks to get close and have a photo but for filmed footage let's put the masks on and sit apart… The whole administration is a joke


    Dear Joe Biden,

    Your decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and then blame President Trump for your terribly executed plan is despicable. As an American, I expect better. 

    As Commander-in-Chief, you have failed us and I DEMAND that you officially resign as President of the United States, effective immediately.


    A Patriotic American

  24. And now lady’s and gentlemen I am proud to Announce the President of the United States Of America you know him
    As, T H E H A N D L E R S ! !
    N O B L U E I N 2 2 ! !
    Pass it on!!!!

  25. So they’re not going to let the president answer a non pre-submitted question for the next 3.5 years???? That’s insanity.

  26. I think Boris knows Biden is incompetent and was putting Biden on the spot. He didn't succeed in exposing him but he definitely did enough to show that our "President" is an afraid fool.

  27. Trump is doing just as much damage to America as Biden is ..

  28. Comms stands for COMMUNISTS

  29. I believe nancy and obama are controlling biden and harris and taking America down economically and morally into communism and the NWO.

  30. How embarrassing to subject Boris Johnson to the obnoxious, strident voice of whoever does all that yelling at the press. What a circus!!

  31. The press is not hard enough on the democrats

  32. Can u imagine Kennedy & Cruz interrogating Biden
    Under oath
    Without teleprompter
    Not allowed to scamper off
    No earpiece
    No cheat sheet

    Republicans tmrw should we are on strike until Biden answers my questions with above stated conditions
    …. If they did that
    Biden would either
    Have to answer
    Or be to blame for govt shut down until he does…
    Our patience are running thin

  33. It's not a foot that he puts in his mouth …..

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