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New concerns over Ukraine whistleblower's safety | ABC News

Ahead of potential congressional testimony, the whistleblower’s attorney sent a letter with safety concerns to the acting director of national intelligence.

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  1. Afraid for his life? President Trump has been accused of everything but stealing the kitchen sink, and not one of those folks has had an "tragic" accident, committed suicide, been killed by a mugger (who took nothing by the way), or hanged themselves in prison.

  2. Why should be in danger— he/she should be honored…. I know I would be in awe of him/or her. It’s Frump’s crazies that might harm him 🤔🤯😬

  3. All A Set Up By The Deep State…Here We Go Again.

  4. oh ye , dems are worrying for whistleblower safety
    like in past happened, Seth Rich was shot front of his home..

    if youre a whistleblower, then your life is in danger

    then if you try legal way, then you might just fall sleep on your own bathroom floor
    like Shawn Lucas

  5. When Is YouTube Going Ban CBS For This #FakeNews Propaganda Saying Ukrainian Helped The Hillary Clinton Campaign In 2016 Is A Conspiracy Theory It's Not A Conspiracy They're Evidence Of

  6. The propaganda is out of control

  7. Speaking of $ 50,000 , where's Hunter Biden ?

  8. dems are out of control, trump did't have to release any info on that telephone call yet he did because he didn't do anything wrong. they can't beat him in the next election,and they know this . so lets put up this smoke screen .

  9. There is no justice for whistleblower ! Look at the previous ones. Snowden smart he move to Russia for safety.

  10. Hey Don. I'll help you narrow the field. It wasn't me. (Or my dog)

  11. Talk in the back channels are saying the WB is Sue Gordon

  12. The fact that they put a bounty on this person speaks volumes as to guilt. There wouldn't be a bounty if they weren't trying to keep the person from testifying

  13. This all boils down to a children’s book: The Emperor has no clothes. President Bone Spurs / draft dodger is naked. He’s a legend in his own mind.

  14. STOP! drama queens!!!

  15. ….😂 nobody is worried.
    There is no crime here.

  16. I can't stand Trump. He's a fucking war criminal. But you know who's worse? Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, the fucktard libtards that talk about "protecting the whistleblower". Where were all the calls for protecting The Whistleblower when Julian Assange released the Clinton emails? Bunch of fucking hypocrites.

  17. It should be against the law to use unnamed sources. Sources need to come with names so when there wrong just like in this case it falls back on them.

  18. Traitors like trump, Giuliani, Nunes, Pompeo, and Barr should leave the country-get their child raping, criminal, anti-American asses back to Russia!

  19. lol safety concerns for a worm bringing false allegation against our lord and savior trump trying to coup him out of office ?
    Fuck this ass hats safety and identity. Truth will ravage this false lying scum bag

  20. You should be able to face your accuser.

  21. the whistle blower will disappear and the dems will say he was murdered

  22. Whistleblower is either John Bolton, Mike Pompeo or Rudy

  23. Considerimg the new whistleblower rules that went into effect just WEEKS ago, this whole thing is seeming more and more like a plot.


  25. The Fed will definitely need to protect the whistleblower, otherwise we will see something like the Jeffrey Epstein case once again.

  26. Whistleblowers lawyer we are not concerned of client's safety .. this is another fake news alert.. what do you think Trump's going to gun him down😁😅🤣 I laugh While I Cry inside at the stupidity the gullibility of fake news viewers!

  27. Somebody is being scared of being charged with Treason , ps its not gona be Trump.

  28. ABC news , about as credible as the Venezuelan dollar ! Only in America can Mushmouth's get wealthy beyond belief by telling lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie ………..

  29. Ukraine badgeR'' blowing whistles will allow deatH/ to arrive  to badgeR''

  30. “It seems pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee Democrats knew about this. That makes me think that Democrat's attorneys with that committee were working with this whistleblower.
    “Concerning the complaint, it looked like it was written by a team of attorneys. I was an intelligence analyst for 19 years. We don’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I think, was a setup job that included others, probably Adam Schiff and attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee.”

  31. Yeah you want to know everything about the man but the truth.

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