Tuesday , January 26 2021
Home / News / Netanyahu Thanks Trump For ‘Historic Peace’ Of New Morocco Agreement | NBC News NOW

Netanyahu Thanks Trump For ‘Historic Peace’ Of New Morocco Agreement | NBC News NOW

As Israel and Morocco agreed to normalize relations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “President Trump, the people of Israel and the state of Israel will be forever indebted to you for your magnificent efforts on our behalf.”
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Netanyahu Thanks Trump For ‘Historic Peace’ Of New Morocco Agreement | NBC News NOW


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  1. Trump is the second coming of Jesus…..🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Trump brings peace to everyone else but the United States.

  3. Hate em or love em thats dope

  4. I'm Moroccan and I'm extremely happy about this. This is a great thing

  5. Let's talk about Fukushima the water having radiation in it
    No liberals don't care too busy trying to destroy our country

  6. Trump really won this is treason Democrats trying to overthrow our government and make our country communist. Peacemaker. Biden isn't nothing but a liar. URANIUM ONE AND BENGHAZI

  7. Trump has bought land for his New Golden Estate Home in Israel ? Plenty of land for new improved golf course – rejected by USA Supremes court nerds and dog droppings – we'se don't need rain on every parade . . .

  8. Fake news trump has made us enemies with the world

  9. Wow actually something good about trump should have been this way for the last 4 yrs u bunch of lieing turds

  10. Morocco had always good relations with Israel
    it's not a wonder that this will come

  11. Again, the peace was already there. Trump swooped in to formalize it and take credit where none is due. Netanyahu loves slobbing Trump's knob.
    The Palestinians are still being screwed and occupied.

  12. Enjoy this while you can you won't get anything like this out of Biden

  13. Maybe NBC realizes that people won't want to hear about Biden. Trump was their money maker.

  14. Nancy Pelosi called this monumental peace agreement a distraction. Really? The phony impeachment in January was a distraction from how to best deal with Covid. Start telling the truth. All the truth. 🇺🇸

  15. Don’t be happy too much Biden Harris will tear up the peace treaty and try to start a war

  16. Sad when countries can't take care of their own crap.

  17. Synagogue of Satan the kingdom New Jerusalem will not built by man's hands.

  18. Next up: Trump & Kushner negotiate peace between Canada & the U.S. 😆

    The conflict lies between Israel & the Palestinians.

  19. Did not address Palestinians….more political theater. These so called peace deals r nothing more than the same ole straw man policy we always find with this administration.

  20. How come you didn’t report the other fourpiece deals? You know, the ones between Serbia and Kosovo, Israel and Saudi Arabia, Israel in Bahrain, and Israel and UAE?

  21. Awesome! Thank you Trump! World peace!

  22. Someone at NBC is getting fired for letting positive Trump news leak to the public 😂

  23. Now Isreal will have to deal with anti-isreali democrats, ESPECIALLY Obama who now doubt will issue further orders along with Sanders amd the other anti- isreali communists

  24. Blacks are messing with the timelines.

  25. A path towards Peace in the Middle East? Lol as if that’s worthy of Time’s person of the year.

  26. It went down in DC last night. Pelbeian_Media for RAW footage. Hospitals full. Proud Boys outnumber antifa 10 to 1

  27. Democrats and Republicans. Big Tech is currently trying to Censor the Republican Party. This is not a bright future for America

  28. Sad you can't get reception in Rikers.


  30. Don't trust that mouth of his, don't don't for GOD sake.

  31. This is one of the many things Trump did amazingly well as president that the press didn't report properly. Instead they were promoting whatever the latest lunatic conspiracy theory about him was or that his shoes are racist or something. Now they want us to "unite" all of the sudden.

  32. Netanyahu betrayed President Trump by acknowledging Joe Biden as President Elect before the election results were even certified……What a loser.

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